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FARO Products



FARO® Knowledge Base

Self-Help Resources - Web Sites, Videos, Product Help, Web Help, Blogs, and Customer Support Portal

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Don't Wait--Help Yourself!

You can access these online or in-product resources any time, any place, 7x24, 365 days a year. Just click a link to explore the possibilities.

  • FARO website & Download Center
  • Customer support knowledge base
  • In-product help
  • Web help
  • Videos on the FARO website
  • Videos on YouTube
  • FARO 3D Blog
  • Forums
  • FARO Support Portal
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Latest product information and download center including software, brochures, case studies, drivers, webinars, technical sheets, white papers, videos

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Searchable online knowledge base articles include ...

  • Download
    • Latest and earlier software versions
    • Latest and earlier driver and firmware versions
    • Quick Start Guides, Training Manuals, User Manuals, Technical Specifications, System Requirements, Support Documents, and more
  • Install and upgrade instructions
  • Warranties and product license keys instructions
  • Use FARO hardware and software
  • Troubleshooting
Video resources available for products and many articles
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  • In-Product Help

Help button in all FARO software provides searchable access to the same content that is in the downloadable PDF User Manual

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FARO SCENE WebShare Cloud online help provides up-to-date how-to instructions

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Streaming instructor-led video tutorials for all FARO products

Account Engineers and Trainers show features of FARO devices and software

Account Engineers and Trainers show features for the FaroArm
There is a page like this for each FARO product

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FARO corporate news and case studies

Guided instructional videos in European languages

Guided instructional videos in Asian languages

FARO SCENE Application Engineer provides step-by-step tutorials and case studies from the field

FARO SCENE Application Engineer provides step-by-step tutorials and case studies from the field

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Practical, real-world, tips and tricks from users of FARO metrology and 3D documentation products

Forum Icon Users help each other with practical problems encountered when using 3D laser scanning technology
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Primary customer resource for ...

  • Accessing the FARO knowledge base
  • Submitting help cases*
  • Contacting FARO Support: phone or email
  • Scheduling training and viewing training videos
  • Certifying FARO devices and viewing certificates
  • Renewing warranties
  • Accessing account information, reviewing case status, as well as viewing and managing warranties, product license keys, and contacts
  • Getting training

* Cases submitted in the Portal get higher priority than those submitted by phone or email. Only available in Americas and EMEA.