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FARO® Knowledge Base

Scan Accuracy Checks for the Focus3D

Focus3D X30/130/330 Series Icon


A quick way to check if your FARO Focus3D is scanning accurately is to scan and measure a known distance between two objects. If you have a scale bar, scan it and measure the distance between two points on the bar. If not, use an object in the surrounding scene that has two known distances, for instance the edges of a door or window frame.

If you have time, you can do more comprehensive checks to completely evaluate the full range of the Focus3D performance. In this article, we describe two different comprehensive methods for testing the accuracy of the Focus3D. The first compares scans from the Focus3D to a known reference system. The second does not need a known reference system. It uses two sets of scans with different orientation to check accuracy. 


Regardless of which method you use, place target spheres or checkerboards in the scene completely around the scanner, including at the full horizontal and vertical scan-range points. Place some targets at different heights, including high and low. Avoid having most targets at the horizon or down low, as does not test the full range of the Focus3D.

Compare Scans to a Known Reference System

  1. Set up a network of target spheres.
  2. Measure the sphere center points with a FARO Laser Tracker, giving them accurate and known locations relative to each other. This creates a known reference system you can use for comparison.
  3. Scan the network of spheres with the Focus3D and register the scans using the spheres.
  4. Measure the center points of the spheres in the scans.
  5. Compare this to the known known reference system.
  6. Optionally, if the network of sphere center points has a level XY plane, tilt the scanner, and re-scan the network of spheres. The registration should still work well and verify the Focus3D inclinometer.  

Compare Scans Taken with Different Orientations

Click here to download a guide that describes how to perform this test in detail. 

  1. Set up a network of sphere or checkerboard targets.
  2. Scan them with the Focus3D.
  3. Move the Focus3D over a few feet and rotate it.
  4. Scan the target network again.
  5. Register the two sets of scans together. The registration between the two sets should match within 4 mm.