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FARO Products






FARO® Knowledge Base

Access Self-Help for FARO Products, Download Software, Manuals, FAQs, and View FARO Account Details

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Quick Steps

You can get immediate access to information, certificates, support cases, and more for your FARO Products in the Support Portal by following theses easy steps. Click links to see details and do not forget to review the list of services in the Overview section below.

  1. Click one of these links to access a Support Portal.
  2. To search the knowledge base for answers or downloads, click Search for Solutions or Customer Service FAQ, then browse Featured and Popular Articles, or enter keywords in the search field at the top of the page and press Enter Alternatively, type in your browser and press Enter. No login is required to get information in the knowledge base.
  3. To login and view your FARO account, work with Support cases, check warranties, or review FARO product details, click Access Your FARO Account or Self Service Portal and select an item from the welcome panel or the navigation panel on the left.
  4. To enter a Support case, from the Welcome panel for your account, click Create New Case and fill out the form. 


This 5-minute video takes you on a tour of the Americas Support Portal.


FARO's Support Portals are centralized, self-help, online resources where you can get global, around-the-clock help for FARO devices and software. Here is a list of just a few of the things you can get or do once you go to one the Portals.

  • Search for detailed answers to general and technical questions, view videos, as well as download the latest and earlier FARO product files from the global knowledge base maintained by FARO expert Support Agents
  • Schedule training conducted by Application Engineers who work with FARO clients in the field
  • View training and support videos and webinars
  • Schedule certifications for your FARO devices
  • Login and Access your FARO Account
    • Create support cases that get top priority over all other cases
    • Communicate directly with the Support Agent in your geographic region handling your case
    • Track open cases or review case history
    • Check on hardware and software warranty status and renew warranties
    • Certify your FARO devices to maintain their accuracy
    • View details about your FARO devices and software
    • Manage your FARO profile and account
  • Login and download the latest FARO software, manuals, technical specifications, white papers, and more.

Access the Support Portal

There are two Portals. One for the Americas including North, South, and Central America as well as Mexico. The other for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, also known as EMEA. Both Portals require Internet Explorer (IE) to use them. You need a login and a serial number for a FARO product to use a Portal.

You do not need a login to search the FARO knowledge base found at The knowledge base is open to anyone and has answers to the most commonly asked questions, as well as articles for downloading the latest and earlier versions of FARO software, drivers, firmware, user manuals, training manuals, quick start guides, videos, and other product related information.

  1. Click one of these links to go to a FARO Support Portal, or from IE, go to and click Support on the menu.
  2. The Technical Support Center page appears. It is different for Americas or EMEA. You can change the language in the upper-right corner.
    Americas Support Portal Landing Page     SupportPortalEMEA.png
  3. From here, click links to find what you are looking for.
    • Search for Solutions or Customer Service FAQ takes you to, the general and technical product knowledge base--No login
    • Access Your FARO Account or Self Service Portal  lets you review all your FARO records including device and software information, warranty types and dates, Support cases, contact information, and more--Login required
    • Training enables you to review the training schedule, make a request for training, and view the training and support videos--No login
    • About FARO Support explains the Support services and gives you contact information to get regional Support--No login
    • Resource Center or Download Center takes you to a webpage where you can filter by product to find the latest downloads including software, manuals, write papers, brochures, technical specifications, and more--Login required
      If you need earlier versions of these things, use instead--No login
    • Current Software takes you to a webpage where you can select a FARO product and get links to the latest and most popular software downloads--No login
    • Renew My Warranty (Americas only) enables you to request a Warranty Renewal Agent contact you to help find the best renewal option--No login
    • Certify My Product (Americas only) enables you to request a Support Agent contact you about certifying your FARO device to ensure its accuracy--No login
    • Hotline provides (EMEA only) information for contacting EMEA Customer Service.
    • Support and Training Videos (EMEA only) shows lists of videos by product.
    • Webinars (EMEA only) shows lists of webinars by product. 
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Search Solutions or FAQs

Want answers fast--any time, any where, and on any device? Searching the knowledge base is the fastest way. You get to it directly by entering in any browser and bookmarking the page as a favorite. If this does not work for you, you can also get the knowledge base from the Support Portals.

  1. Just go to one of the Portals.
  2. From there, click Search for Solutions. This takes you to From here you are free to browse the Featured or Popular Articles, or enter keywords in the field at the top of the page and click Search, to find what you are looking for.

Access Your FARO Account

  1. If you select Access your FARO Account, you must log in. The Login page appears. Enter your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your Password, click Forgot Password and you will get an automated email that takes you to a web page where you can enter a new one.
    Americas Support Login Page
  2. The Welcome page appears. Select an item from the Welcome panel or from the navigation panel on the left.
    Americas Support Portal Welcome Page.

If you do not receive an automated email within minutes check your Junk or Spam email folder. Firewalls also can block automated emails. If this happens, contact FARO Support.

  1. The next fastest way to get answers is to click Access Your FARO Account. and create a Support case. Cases you create yourself get top priority over all other cases, even those you phone in.
  2. The New Case form appears. Fill in the form.
    Amerias Case Form
    • Assets--Enter the serial number of your FARO product. If you do not know the serial number, clickSearch Icon. The Search for Asset windows appears where you can scroll through the products that are registered to you. Click the one related to the case you are creating. The field populates.
    • Severity Level--Select an item that best fits your situation from the drop-down menu.
    • Contact Name--Confirm that the correct name is pre-populated. If not, type the correct name or click Search Icon. The Search windows appears where you can scroll through the names. Click the one related to the case you are creating. The field populates.
    • Preferred Method of Contact--Select how you want to be contacted: by email or phone, If you selected phone, enter the phone number in the Case Contact Phone field.
    • Subject--Enter a meaningful title that you and a Support Agent can both understand.
    • Description--Enter a complete explanation of your question or issue. If appropriate, include the steps to reproduce the the events leading up to your question or issue.
  3. Check the form, and when you are satisfied that you provided all the details needed, click Submit or Submit & Add Attachment. You can attach images of screenshots, pictures, PDF and Microsoft Word files, CAM2 Measure 10 files, or any files that are not executable and are less than 5MB.

You are done! You will receive an automated email within minutes and a Support Agent will contact you in less than a day. If you do not receive the automated email, check your Junk or Spam email folder. Firewalls also can block automated emails. If a Support Agent has not contacted you within 24 hours, contact FARO Support.