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USB FaroArm

All Models


FARO® Knowledge Base

Connection Issues with the Quantum FaroArm Using CAM2 Measure 4

Problem Description:

- New Quantum arm driver has been installed.

- CAM2 Measure 4.0 is installed along side another FARO product, such as CAM2 Measure X.

- When running CAM2 Measure 4.0, the software does not detect any FARO USB devices. The Device Setup dialog will not show an entry for the the FARO USB Arm as shown in Figure 1.



1. Shut down any running FARO applications, including CAM2 Measure 4.0.

2. Install CAM2 Measure 4.0.7. If this is the version that is already installed, this step may be skipped.

3. Install the latest Quantum USB Arm driver. If the driver has already been installed, please proceed to step 5.

4. After installation has completed, you will be prompted to perform a restart. Click Yes.

5. Copy and paste all the files from C:\Program Files\Common Files\FARO Shared\Devices to C:\Program Files\FARO\CAM2 Measure 4.0\Devices.

6. Click Yes to All to overwrite all files.

7. Launch CAM2 Measure 4.0.7.

8. Turn on USB Arm.

9. Go through the hardware install wizard if it comes up.

10. In the Device Setup dialog, click Start to load the device. The version field for the FARO USB arm should be as shown. Other driver versions may appear but should still allow the arm to function properly.

11. Start measuring with the device and make sure it is fully functional.



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