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Visual Inspect


CAD Translator

FARO® Knowledge Base

Tips and Troubleshooting for Visual Inspect


In this article you will find various tips and troubleshooting instructions to improve your user experience with FARO® Visual Inspect Software. To jump to a specific section, click a link below.

Visual Inspect / Visual Inspect AR App

1)    Q: File is not visible in LOCAL FILES after copying to the FILE SHARING area of Visual Inspect in iTunes.

A: iTunes will only copy the file to the documents directory of Visual Inspect, you must import the file into the app by selecting the COPY FROM ITUNES menu item under the IMPORT menu. Here you will see the file in a list view, tap the desired file to load to the LOCAL FILES area of the app.

Copy from iTunes

2)    Q: Menu command COPY FROM FTP SERVER is not available.

A: You must specify valid FTP information in the general SETTINGS of the iPad. Under the section for Visual Inspect, define your settings in the IMPORT / EXPORT section under FTP SETTINGS > DOWNLOAD  SETTINGS.

3)    Q: Menu command FTP is not available on file export after selecting the command SEND FILE.

A: You must specify valid FTP information in the general SETTINGS app of the iPad. Under the section for Visual Inspect, define your settings in the IMPORT / EXPORT section under FTP SETTINGS > UPLOAD  SETTINGS.

4)    Q: The check or filter buttons are not visible.

A: These features must be activated, you want to check in the general SETTINGS of the iPad. Under the section for Visual Inspect, activate the desired features under FEATURE CHECKS section.

5)    Q: The button PREDEFINED TEXT in annotation creation is not active.

A: You must insert predefined text in the general SETTINGS of the iPad. Under the section for Visual Inspect, define your texts under TEXT FOR ANNOTATIONS.

6)    Q: Annotation not available in evaluation or ANNOTATIONS REPORT button not available in the tree.

A: For the single annotation, activate the USE FOR EVALUATION switch while creating the annotation. If you don’t see the button, there are no annotations with this tag under the selected tree level.

7)    Q: Option EXPORT TO ONE not visible on file export after selecting SEND FILE TO OTHER APP.

A: The PhotoFast ONE app (requires use of Photofast Memories Cable) is not installed or the wrong version of the app is installed, (search for PHOTOFAST ONE in the AppStore) and install or update the app.

8)    Q: How can I generate QR codes?

A: You can create QR codes with any QR code generator. A popular QR code generator is located here:
On the above website, simply select the TEXT option and enter the PRODUCT NAME of your *.mwpak file in the “Free text” field and click the “Create QR code” button to generate the code.

9)    Q: A QR code is not recognized when using the QR scan functionality.

A: You have to create your QR code from the PRODUCT NAME. You can see the complete product name in the tree or by double tapping the name label under the file.

10)    Q: App is crashing every time on startup.

A: Close all other open Apps (double click on home button and swipe-up on the respective App) and restart the iPad (long press on On/Off-Button).

11)    Q: On marker translation if I use the WKS (world coordinate system) option, where is the point 0,0,0?

A: The point 0,0,0 is related to the 0,0,0 of your CAD data, that means this value comes from the axis system defined in the CAD model, this can be different from file to file.

12)    Q: All marker sets are grayed out and cannot be activated

A: Tap the SETTINGS command in the upper toolbar of the 3D view. Tap AR SETTINGS in the menu and change the marker set type from Letter to 12-bit or vice versa under MARKERSET TYPE.

13)    Q: Marker detection is weak.

A: Tap the SETTINGS command in the upper toolbar of the 3D view. Tap SETTINGS PICTURE ANALYSIS in the settings popover and spread the sliders (to increase the red colored area of the bar) under COLOR RANGE for better detecting.

14)    Q: What is the use of Output option EDGE in AR SETTINGS?

A: This option is more for analyzing. For example, if you have issues detecting markers in bad light conditions, this setting can be used to verify if the app detects the red ring of a marker as two ellipses with solid black lines or not. If not, the marker detection will not work for the targeted marker. In good light conditions, this output option is not needed and you can use the default option ORG (as shown below) which shows the normal camera image output.

15)    Q: Invisible part doesn’t appear in show mode after changing its status to visible.

A: Make all higher-level nodes of tree visible by tapping the SHOW command on each level; also ensure the Geo-Block is visible as well. Or tap the RESET VISIBILITY command on the highest level of the tree to reset everything to visible.

16)    Q: There is no wireframe visible after activating one of the respective options under VIEW SETTINGS > SHADING.

A: It is possible that there are no wireframes in the file (e.g. possible for JT files).

17)    Q: Components disappear while rotating / translating the 3D model.

A: The BUFFER REFRESH switch under VIEW SETTINGS in the 3D view is activated. For large files, some components are hidden from view when moving the model for increased performance.

18)    Q: Poor graphics performance with large files.

A: You can activate the BUFFER REFRESH switch under VIEW SETTINGS in the 3D view. For large files, some components are hidden from view when moving the model for increased performance.

19)    Q: There are annotations in the model which cannot be deleted or edited.

A: These annotations originated from the original CAD model. This is common with certain file formats such as CATIA. Such annotations are not editable.

20)    Q: The command MIRROR is not available.

A: This command is only shown on single parts or sub-products/assemblies in a product structure, it is not available on the highest level of a product structure or if you have only a single element in the product structure.

21)    Q: The sectioning plane is not removed after leaving the sectioning dialog.

A: You have to remove the sectioning plane separately by tapping it and then tap the DELETE command in the 3D context menu.

22)    Q: There are no matching results when using the SEARCH command.

A: Please check if you activated the CASE SENSITIVE switch in the search bar. When activated, search queries will be case sensitive. Otherwise deactivate the switch to have a case insensitive search.

23)    Q: The password defined for the app is not requested.

A: If you have defined a password for the app under area LOCAL FILES > SETTINGS > DEFINE PASSWORD the app only asks for the password if it was completely closed, not if it is only running in the background. To securely close the app, double tap the home button and swipe-up the app.

24)    Q: The password used for the app is forgotten.

A: If you have defined a password for the app and you forgot it, the only solution is to delete the app and to reinstall. All data will be lost in this case.

25)    Q: The overlay doesn’t work after starting the AR functionality.

A: Make sure that your markers in the CAD model match the markers on the part/object. Check that you have used the same marker types at the same positions and you have not switched two markers by accident. Another problem could be that a wrong marker is set as active or that markers are not placed in the correct context of the tree structure.

Additionally, it is possible that markers are not detected due to a blurred camera image. Activate the AUTOFOCUS button to improve the image.

Ensure that all the markers are in the viewing area of the camera and that the light conditions are acceptable for all of the markers. To control which markers are detected you can activate the display of small marker images at the detected positions under SETTINGS > AR SETTINGS > SHOW MARKER SYMBOLS.

26)    Q: The AR overlay is not accurate.

A: Make sure that your markers are exactly positioned (the virtual position must equal the real position). Best practice is to position markers in holes (if available). In general, you should be very careful with the positioning of targets, otherwise an accurate overlay cannot be achieved.

27)    Q: If I press the AR command, I don’t see a real-time camera image.

A: Probably you are in the wrong AR mode. In the 3D view, tap the command SETTINGS in the upper toolbar, then go to AR SETTINGS and activate the ONLINE and REALTIME settings.

28)    Q: I have created a camera position overlaid by key points. Although I have defined 4 key point pairs, I don’t’ see the OVERLAY command.

A: Make sure that you didn’t mismatch the key points, the key points pairs must match. Check that the orange and blue points with the same number match.

29)    Q: I want to edit / overlay a camera position I created before, but I cannot see the 2D/3D and OVERLAY commands.

A: Make sure that the device is in the same orientation as the image you used for the overlay. If you hold the device in landscape orientation but the image is in portrait orientation, the buttons will not be available.

30)    Q: Why is the import of images to the OWN IMAGES area not possible?

A: You cannot import every photo. The photos you can import must be taken with an authorized camera system which was especially calibrated. Then the registration of your iPad allows the import of photos from such cameras.

31)    Q: In the OWN IMAGES area, after I take images with the external camera, there is no reaction from the app.

A: Make sure that you have started the FTP server by using the FTP button. Also, check that the iPad is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

iPad Configuration

1)    Q: How to activate / access WI-FI.

A: Go to the general app SETTINGS of the iPad. Scroll to the entry WI-FI on the left side and select it. Select the desired Wi-Fi network in the list on the right side and select it to connect. If necessary specify the needed parameters, e.g. the password.

2)    Q: How to create an Apple ID.

A: Tap CREATE YOUR APPLE ID on the Apple homepage under to create a new Apple ID.

3)    Q: How to access the Apple AppStore.

A: Go to the general app SETTINGS of the iPad. Scroll to the entry ITUNES & APP STORE on the left side and select it. Sign in on the right side with your Apple ID. Then start the app APP STORE.

4)    Q: How to install the App without Wi-Fi.

A: You can also download the App to iTunes installed on your PC and then synchronize it to your iPad.

5)    Q: The update of the version is not shown.

A: Check that you are still logged in into your iTunes account.


1)    Q: Where should I place the markers?

A: Best results can be achieved by placing the markers as far apart as possible. Additionally, they should best be placed asymmetrically and on different height levels.

2)    Q: How can I identify the marker type?

A: You can use the marker reference sheet contained in your kit to identify marker types or use the MARKER SCANNER feature inside the App. You can find this command in the upper toolbar of the 3D view. If you tap the command and point the camera to a marker, the software will show its type in a small image.

3)    Q: Would it be possible to have other marker adapters?

A: In general, a customization is possible.

4)    Q: What is the best working area for overlaying the model?

A: You can get best results at a distance of 1.5ft-3ft (0.5m-3m) from your actual object.

Visual Inspect CAD Translator

1)    Q: The installation of the Translator is aborted by an Antivirus program I have installed.

A: To avoid this, please deactivate any Antivirus software you have for the time of the installation. Remember to reactive the software after installation is complete.

2)    Q: The Translator cannot be started; Error message: "Only one instance is allowed".

A: The Translator is already running in another window. It is not possible to start the Translator twice.

3)    Q: When starting the CAD Translator the following error message is displayed “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail”.

A: The Microsoft Runtime Libraries (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package) are not available on the PC, all which are available in installation folder must be installed.

4)    Q: VisualInspectCAD.exe is not executable, nothing happens after double click.

A: There are missed the rights for the network drive where the exe is stored.

5)    Q: Target path for export not valid.

A: The User does not have permission to write to this folder or the folder does not exist.