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FARO® Knowledge Base

Request Service, 15-Point Check, or Certification for FaroArm, ScanArm, or Gage

Customer Service Certification Badge

Quick Steps

To request service or certification for your FARO® FaroArm®, ScanArm®, Design ScanArm, Laser Line Probe (LLP), or Gage contact FARO Support in one of these ways.

  • Click here to contact a Support Agent in your region and make detailed arrangements
  • Click here to fill out a web-based form and an Agent will contact you for details.

Note: Because the FARO Design ScanArm is not a metrology-grade measurement tool, it does not need certification. However, you may choose to send your Design ScanArm in for servicing if it has sustained damage or you are concerned about its accuracy. 


It is a best practice to periodically send your FARO device to a FARO Service Center to get a complete and thorough compensation, calibration, and certification. How often you send in your device depends on your corporate quality policies and procedures for ensuring the performance of measurement devices. 

If you have an up to date warranty, you get one free calibration and certification for every year of warranty you purchased. Click here for information about warranties. To comply with the conditions stated in your warranty, only send your device to a FARO Service Center. The technicians at the service center perform a series of tests, a factory compensation, and a factory calibration using patented proprietary hardware and software to optimize the performance of your FARO device and ensure your device meets all the original factory technical specifications.

Consider scheduling the certification at least 30 days in advance of your certification expiration date.

Please be prepared to give the Agent this information.

  • The serial number of your FARO device
  • Return shipping instructions
  • Payment information to handle charges that may not be covered by your warranty

Once your request has been processed, the Agent gives you a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA) and instructions for sending your device to a service center. Include the RMA number in the shipping package with your device, and use it in when you communicate with Agents.

CAUTION: Service centers do not accept collect or COD shipments, unless they have been authorized in advance by an Agent.


Whether your device needs service or certification, technicians perform a 15-point check to ensure your device is in optimal working order when it is returned to you. Here is what is included. 

  1. Inspect cables (repair/replace as required)
  2. Inspect cable connections (repair/replace as required)
  3. Seal case foam with heat gun
  4. Seat and inspect main and power boards
  5. Inspect battery, charger, and power pack
  6. Inspect probe calibration fixture
  7. Inspect buttons and LED function
  8. Inspect counter-balance
  9. Inspect protective-bumpers
  10. Inspect probes
  11. Update firmware
  12. Perform calibration
  13. Clean device exterior 
  14. Clean packaging case
  15. Replace worn or outdated labels