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Capture and Process








FARO® Knowledge Base

Software Download, Installation, and Release Notes for SCENE Capture and Process

FARO SCENE Screen and Box

Quick Steps

  1. Click the links below to download the latest FARO® SCENE Capture and Process software. Click here if you need an earlier version,
    Release Date Version  
    28 Aug 2018 SCENE Capture 2018.0.0.648   Download
    SCENE Process 2018.0.0.648   Download
  2. It may take a several minutes to complete the download. Do not close your browser or shut off your computer while the download is in process. When the download is complete, the SCENE Capture and Process installation setup.exe file appears in your browser's download folder.
  3. Download the Release Notes to learn what is new in the latest version.
  4. Check that your Microsoft Windows operating system is compatible and that your computer meets the recommended system requirements.
  5. Install the software.
    • For SCENE Capture, because it does not require a license key, just double-click the setup.exe file, read and accept the use conditions, then click Next on all the windows until the installation is complete. Click Finish and the software opens. If you are upgrading, uninstall the old version and install the newer one.
    • For SCENE Process, because it does require a license key, use the installation instructions and in the last step follow the link to activate or update your SCENE Process license Product key. 


Tour the Scene Capture user interface running on the FARO® Freestyle tablet. See 3D data appear as you scan with the Freestyle, watch the point cloud build up, and learn how to take measurements. Cannot access YouTube? Download Here

Continue by learning how to move your Freestyle data to SCENE Process running on a laptop or workstation.Tour the Process interface, view and manipulate point clouds, use markers to automatically place and register point clouds, work with correspondences for registration, learn about view options and properties, and export the registered point cloud. Cannot access YouTube? Download Here.

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When scanning with the Freestyle hand-held laser scanner, you use SCENE Capture, SCENE Process, and SCENE to create detailed point clouds of real-world environments.for documentation, inspection, and measurement purposes. This software is seamlessly integrated, making it quick and easy to work with.

  • SCENE Capture is the free, unlicensed software that comes with the tablet computer you get with the Freestyle. Using Capture, you can check and manipulate the quality of your 3D data, point cloud, and emerging visualization as you scan. Measurements can be taken directly from Capture. Using Capture, only single scans are possible. To register multiple scans, you must purchase SCENE Process.
  • SCENE Process is FARO licensed software that runs on a laptop or workstation. You must purchase it separately from the Freestyle. You move the captured point cloud to Process to automatically improve the scan and visualization quality. If needed, you can export the point cloud from Process to manipulate it further in other software, such as SCENE. 
  • SCENE is FARO licensed software that runs on a laptop or workstation. You can use the powerful features in SCENE to further process and manage scanned data. Features include automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning, and high-quality scan colorization.

CAUTION: The version number of SCENE Capture used to create the point cloud must be the same or later than the version of SCENE Process or SCENE. For instance, If the point cloud comes from SCENE Capture 5.5 and you are using version SCENE Process 5.4, the file will not open. You must upgrade to SCENE Process or SCENE 5.5 or later to open the files. If the situation is reversed, with the point clout coming from SCENE Capture 5.4 and you are using SCENE Process 5.5 or SCENE 5.5 the file will open correctly.

You can download either the latest or earlier versions of the Capture and Process software from this article.


Please review this table before you begin to ensure your success.

Time to Complete 20 minutes
Skills Needed
  • Knowledge of Windows at the operating system level
  • General computer skills
  • Internet connection
  • Computers you use with Capture and Process
  • Storage media for saving files, such as a flash drive
Supported Hardware
  • Freestyle Objects
  • Freestyle3D X
  • Freestyle3D
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SCENE Process Installation

Installing the latest SCENE Process version overwrites the existing version. If you want, you can change the install location so that the latest version does not overwrite the version you are currently using. This enables you to run multiple versions of SCENE Process on the same computer.

  1. Ensure you have administrator privileges on your computer. If you do not, contact your IT department.
  2. Turn off all anti-virus and firewall software, as it can affect installing the software. We will remind you to turn it back on again at the end of this process. If you do not know how to do this, contact your IT department.
  3. Once you have successfully downloaded the software, double-click the SCENE Process setup.exe file and click Run to begin the install process. The Language dialog box appears.
  4. Drop down the language list and select the language that matches your computer's operating system. English is the default. Click OK. Continue following the prompts. 
  5. When the Select Additional Tasks window appears, click Enable automatic update checking to be updated automatically to the latest version of SCENE Process when an upgrade is available. Automatic upgrades will not work if you have not checked this box. 
  6. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation process and click Finish.The installation application puts the SCENE Process short cut ProcessShortCut.PNG on your desktop and SCENE Process opens.
  7. If you turned off all anti-virus and firewall software before you started the install process, turn it back on before you use the software. If you do not know how to do this, contact your IT department.
  8. Proceed to Activate or Update a SCENE Process License Product Key or Dongle to activate your SCENE Process license.
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Next Steps

Visit the FARO Academy and let FARO expert trainers with years of hands-on field experience save your time by starting you off right using FARO products. Review a variety of flexible training options including free online training courses, on-demand videos, instructor-lead live training, or customized training. First learn the basics, then, grow you own FARO experiences by refreshing your training as new software features are released.  

See Also

Earlier Versions

Most of the software versions in this table are discontinued and are no longer being developed. Discontinued software is considered Legacy. FARO supports Legacy software for the length of time stated in your license agreement. To learn about the work efficiency features available in the newest versions of SCENE Capture or SCENE Process, click here.

When you use software or hardware from third-party vendors who make FARO compatible products, these vendors may not change their tools or software at the same time FARO does. So, to remain compatible, you may need to use an earlier version of SCENE Capture or SCENE Process. Contact the third-party vendor for details about which SCENE Capture or SCENE Process version is compatible with their products.

In the table below, click a link to download the SCENE Capture or SCENE Process version that is right for you.

Release Dates Version Download Capture Download Process
8 Sep 2017 64-bit 64-bit
20 Feb 2017 64-bit 64-bit
8 Sep 2016 64-bit 64-bit
8 Nov 2016 64-bit 64-bit
9 Dec 2015 5.5.3 64-bit 64-bit
22 Jun 2015 5.4.10 64-bit 64-bit


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