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3D Laser Scanner



FARO® Knowledge Base

Connection Issues with an iPod Touch or iPhone and the Laser Scanner LS

It has been found that there that there are some difficulties to set up a WiFi connection between the iPod Touch / iPhone and our FARO Laser Scanners. The problem occurs only when the iPod Touch / iPhone should connect to a so-called "Ad-Hoc Network", which connects 2 computers with each other. This is exactly what we use for the WiFi connection to our scanners.

Intense tests and web research showed that this is not a problem of our laser scanner or the WiFi stick but caused by a flaw in Apple's firmware for the iPod Touch / iPhone since the current version 1.1.3.

Many other people are affected by this, as you may see when you search for that topic on the internet (i.e. or ).

Until Apple will hopefully fix this issue with the next firmware update for the iPod Touch / iPhone, we found a WORKAROUND to make the iPod Touch / iPhone work with the LS.

What you need:

1) Your LS with the Fritz! WiFi stick plugged in and the scanner turned on

2) Your computer, connected to the LS via Ethernet (normal operation mode)

2) Your iPod Touch / iPhone

3) A WiFi access point (i.e. your private WiFi router or any public access point) and the access data for this access point (note: you need the password in HEXADECIMAL numbers. NOT the clear text "pass phrase")

What you have to do:

1) Start your LS

2) Connect your computer to the LS

3) Make sure the WiFi access point is up and running

4) Start the iPod Touch / iPhone

ATTENTION: the sequence of step 5) and 6) is crucial for the success!

5) Connect to the WiFi access point first (with the access data you have to know)

The principle steps are shown in Chapter 3 of the attached document.


(note: you need the password in HEXADECIMAL numbers. NOT the clear text "pass phrase")

6) Connect to the LS via WiFi

a) First connect with the Internet Explorer of your computer to the LS to retriev the scanner's network ID, IP adress, sub-net mask and WEP password.

This is explained in Chapter 1 of the attached document

b) connect your iPod Touch / iPhone to the LS

Follow the instructions in Chapter 3 of the attached document.

7) Now the iPod Touch / iPhone should connect to LS!

DO NOT delete you network connection settings from the iPod Touch / iPhone. DO NOT RESTORE your iPod Touch / iPhone via iTunes

Keywords: Apple, connect, ipod, iphone