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Public Safety

FARO CAD Zone First Look Pro


FARO® Knowledge Base

Tip Sheets for First Look Pro


In this article you will find various tips to improve your user experience with the FARO® First Look Pro software. To navigate to a specific section click a link below.

Creating Occupant Groups

First Look Pro version 5 gives you the ability to create "groups" of occupants. An example, you may want to use this is for a mall where you create a parent occupant record for the entire complex and individual "child" pre -plans for the separate stores, then you create a group that links them together. Click here to learn more.

Setting Up First Look Pro 5

The First Look Pro 5 installation program creates folders, copies the files from the First Look Pro DVD onto your computer, makes various registry entries, and creates a desktop icon. Once installed you are still not ready to use the program! Before you can start using First Look Pro, you must complete a series of screens called the First Run Wizard. This wizard prompts you to make choices that determine how First Look Pro is to be configured on this particular computer. You will choose whether this is a single First Look Pro installation, or if it's part of a network of multiple computers running First Look Pro. For a network installation, you will choose whether this particular computer is to house the Master database for your department. or if it's to be a client that will synchronize its data with some other First Look Pro Master. You'll also choose where to get your initial First Look Pro database - by starting a completely new one, upgrading from a previous version of First Look Pro., from a backup file, or by replicating the data found on a First Look Pro Master on your network. Click here to learn more

The First Look Pro Data File and Updating Attachments

To create a detailed pre-incident plan, you will want to include text information, such as access and strategy notes. You will probably also want to include a number of other attachments, such as photographs and floor plan diagrams. With First Look Pro, you can easily add as many attachments to a pre-plan as you need to fully document the critical details of the site. Click here to learn more.

First Look Pro Network Troubleshooting Guide

if you are setting up a new First Look Pro client or trying to synchronize with other computers that are running First Look Pro, you will need to access your network. If, while using the First Run Wizard to set up First Look Pro, or while synchronizing data in First Look Pro, you are not able to gain access to other computers on your network, this troubleshooting guide may give you ideas on where to look. Click here to learn more.

Synchronizing First Look Pro Between Multiple Computers

First Look Pro has the ability to synchronize your pre-incident plans between all the computers on your network that are running First Look Pro. You can make changes to your First Look Pro data on any of your mobile computers and easily update all your First Look Pro computers to also have those changes. There is also a convenient "backup" feature you can use to copy data to computers that are not networked together. For these features to work properly, you must establish one First Look Pro installation on your network to be the Master and all the other computers running First Look Pro become Clients. Click here to learn more.

Master Hydrant List

To eliminate redundancy and keep your pre-plan database more accurate, First Look Pro 5 features a "Master Hydrant List". You add all your hydrants to this list by either importing the list.csv file, entering them in, or reading them from your existing First Look Pro database. When you create or edit an Occupant record, you add hydrants by selecting them from this Master List. This eliminates duplicate hydrants, saving time and resulting in a more accurate database. Click here to learn more.

Using Fire Flow Formulas in the First Look Pro

First Look Pro contains two standard fire flow formulas: the Iowa State formula and the National Fire Academy formula. If you prefer, you can enter your own values in a Fire Flow Calculator. Click here to learn how use these Fire Flow Formulas.