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FARO Zone 3D







FARO® Knowledge Base

Exploring a VR Training Environment in FARO Zone 3D



VR training environments allow users to explore a prepared 3D VR training scene and practice using evidence and analytical tools.

Opening a Training Environment

To begin exploring a VR training environment:

  1. Open the project in FZ 3D.
  2. Click the VR/ENVIRO tab.
  3. Click the Open VR Viewer icon FZ3D VR Icon.png.

Exploring the Training Environment

Inside a VR environment, control options are contained on the left and right gauntlets which are visible when you move the VR controllers. 

Left Gauntlet - Main Menu Options


  • VR Help.png Help: Open help files
  • VR RG Clear.png Clear: Clear the current action.
  • VR Compass.png Compass: Toggle a navigation compass beneath your feet.
  • VR Gravity.png Gravity: Toggle gravity. (Press right thumbstick forward or back to move up or down when gravity is off).
  • VR Right Man.png Crouch: Toggle crouch mode when gravity is present. 
  • VR Home.png Home: Return to the Home position.

Side 1

Left Data.png

This side of the gauntlet displays the Frames Per Second (FPS) of the system, the time spent in VR, location coordinates, and the system time. 

Side 2

VR File Menu.png Main Menu: Opens the main file menu, used to save/load files or exit the program.

  • VR File Menu Save File.png Save: Save changes to the project.
  • VR File Menu Exit VR.png Exit: Exit to desktop.
  • VR File Menu Exit FZ.png Exit and Return to FZ3D: Leave VR and reopen FARO Zone 3D.
  • VR File Menu Load File.png Load New File: Open a new file.
  • VR File Menu MRU.png Load Recent File: Load a recent file.
  • VR File Menu Watch.png Session Log: Name and begin a log of the current session.

VR Settings.png Settings

  • VR Turn Settings.png Turn Settings: Adjust the turn mode and turn rate options.
  • Vr PointCloud Settings.png PC Settings: Change point cloud lighting, quality, and point size settings.
  • VR Toggle HDR Light Bloom.png Toggle HDR Light Bloom: Toggle the HDR light bloom effect.
  • VR Antialiasing.png Toggle Anti Alias: Toggle line smoothing.


  • VR Save View Location.pngSave View/Location: Save the current position and screenshot.
  • VR Saved Views Browser.pngSaved Views Browser: View saved viewpoints.
  • VR Play.png Play Animation: Plays the project animation.
  • VR Play2.png Stop Animation: Stops playing the project animation.

Right Gauntlet - Exploration / Analysis Options


  • VR RG Snapshot.png Snapshot: Capture a screenshot of the current view. Squeeze the  Right Trigger to take a snapshot. These image files can be found in "Documents\FARO Zone\VR\Screenshots\CurrentFileName" folder.
  • VR Scope.png Scope: Tap to open the virtual scope. Use +/- buttons to control magnification. Press VR X.png to exit.
    VR Scope 2.png
  • VR RG Magnify.png Magnifying Glass: Tap to open the magnifying glass. Use +/- buttons to control magnification. Press VR X.png to exit.
    VR Magnify3.png
  • VR RG Teleport.png Teleport: Tap to open a list of saved views. Select a view to teleport to it.
  • VR RG Flashlight.png Flashlight: Open a flashlight to illuminate parts of the scene.
    VR Flashlight.png
    • Vr Rotate.png Rotate: Rotate the flashlight around the gauntlet.
    • VR RG Flash UV.png UV Mode: Switch to ultraviolet light mode.
    • VR Power.png On/Off: Turn flashlight off.
    • VR X.png Exit: Exit flashlight mode.
  • VR RG Clear.png Clear Current Action: End the action in progress.


VR RG Draw.png Draw/Place Tools: Access tools to add investigative items to the environment or additional analysis tools.

  • VR RG Evidence.png Placards: Place evidence placards in the scene. Use the A and B buttons to change the distance of the placard. Squeeze the Right Trigger to place the placard. To snap a placard to an object, squeeze the Right Grip to begin selecting a point, and squeeze the Right Trigger to place the placard.
  • VR RG Label.png Label: Label an item. Use the keyboard to enter text for the label. Press ESC to exit label mode. Use the +/- buttons to change label size. Press Enter to begin placement mode.
    In placement mode, use the A and B buttons to change the distance of the placard. Squeeze the Right Trigger to place the label. To snap a label to an object, squeeze the Right Grip to begin selecting a point, and squeeze the Right Trigger to place the label.
    Tap the black hexagon to open color options and enable/disable the arrow indicator.
    Once you place the text label, you will repeat the placement process for the arrow indicator.
  • VR RG Police Tape.png Police Tape: Draw police tape in the scene. Squeeze the Right Trigger to begin drawing tape. Squeeze the Right Trigger again to start a new tape segment. Press A to stop drawing tape.
  • VR RG Analysis.png Analysis Tools: Access additional analysis tools.
    • VR RG Trajectory.png Trajectory: Draws a line along a trajectory rod in a point cloud.  The trajectory tool operates in two modes: Sphere snap mode and Rod-Cluster snap mode. Press the toggle icon VR RG Trajectory 2.png to alternate between modes.

      Rod/Cluster snap: Freehand selection of point cloud objects. Hold Right Trigger to probe target point of trajectory, release Right Trigger to select. Repeat for next trajectory point.

      Sphere snap mode: To be used with established rod/sphere object in point cloud. Squeeze and hold Right Trigger to probe closest target sphere, release Right Trigger to select. Repeat for second target sphere. Use +/- buttons to change sphere snap tolerance/FOV angle.

      Note: The trajectory tool requires a point cloud.

    • VR RG Sphere.png Sphere Detect: Identify spheres within a point cloud.  Squeeze and hold the Right Trigger to probe a sphere object. Use the +/- buttons to change sphere snap tolerance/FOV angle. Release the Right Trigger to create a full sphere. Note: The sphere detect tool requires a point cloud.
    • VR RG Measurement.png Measurement: Make a measurement between two points in the environment. 

      Squeeze and hold the Right Trigger to being selecting the initial point for your measurement. Release the Right Trigger to select the point. Use the +/- buttons to change font size, and press the black button to display the color palette.

      Squeeze and hold the Right Trigger to begin selecting the second point for your measurement. Release the Right Trigger to select the point.

VR RG Evidence.png Evidence Tools: Access tools to pick-up and store items.

  • VR Tweesers.png Tweezers: Pick up an item with tweezers.
  • VR Tongs.png Tongs: Pick up an item with tongs.
  • VR Grab.png Grab: Pick up an item.
  • VR DNA.png DNA: Swab items for DNA material.
  • VR Fingerprint.png Fingerprint Kit: Dust for fingerprints.


Picking up items

To pick up an item, choose the Tweezers, Tongs, or Grab action. Point at the object, and squeeze the right grip. Note: You can only pick up an item with the corresponding tool. 

When you are in pick-up mode, a container menu will be visible on the left gauntlet displaying five container types. (Generic, Small Box, Big Box, Single Bag, and Double Bag).

VR Left Containers.png

Tap the container icon to place the item in that container. Note: Items can only be place in the corresponding container type.

Tap the container icon to display a floating inventory grid. Tap the container icon again to remove the grid.

VR Inventory.png