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Measure 3/4

FARO® Knowledge Base

Importing and Exporting IGES Files in Measure 3

There are over 200 different variations of IGES files that are currently being written by different CAD and 3D software packages. These 'flavors' of IGES, as they are typically referred by, come about because of the way each software manufacturer interprets the 620-page IGES specification. As such, a user of this converter must be careful to choose the correct settings when writing out an IGES file from another program before importing the IGES file into the recipient program.

• Reported Issue 1: Error =2515 Access Violation is the generic error when the IGES translator fails, just like Dr. Watson in WIN NT. Every customer that reports this error is not necessarily reporting the same problem.

• Reported Issue 2: Error =2600 Writing or Translation Violation. The IGES translator would add/change digits to file name extension.

• Reported Issue 3: Error = 0KB IGES file. Open the Read/Write options and change “iges_r_copious_to_many” to 0 & “iges_w_wire_as_copious to 1.

• Reported Issue 4: Error = Slow import/export. This is cause when the file being used is over the recommended size of 20MB or the system does not meet the recommended hardware and software requirements.

• Reported Issue 5: Error = Import Fail. Problem Importing Catia. Open the Read/Write options and change IGES_W_END_LINE_CHAR from 2 to 1.

II. Possible Solutions or workarounds:

When Exporting:

1. Try not to change the destination file directory. Use default directory (see under Main>Settings>File Location)
2. If you change the destination file, make sure that no digits were added to the file extension name or have totally replaced the file extension. If this happens, delete those digits and re-type the proper file extension, “igs”
3. Click OK and finish the translation.
4. If the steps above do not solve the problem, try converting your SAT file into a VDA file first (VDA out).
5. Next, File>Import>VDA and open the translated file. Make sure part looks good and that all the geometry is there.
6. Translate VDA file into IGES using regular steps (File>Export>IGES).
7. Avoid using very long file names. Try to keep the number of characters in the file name to a maximum of 12 characters.
8. Avoid using dashes or other special characters in the file name.
9. For current version of Measure you may contact customer service and request an e-mail of the default settings OPS file to replace the one on your computer cause the situation.

When Importing:

1. If your IGES file is stored in a media different from the hard disk of your computer, first make a copy of the file in the following directory: c:\MyDocuments\Faro\Measure Measure\
Some times the software will not read files stored in an external media, such as CD’s, floppy disks, zip disks, tape, etc., unless they are copied or moved to the hard disk.
2. File size restriction. Measure will not be able to handle files that exceed 20MB in size.
3. A Y2K date issue for earlier version of Anthrocam; This has been seen before in IGES headers where the date is referred to as "100" instead of "00" for year 2000. Editing the iges file to alter this value would fix this problem. Save a copy of your IGES file as “txt”file. Open the text file and look for the date data, which usually looks something like this: 13H000712. Where the first two digits represent the year (00 for 2000), next two digits designate the month, and the last two the day. In an incorrect date header this number would look something like: 13H1000712. Delete the extra “1” in front of the first two digits. Save the file as by changing the “txt” back to “igs.”Proceed with the import.

III. Some of the regular changes READ/WRITE settings are:

• Iges_w_end_line_char = this option is changed to 1 when a file will not export to CATIA 5.7.
• Iges_proc_free_points = this is changed to 1 when wire frame entities or point do not export.
• Iges_r_points = this option is changed to 1 when points do not import.
• iges_r_nongeometric = this option is changed to 1 when the features are classified as non-geometric.
• Iges_proc_free_curve = this option is changed to 0 when features are missing from the export.
• Iges_proc_free_surf = this option is changed to 0 when features are missing from the export.
• Iges_r_accept_dirty_data = this option is changed to 1 when features are missing from the export.
• Iges_r_blanked_ent = this option is changed to 1 when features are missing from the export.

Keywords: import, export, error, measure 3