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Serial FaroArm

All Models



FARO® Knowledge Base

Maintenance Guidelines for the Serial FaroArm, Accessories, and Host Computer

Faro recommends that you periodically check over your FaroArm, FaroArm Accessories and Computer, at least once a month. This will enable you spot trouble before it starts, and help provide you with efficient, trouble-free digitizing and computing.


Maintenance of the FaroArm

The FaroArm is a precision instrument containing many sensitive components. It should be handled with care. Here are some steps you can take to prevent problems from developing on your system:

1. When not in-use; place a dust cover over the FaroArm and the Controller Box.

2. Clean with dry dust cloth. For heavy dirt build-ups, use a Alcohol lightly.

3. Power down, then remove the Controller Box cover and lightly dust off.

4. Check the Cables for damage to outside insulation, connectors and pins.

5. Do not lube the FaroArm.

6. Keep rubber end caps on the arm while in use.

7. The FaroArm is calibrated at Faro’s factory. The FaroArm needs to be Calibrated only after the unit is subjected to a shock that removes metal or causes bending of the FaroArm. To inspect the accuracy of your unit refer to FAST-FAX 06REF052-002.DOC - Acceptance and Accuracy Certification.

** We recommend the arm come back once a year for our annual certification and 15 point check up.**

Maintenance of the Computer

The Computer is an electronic instrument containing many sensitive components. It should be handled with care. Here are some steps you can take to prevent damage to your system:

1. Never use the computer in harsh environments where it may be subjected to rapid temperature change or excessive dust.

2. Never expose the computer to excessive shock or vibration.

3. Prevent overheating by keeping the computer’s air vents clear of any obstructions.

4. Never place anything on top of the computer when it is recharging or operating, as these can cause overheating.

5. Do not operate the computer from an AC outlet where voltage fluctuates excessively (use a power strip with a surge protector).

6. Do not use an AC adapter other than the one supplied with the computer.

7. Do not push on the LCD screen excessively or subject it to shocks.

8. Do not expose the LCD screen to direct sunlight, even through a window.

9. Do not hold the computer by the LCD panel.

10. Do not try to force the LCD screen beyond its fully opened position.

11. Warning we do not support networking of the computer. All networking questions should be address to your networking administrator.

12. For more detailed maintenance on the hard drive of the computer see fast-fax : FAST FAXES Hard Drive Maintenance Procedure - 06REF052-009.DOC

Caution: In the rare event that you should see or smell anything which indicates Overheating (smoke or a strange smell), turn off the power immediately and contact Your Dealer.


Standard replacement Parts

* Silver Arm Power Supply (FARO PART #: SLVR0055)

* Gold Arm Power Supply (FARO PART #: SLVR0052)

* Sterling Arm Power Supply (FARO PART #: BRNZ0036)

* Serial - Null modem cable (FARO PART #: AC032)

* FaroArm Cable (FARO PART #: AC031)

Standard Replacement Probes

* ¼” Ball Probe (FARO PART #: BP001M)

* 1/8” Ball Probe (FARO PART #: BP004-M)

* Point Probe (FARO PART #: PP001-M)

* English to Metric adapter (FARO PART #: PA013)

Metric Replacement Probes

* 6mm Ball probe (FARO PART #: BPM001-M)

* 3mm Ball probe (FARO PART #: BPM009-M)

* Metric to English adapter (FARO OART #: PA14)

Faro recommends to the user to have an extra probe on hand in case of damage.

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