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3D Hand Held Scanner

Freestyle 2

FARO® Knowledge Base

Scanning Vehicles with Freestyle2



Best practices when using the Freestyle 2 to scan and capture the interior and exterior of vehicles using markers and merging the scans with SCENE. 

Freestyle 2 Recommended Settings

  • When scanning the exterior of the vehicle set the capture distance setting to 5m, use the background objects to help with tracking.
  • Try to maintain a standoff distance from the vehicle of 1.5m to 2m when possible.
  • When scanning the interior of the vehicle set the capture distance setting to 3m.
  • Scan the markers and reference plate from a distance of 0.75m to 1m.
  • Keep the flash on during the scans.
  • Perform on-site compensation before the scan if the Freestyle 2 has been handled roughly or transitioned through a temperature differential.
  • Run white balance.
  • Process the files on a computer for best results.

Scanning the Exterior of the Vehicle

Start by scanning the exterior of the vehicle.
Make sure to start and end the scan on the reference plate. 

  1. Place the markers around the vehicle
  2. Place the markers on vertical surfaces to help registration.
  3. Scan at an oblique angle (30º to 45º angle) if dealing with a highly reflective surface. 
  • Use a snakelike pattern when scanning.
  • Move smoothly, avoiding any abrupt motion.
  • Make sure to capture the background data to aid in tracking.
  • Preferably capture the vehicle in a single scan.

Scanning the Interior of the Vehicle

  • Place the markers dispersed in the interior, placed in different elevations.
  • Placing 1 or 2 on a vertical surface will benefit the scan alignment.
  • Capture as many interior markers as possible with each scan.
  • Between 2 or 4 scans should be sufficient to capture details.

NOTE: Do not move the reference plate to the interior, markers are sufficient

Capture the passenger side:

  1. Open the driver’s side doors and capture as many of the markers as possible per scan (2-3 per side).
  2. Capture at least 2 more markers outside of the interior.
  3. Close the driver’s side doors.
  4. Open the passenger side doors and capture as many of the markers as possible per scan (2-3 per side).
  5. Capture at least 2 more markers outside of the interior.

If possible close all the doors and scan from the inside with all the doors closed, capturing as many of the markers as possible per scan.

Processing Scans

When creating a new project, name the file the same as the project.

  1. Uncheck “Skip Fully Processed Scans”.
  2. "Plane Detection" can be "On" or "Auto".
  3. "Scan optimization" and "Stray Point Filtering" can be "Standard" or "Extended". Preferably "Extended". 
  4. "Color Optimization" should be on.
  5. "Delete Raw Data" should be off.
  1. Check "Perform Automatic Registration" - since there are multiple scans
  2. Select "Target Based".
  3. Check "Use inclinometer" and "Use compass".
  4. Check "Move cluster to center of its scans".
  5. Check "Find correspondences" and "Use checkerboard normals".
  6. "Target Distribution Threshold" on low. 
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