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FARO® Knowledge Base

Shipping-Exporting FARO Products and Commonly Required Information

Cross Boarder Shipping


This document consists of commonly required information when shipping, exporting/importing FARO® products. It includes international shipping guidelines on returns, potentially required documents to ship to the United States, FAQs and shipping codes.


International Returns


International return guidelines for shipping equipment to FARO® US service facilities.

Important: Please read before beginning process.

  • The shipper must indicate on the commercial invoice: "GOODS RETURNING FOR REPAIR”
  • The country of manufacture should be indicated.
  • If the repair is covered under FARO’s warranty plan, there is no charge to the customer and the commercial invoice should read "FREE OF CHARGE, WARRANTY REPAIR"
  • The cost of the item should be on the commercial invoice with the statement, "VALUE DECLARED IS FOR CUSTOMS PURPOSES ONLY”
  • Also, indicate the harmonized tariff schedule number (HTS). This particular HTS number applies ONLY to U.S. origin commodities being returned to the USA for repair.
  • It is very important to include the RMA# (Return Material Authorization), description, part number, serial number, and quantity of parts being returned.
  • All foreign countries have a procedure for exporting goods for repair. Most involve formally registering the purchased goods with the local customs office prior to exportation. It is very important that the foreign shipper make the necessary arrangements with their local customs department BEFORE exporting their goods to the USA for repair.
  • Shipper must pre-pay in advance all the shipping charges, including customs clearance & final delivery in the USA. Master Waybill must state “Free Domicile”.
  • FARO Technologies, Inc. will not be responsible for the customs clearance, brokerages fees & final delivery of the goods. Unless, pre-arranged by customer. NO C.O.D.


  • For service that is not available in the local country, and if the equipment has to be shipped out to a cross border Service Centre, Customer will be liable for the Custom Duties and taxes (if applicable).

  • FARO recommend to all our customers to apply for temp import and export permit to avoid any custom and tax issue when arm is being return back to Origin Country of Export from Singapore after the service.

  • For cross border shipments, customers must advise their forwarder to prepare and submit the required Custom paperwork to declare that the equipment is being shipped to another country for service and will be return after service.

    Note: This declaration can only be done by the Importer of Record (IOR) in Custom Record.


    If an East Asian customer buys from Singapore (ie. US$), the IOR is the customer.

    If an East Asian customer buys from FARO Shanghai (i.e. RMB), the IOR is FARO Shanghai.





Shipping to the US: Documents You May Need

  • Commercial Invoice
    • A document used to determine the value of the goods, enables exporter to collect money from importer and assist clearing goods through Customs.
  • Packing list
    • A list of the shipment's contents, such as: quantities, items model numbers, dimensions and net and gross weights.
  • Bill of Lading
    • Describes how the goods will be shipped (Inland, Ocean or Air).
  • Certificate of Origin
    • A certificate identifying in what country the goods originated. 
  • Food and Drug Administration Regulation Form for Laser Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

When you ship FARO products across national borders or export them, you may be asked to provide documentation about the characteristics or properties of the items you are shipping. Here is a list of information that is commonly required to meet most national or border control, import or export regulations.


  • Q: What is FARO's International Shipping IRS number?
  • A: 59-3157093 for FARO Global Headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida US.
         59-3742372 for FARO in Exton, Pennsylvania US.
  • Q: Are these products considered dangerous freight?
  • A: See this article about the Vantage S and Vantage E Laser Trackers.
  • Q: What does NHFC stand for? What does it mean?
  • A: The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is a standard that provides a comparison of commodities moving in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce.

    Commodities are grouped into one of 18 classes--from a low of class 50 to a high of class 500--based on an evaluation of four transportation characteristics: density, stowability, handling and liability. Together, these characteristics establish a commodity’s “transportability.”
  • Q: What freight class and NMFC code are FARO products classified as?
  • A: For all FARO products (unless noted otherwise): Class 92.5 and the NMFC#: 188560-07.

    For Heavy duty Tripods (IG-10, IG-9) and Granite Cart (ACCS0164): Class 70 and NMFC #: 188560-09.
  • Q: What is the Harmonized Commodity number or Schedule B number?
  • A: For any model FaroArm, Tracker, or Laser Scanner, the number is 9031.49.4000.
  • Q: What is the Export Control Classification (ECCN) number?
  • A: For all FARO products (unless noted otherwise), the ECCN is EAR-99.
  • Q: What determines if an export license is required?
  • A: The ECCN number determines if a license is required according to the receiving countries regulations.
  • Q: What is the Accession number?
  • A: The Accession number applies only to products and models that have a laser. See table below for reference.

Accession Numbers for 2018

Product Region Accession Number
All models of FaroArm, including the FARO Edge and FARO Gage Any Not applicable
All models of FARO Laser Line Probe (LLP) Florida, USA 1731587-001
All models of FARO Laser Tracker Vantage Pennsylvania, USA 1731587-003
All models of FARO 3D Imager AMP Pennsylvania, USA 1731587-002
All models of the FARO Tracer Pennsylvania, USA 1731587-000
All models of FARO Laser Scanner Focus Germany 1731932-000
All models of the FARO Freestyle Scanner   Germany  1731932-000
All models of FARO Scan Localizer Germany 1731932-000

Note: The accession number of products change every year.


U.S Export Shipping Codes

Products HTS Codes C.O.
USB FaroArm 9031.49.4000 US
FARO Laser Line Probe (LLP) 9031.49.4000 US
FARO Laser Tracker 9031.49.4000 US
FARO 8 Axis-Turner 9031.90.5900 US
FARO Scan Plan 9031.49.4000 DE
FARO Focus 3D Scanner 9015.10.4000 DE
FARO Freestyle Scanner 9015.10.4000 DE
FARO Scan Localizer 9015.10.4000 DE
FARO Cobalt 9031.49.4000 US
FARO Tracer M 9013.80.9000 US
FARO Software 8523.49.4000 US

C.O.: Country of Origin
US: United States of America
DE: Germany

Note:  It is not necessary to supply an export license. FARO® products qualify for No License Required (NLR). Please be aware that licensing expectations at the destination point may override license expectations at the point of origination. See part 740 of EAR for information about license exceptions and requirements.

It may be necessary to check that the end user does not appear on any Denied Trade Screening, Denied Party Screening , Sanction Party Screening Denied Trade Lists that may apply.

U.S Import Shipping Codes

Product HTS Code FCC FDA MA
USB FaroArm (Returning for Repairs) 9801.00.1012     Check Mark Icon
FARO Laser Line Probe (LLP) - (Returning for Repairs) 9801.00.1012   Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
FARO Laser Tracker (For Repairs) 9801.00.1012   Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
FARO 8 Axis-Turner 9801.00.1012      
FARO Scan Plan 9031.49.4000   Check Mark Icon  
FARO Tracer M/Loaner 9801.00.1012   Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
FARO Cobalt (For Repairs) 9801.00.1012     Check Mark Icon

FARO Focus 3D (After Repairs/Loaner)

9015.10.4000 Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
FARO Focus 3D (Repairs/Loaner) 9015.10.4000 Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon  
FARO Scan Localizer (Repairs/Loaner) 9015.10.4000   Check Mark Icon  
FARO Scan Localizer (Repairs/Loaner) 9015.10.4000   Check Mark Icon  
FARO Freestyle Scanner (Repair/Loaner) 9015.10.4000 Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon  
FARO Freestyle Scanner (Repair/Loaner) 9015.10.4000 Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon  
FARO USB FaroArm (Loaner) 9801.00.1010     Check Mark Icon
FARO Loaner-LLP & Trackers 9801.00.1010   Check Mark Icon Check Mark Icon
Dell Laptops 8471.30.0100 Check Mark Icon    


FCC: Federal Communications Commission
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
MA:   Manufacturer Affidavit

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