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Design ScanArm 2.0

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FARO® Knowledge Base

USB Driver for the FaroArm, ScanArm, and Gage

Quick Steps

  1. Choose which driver to download based on your situation.
    Situation Click one of these links to download
    NOT using third-party hardware or software Online edition of the latest driver, version
    Release Date: Nov 2018
    USING third-party hardware or software As recommended by the third-party vendor, the latest or an earlier driver version
    Internet access is not available on the computer you use with your FARO device Offline edition of the latest version. This edition can only be installed on computers with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or Windows 10.x operating systems.
  2. Review the download instructions.
  3. Download the What's New file to learn what has changed in the latest version.
  4. Go to How can I upgrade the FaroArm USB driver to uninstall the existing driver and install the new one.

Hardware Support Notes:

The latest driver version is compatible with all USB FaroArm and ScanArm models. Model specific, minimum required versions are listed below.

Model/Device Operating System Minimum Required Driver
  • 8-Axis support for Quantum Series and Edge*
Windows 7 or greater
  • Design ScanArm 2.5C
  • Quantum Series with Prizm LLP
Windows 7 or greater
  • Quantum Series FaroArm
  • Quantum Series and Edge with HD/SD Blu LLP
Windows 7 or greater
  • Legacy USB FaroArm/ScanArm
Windows 7 or greater
  • Legacy USB FaroArm/ScanArm
Windows XP

*8-Axis support for the Edge requires an authorized firmware upgrade, contact your local sales representative for details


FARO® QuantumS Arm

In this 2-minute YouTube video, see how the FARO QuantumS Arm is the world’s most innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, tool certifications, reverse engineering, and more. Cannot access YouTube? Download Video

ScanArm with LLP HD

In this 4-minute YouTube video, see the ScanArm Edge with the latest LLP HD in action. Learn how the new blue light laser features make non-contact scanning easier and more accurate. Cannot access YouTube? Download Video 


Your FaroArm, ScanArm, Design ScanArm, or Gage works best when it uses the latest driver. New drivers include bug fixes and features that can make it easier to get your job done quickly. This article shows you how to download the latest or earlier drivers.

After receiving your device back from factory servicing or recalibration, plan to download and install the latest driver BEFORE you use the device. As stated in your FARO license, the factory provides the most recent hardware improvements when servicing your device, so using the latest driver may be required.

CAUTION: If you use software or hardware from a third-party vendor who makes FARO compatible products, check to be sure the vendor's product is compatible with the latest USB FaroArm driver BEFORE you change the driver. If you are using the vendor recommended driver, do not change it. If you are not using the recommended driver and the vendor's product is not compatible with the latest USB FaroArm driver, see the earlier drivers list in this article to find the driver the vendor recommends. When you send your FaroArm in for factory servicing, check with the vendor to find out which driver is compatible with their product. If the latest driver is not compatible, tell the Support Agent when you arrange to send in your FaroArm so that service technicians do not upgrade the driver..      


Please review this table before you begin to ensure your success.

Time to Complete 15 minutes
Skills Needed
  • Knowledge of Windows at the operating system level
  • General computer skills
  • Internet connection
  • Computer you use with the FaroArm, ScanArm, or Gage
  • Storage media for saving files, such as a flash drive
Compatibility Click here for details about which versions of Microsoft Windows supports different driver versions and computer processors.
Supported Software
  • FaroArm and ScanArm--CAM2® 2018 or later, Measure10, SmartInspect Basic and Pro
  • Gage--SmartInspect Basic and Pro
Supported Hardware
  • FaroArm®--Quantum series, Edge, Fusion, Prime, Platinum, Quantum, Titanium, Advantage, Digital Template
  • ScanArm®--Quantum series, Edge, Design ScanArm, or Forensics ScanArm
  • Gage--Gage Bluetooth, Gage Plus, Gage Standard, Power Gage

Production Status

This table shows you which FaroArm and ScanArm models are currently in production and which are considered to be in Legacy status. FARO supports Legacy hardware for the length of time stated in your license agreement. If you have a legacy FaroArm or ScanArm and would like to learn about the ease-of-use features of the latest products, click here.

Production Status FaroArm Models
In Production Now Quantum series FaroArm and ScanArm

Design ScanArm 2.5C

Discontinue Date: Sep 2017 Edge
Discontinue Date: Sep 2017 Prime
Discontinue Date: Sep 2017 Fusion
Discontinue Date: Sep 2017 Gage Bluetooth
Discontinue Date: Jun 2011 Platinum
Discontinue Date: Mar 2011 Quantum
Discontinue Date: Nov 2007 Titanium
Discontinue Date: Jan 2007 Advantage
Discontinue Date: Dec 2006 Digital Template
Discontinue Date: Aug 2011 Gage Plus
Discontinue Date: Jun 2011 Gage Standard
Discontinue Date: Jan 2011 Power Gage

Download and Save the USB FaroArm Driver

  1. Click a download link for the latest or earlier driver as needed. A window appears showing the file name of the driver you want to download.
    FaroArm Driver Download Window
  2. Click Save File. The download begins. It may take several minutes to complete the download. Do not close your browser or shut off your computer while the download is in progress. When the download is complete, the driver.exe file appears in your browser's download folder.
    FaroArm Driver Install .exe File
  3. Copy the driver.exe file to a safe location on your computer's hard drive. Write down the location so you can refer to it later.
  4. To continue, go to Upgrade the FaroArm USB driver to uninstall the existing driver and install the latest one.

Earlier Drivers

There are times when it may be best to use an earlier version of the FaroArm USB driver. Here are some examples.

  • When you use software or hardware from third-party vendors who makes FARO compatible products. These vendors may not change their products at the same time FARO does. To remain compatible, you may need to use an earlier driver. Contact the third-party vendor for details about which FaroArm driver is compatible with their products.
  • When the configuration of your FaroArm is stable and you have not recently received factory maintenance or recalibration.
  • When a FARO Support Agent asks you to use an earlier driver version.

Here is all you have to do.

  1. In this table, click a link to download the version of the driver that is recommended by your third-party vendor or is best for you.
  2. Download the What's New file to learn what has changed in each version.
  3. Go to How can I upgrade the FaroArm USB driver to uninstall the existing driver and install the new one.
Date Version Processor
Aug 2018 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
May 2018 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Mar 2018 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Feb 2018 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Nov 2017 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Oct 2017 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Aug 2017 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Nov 2016 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Mar 2016 64- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Feb 2015 64- & 32-bit
Dec 2014 64- & 32-bit
Sep 2014 64- & 32 bit
May 2014 64- & 32-bit
Dec 2013 64- & 32-bit
Sep 2013 64- & 32-bit
Jul 2012 64-bit
Apr 2012 64-bit
Aug 2011 64-bit
May 2011 64-bit
Feb 2011 64-bit
Apr 2010 64-bit
Sep 2009 64-bit