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FARO® Knowledge Base

Applying a V2C File That Matches My C2V File

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Quick Steps

  1. Run the FARO® Remote Update System tool.
  2. Apply the V2C file.


Once you have completed article "Updating a Product License Key with a C2V File", you should receive an automated email from FARO with an attached V2C file. This file is unique to the computer you use with FARO software and contains updated product key information. Applying the V2C file updates the product/license keys stored in your FARO software or on your dongle.


Please review this table before you begin to ensure your success.

Time to Complete 15 minutes
Skills Needed
  • Knowledge of Windows at the operating system level
  • General computer skills
  • The computer you use to run FARO software
  • The ability to receive an email
  • If you use a dongle, make sure it is properly connected to the computer's USB port
Supported Software
  • FARO® CAM2® Q 1.5 and later
  • FARO® CAM2® SmartInspect
  • FARO® CAM2® Gage 2.0 and later
  • FARO® SCENE 5.1 and later

Apply the V2C File

  1. Save the V2C file attached to the email you received from the automated license update system to a known location. Write down the location if you need to. If you have not received this email, contact FARO Support.
  2. From the Windows Start Menu
    • For CAM2 Q 1.5 or later, go to All Programs > FARO > CAM2 Q 1.5 > FARO Remote Update System.
    • For CAM2  SmartInspect, go to All Programs > FARO > CAM2 SmartInspect > FARO Remote Update System.
    • For CAM2 Gage 2.0 and later, go to  All Programs > FARO > CAM2 Gage 2.0 > FARO Remote Update System.
    • For SCENE 5.1 and later, go to All Programs > FARO > SCENE > FaroRUS (Remote Update System).
  3. The Sentinel HASP RUS dialog box appears. Click the Apply License Update tab.
  4. Browse to the location where you saved the V2C file and click Open.
  5. Click Apply Update.
  6. The Sentinel HASP RUS dialog box appears with a success message when the process is complete.
  7. Open the FARO software.


If you continue to have product key or license issues, please contact FARO Support.

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