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FARO® Knowledge Base

Verifying Scans with the Scan Verification Tool


Quick Steps

  1. Click Ctrl + O and select a folder containing digitally signed scans.
  2. Click Select Folder.
  3. Test result icons will appear to the right of the scan name in structure view.
  4. Click a scan to view a brief report in the verification window.
  5. Click Tools > Show verification report to view details of the verification result.


With the 6.3 firmware update, FocusS scans are now digitally signed to make it possible to detect whether raw scan data has been modified. The scan signature can be manually checked on the scanner GUI's "Scan Properties"page. In addition, the signature of a scan can be verified with the Scan Verification Tool.

Verifying Scans

When a digitally signed scan is imported into SCENE, the scan is placed in the raw data folder and retains the digital signature. Once a scan is modified, the signature is removed. The FARO Scan Verification Tool uses the scan signature to make sure the raw scans have not been modified.

Open Folder Prompt

  1. Double-click FSVT.exe to start the app. 
  2. The tool will prompt you to open a folder containing scans.
  3. Click Yes and navigate to a folder containing digitally signed scans.
  4. Click Select Folder.

Note: Only Focus S scans made after the installation of firmware 6.3 will be digitally signed. All other scans will not be recognized by the tool.

Structure View

  1. Use structure view to navigate to a folder containing digitally signed scans.
  2. Right-click the folder and click Check scans here.

    Note: Only folders directly containing signed scans can be checked. All other folders or files will display the message No scans with a digital signature here!

Verification Results

Whenever the verification of one scan is finished, the verification result is displayed by an icon to the right of the scan name. Additional results are displayed in the right half of the main tool window in the Verification details window.

The icons displayed in the Verification column indicate test results.

Right-click a scan name and click Show verification report to view a detailed report.

You can save the displayed report as a text file by clicking Save and specifying the directory and filename of a report file. 

Signature Verification Key

On startup, the default public key for RSA signature verification, installed together with the tool, is loaded. If the key file is missing or was corrupted, the tool detects this and prompts you to open another key file.

If the scan verification process is started without a valid key, a partial verification can be performed, but the actual Digital Signature verification will fail. 
Once a valid key is loaded, you can see its properties by clicking Tools > Signature-check key details