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FARO® Knowledge Base

Scanning with Multiple Focus Scanners Simultaneously in BuildIT Construction



BuildIT allows the user the ability to work with multiple scanners simultaneously.
Communication between BuildIT and the scanners can be achieved via Wi-Fi.
It can also be achieved via a Ethernet cable, using the Automation Adapter and a Automation Ready Focus Scanner.

The Automation Adapter is also needed when any of the following condition has to be met:

  • An Ethernet connection is required (Example: Wi-Fi restrictions).
  • The scanner is running at a stationary location, for extended period of time, and needs to remain powered on.
  • The scanner needs to be mounted at a repeatable position and angle.
  • There is a need to control the scanner directly using the SDK (Example: Utilizing a COM Port for triggering the scanner).

Mechanical Setup

Start by removing the automation cover from the Focus using a star key.

  1. Unscrew both screws. 
  2. Use a thin card to lift the cover.

Make sure the cover is fully unscrewed before removing it.


The Automation Adapter has a screw on the inside, that attaches to the FARO Focus Scanner, using an Allen Wrench.

  1. Place the FARO Focus Scanner on the Automation Adapter.
  2. Rotate the Focus, until it seats firmly on the Automation Adapter. 
  3. Use an Allen Wrench to tighten the Automation Adapter to the FARO Focus Scanner. 

To connect the computer and the FARO Focus Automation Adapter:

  1. Connect the CAT5 cable to the computer, then to the Port 1 of the network switch. 
  2. Connect another CAT5 cable to the FARO Focus Automation Adapter, then connect the other end of the CAT5 cable to the network switch using any of the remaining ports. 
  3. Repeat Step 2, for any additional FARO Focus Automation Adapters. You can use as many as your network switch allows. 

The FARO Automation Adapter has a power option built into the side. This power source is typically utilized when the Scanner is being mounted at a stationary location and requires constant power. 
It is also possible to plug-in the power cable from the FARO Focus Scanner directly into the Focus, if power is necessary.  

Configure FARO Focus Scanners

  1. Turn on the Automation Ready FARO Focus Scanner. 
  2. Go to Manage > General Settings > LAN. 
  3. Swipe the Status button to the right (it will turn blue)
  4. Take note of the IP Address for each FARO Focus Scanner, this will be needed for the software configuration.

Configure Computer settings

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Network and Internet. 
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 
  4. On the left side panel, click on Change adapter settings. 
  5. Double-click “Ethernet”. A pop-window will open. 
  6. Choose “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on Properties. 
  7. Change your IP Address to a Static IP Address, by selecting “Use the following IP address”
  8. The IP Address will be similar to the Focus LAN IP address, with the exception of the last few digits. Example:
    1. For the last three digits of the IP address, use 100 or any other 2 digit combination. DO NOT use the IP Address being used by the Focus. 
    2. The Subnet mask should automatically populate


Configure Software Settings

  1. Open BuildIT Metrology
  2. From the top toolbar navigate to Automate > FARO Focus > Scan using FARO Focus.Builtit_ScanSetting.png
  3. Enter the IP address for each Focus Automation Adapter being used.
  4. Define your Scan Settings (Resolution, Quality, and Color), if you decide to leave as current, it will use the individual FARO Focus Scanners Settings
  5. Under Import Options, define the following settings. 
    1. Check Detect Spheres and/or Checkerboards (If utilizing either targets)
    2. Enter the Sphere Radius (If utilizing Spheres)
    3. If you want to use a Distance Filter, check Distance Filter, and define the Maximum Distance.
  6. Click the Checkmark to begin scanning.

When using Targets for registration, a Bundle Registration is recommended after the automation program has processed and registered the scans. 

  1. From the top toolbar, click Align, then click on Bundling Registration.Builtit_Commands.png
  2. Click “All” under Devices and Points.
  3. Delete the individual scans that were imported with the targets.
    1. To delete the scans, highlight the individual scan name and press the delete key.
  4. Under Network final position, select Stationary device.
  5. Click the Checkmark, to solve the alignment.
  6. The Bundle Registration Results will appear with your Target Registration error. Review the RMS error and if this is within your desired tolerance, click the Checkbox to save the alignment.