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WebShare Cloud

FARO® Knowledge Base

WebShare Cloud Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions about WebShare Cloud

Q: I'm not receiving any e-mails related to WebShare Cloud (e.g. for the initial purchase of my subscription, or when trying to reset my password).

A: Make sure to check your Spam folder, and instruct your IT department to whitelist the following e-mail addresses, and forward you any e-mails that have been filtered out:

If you're trying to reset your password, try again afterwards and recheck your Spam folder.

Q: I'm sure that I remember my password correctly, but I cannot log in.  

A: Make sure that you're using the correct username or e-mail address. (You might have multiple e-mail addresses, even within your company.) There are separate user databases for and So if you have an account for, that account won't be valid for
And even if you have an account for each website, the password could still be different.

Exporting and Uploading

Q: How do I export data from SCENE and upload to Webshare Cloud?    

A: General information is available at

Q: What can I do when the WebShare Cloud export of a project fails?

A: Probably the most promising approach to save a WebShare Cloud export that fails during the creation of the overview map is to use the “SCENE Overview Map” map type in the export dialog since the process used for its creation is much simpler. The result resembles a clear view map in black-and-white.

There are some other possibilities for increasing the probability of success (best used in conjunction): 

  • (Re)Generate a project point cloud before the export so that it is used instead of the scan point clouds.
  • Restart Windows, start SCENE and immediately begin the export without having any other programs open so that the maximal amount of free memory is available.
  • Disable generating the scan layers in the export dialog if you don't need them.
  • Use the Standard View in the export dialog instead of Clear View or Gap Filler.

If all of this fails, try the export on another PC. Split the project into smaller sub projects and export them separately.

Q: My upload fails with "insufficient rights". Why?

A: The Uploader role is required for uploads from SCENE. You might be uploading to the wrong domain.
If you have a typo in the subdomain (e.g "mycmpany" instead of "mycompany"), the "faro" domain will be used as a fallback. Most probably, you don't have any permissions there. 

Also make sure that you made the correct choice between and Some customers try to upload without having purchased a WebShare Cloud domain.

This is usually not possible. Creating a user account is unrelated to buying a domain package for WebShare Cloud.

  • A domain package comes with a unique subdomain and storage for the projects. Visit the product page.
  • The administrator of such a domain can add registered users to groups with access rights to private projects.
  • If you want to upload projects with SCENE, the domain administrator needs to give you the Uploader role. Click here for more information.

Q: How do I contact support?

A: If you have tried all steps described above and your export or upload still fails, proceed as described below. To ensure that FARO Customer Service can help you, it is required that you attach some diagnostic information:

  1. Ensure that logging is enabled in SCENE.
    1. If you use the classic UI, switch to the workflow UI first.
    2. Open Settings through the gear icon on top-right.
    3. Check the General > Log Files > Enable logging option and close the settings.
  2. Repeat the operation that failed (export/upload).
  3. Take a screenshot of the export/upload dialog, so FARO Customer Service can better understand what possibly went wrong.
    1. Press PrtScn.
    2. Open MS Paint or photo software.
    3. Create a new file.
    4. Click paste.
  4. Obtain the relevant log files for the export/upload:
    • Copy&paste these folder paths to Windows explorer:
    • The placeholder %temp% will be automatically replaced in the Windows explorer address bar.
    • The expanded folder paths then look like this (where JohnDoe is your Windows user name):
    • In these folders, you can find the relevant log files by the timestamp included in the filename, as well as the project URL identifier.
  5. The log file is e.g. called ExampleProject_2019-09-12_11-23-33.log
  6. Contact FARO Customer Service, and attach both the screenshot and the relevant log files.

Contract / Subscription Model

Q: Which legal documents are available for WebShare Cloud?

A: All legal documents can be found on these pages: 
Choose your language in the header bar. if a legal document is available in translated form, the translation will be shown then.


  • Terms of Service - Defines the agreement between FARO and all registered end users of WebShare Cloud. Each user must once accept the latest version of the Terms of Service on login.
  • Data Processing Information for User - Informs you how we process your personal data as a user.
  • FARO Privacy Policy - States further details regarding data protection at FARO, e.g. storage periods or where to lodge a complaint.
  • Cookie Policy - Defines which browser cookies WebShare Cloud sets, and for which purpose they are used.
  • License Agreement - Defines the agreement between FARO and the owner of the WebShare Cloud domain. It defines the terms of the subscription.
  • Notice of Compliance with Privacy Shield Principles - This may be relevant for customers in the EU.

Q: Do I have to pay once or regularly to get my own WebShare Cloud domain?

A: WebShare Cloud is based on a subscription model. There is an annual fee at the beginning for the first 12 months, and then another fee every 12 months, until the subscription is canceled explicitly. For more details, see pages 9-11 of the License Agreement.


Q: Which Cloud provider are you using?

A: Amazon Web Services (as indicated in the License Agreement).

Q: Does the infrastructure provide redundancy? Are the databases mirrored or replicated?

A: We use redundant web servers and replicated databases to ensure high availability of the system.

Q: How do you ensure the functional quality of WebShare Cloud?

A: Our code is tested using unit tests. We do manual testing in a separate staging environment. Each new version is tested in staging environment before it is made available to our customers. We have monitoring tools in place to detect possible errors during the operation of WebShare Cloud.


Q: Which certifications does FARO have?

Q: Where can I find compliance information for your cloud provider Amazon Web Services?

Q: Does your Cloud provider have any security certification like ISO-27001 certification?

Q: Do you have a Data Processing Addendum with Amazon Web Services, as required for GDPR compliance?

Security & Authentication

Q: What security features does WebShare Cloud provide for me as an administrator of a WebShare Cloud domain?

A: Role-based access control to actions: 

Each user can be assigned roles to control which actions are permitted. For example, there is the Uploader role that allows to upload projects from SCENE, and the User role that allows to create Annotations and Measurements. For more information visist 

Groups can also be given access control to scan projects. Each scan project can either be made public (accessible for anonymous users), or private and shared with particular user groups. Authenticated users with the Project Manager role in your domain have access to any project in the same domain. For more information visit

Q: How secure are user passwords in WebShare Cloud?

A: All passwords most have a length of at least 8 characters and contain at least one number, one lowercase letter, and one uppercase letter. As a security measure, a user can only change his/her password with an email validation process. This means that the user must have access to his/her inbox.

Passwords are stored using a strong one-way hash function. The password cannot be recovered from the hash without significant computation effort (brute force). Failed logins will set an increasing timeout for the same user, blocking further login requests until the timeout has expired.

Q: Do you support SSO (Single Sign On)?

A: WebShare Cloud does not support SSO at this time.

Q: Do you support MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)?

A: WebShare Cloud does not support MFA at this time.

Q: Where is my data stored?

A: Non-US customers and older US customers - (Ireland). New US customers - (Northern Virginia)

For more details, refer to the Terms of Service and License Agreement.

Q: Is my data stored in encrypted form?

A: Yes, we store all customer data (including scan/project data and personal data) encrypted, currently using the strong AES-256 encryption algorithm.
The algorithm may change in future versions.

Q: Is the data transfer between my computer and your servers secure and encrypted?

A: Yes, all data transfer over the public internet is encrypted using the secure HTTPS protocol. You can verify the security level of WebShare Cloud e.g. using the external website Qualys SSL Labs.


  • License Agreement, Exhibit 2 to Annex 4, section 2: "Integrity".
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