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FARO® Knowledge Base

Connecting a Tracker and FaroArm simultaneously in Measure 3 or 4

Connecting a Tracker and Arm simultaneously in Measure 3.x or 4

Application Description

This is the procedure for connecting a Laser tracker and a FARO Arm together in the same measurement session for Measure.


  1. An alignment is not needed, however, if you wish to establish one first with the tracker or the arm do so as you normally would.
  2. You will need a minimum of 3 point-reducible features like circles, spheres, points, etc. The easiest way is to glue down 3 or more of the tracker pucks for the 1.5 SMR. NOTE: These must be reachable by the arm as well as the tracker.


  1. Establish communication with the tracker.
  2. Measure the 3 or more pucks using Measure>point>comp off.


  1. Place the arm where you can reach the pucks to be measured. Establish communication with the arm by going to Devices>Device setup. In the next window select the FARO arm USB or Serial (depending on which version of the FARO arm you have) and click start.
  2. Now establish the arm as a new device by going to Devices>Device position>New. If you like, when the results box comes up you can change the name from DEVICEPOS002 to FARO arm to make it easier to remember which is which later.
  3. Now using the proper size (the brass stamp has the diameter of the probe to be used) reset cone. Remeasure the locations of the pucks by placing this sphere in the puck and measuring the location by Measure>Point>Comp Off.
  4. Once you have measured all the points again go to Devices>Device position>Define. A new window will pop up with the points you have measured. Highlight the points to be used and select OK.
  5. Each point will need a nominal attached to it. The select nominal box will pop up for each point. From the drop down box in the upper middle, select the point that was measured with the tracker that applies the point you measured with the arm.
  6. A results box will pop up and give you the results of the new device position. If the errors are within tolerance hit OK. If they are not you may have selected the wrong nominal in which case you will have to go to review features and correct the nominals.

Switching between the arm and tracker

  1. To switch between the arm and tracker there are two steps.
  2. First go to Devices>Device Position>Set Active and pick the device.
  3. Second go to Devices>Device Set Up and select the device and click start then OK.

Click here to download: Using both a FARO Arm and Tracker Application Method Sheet

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