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FARO Zone 2D






FARO® Knowledge Base

Release Notes for FARO Zone 2D



This article lists the Release Notes for each version of FARO Zone 2D Software to date. The current version release notes are displayed at the top of the article. Previous revisions are contained in expanding sections below.

Navigating this article:

  • Use the Table of Contents block in the upper right hand of this article to jump to a release.
  • You can expand a version section by clicking the + button
  • To search all versions, click the Expand All Versions button and then use the Ctrl+f search feature in your browser. Sections must be “expanded” to be searched.


FARO Zone 2D 2023.1 Release Notes - January 2023

What's New

  • New look and feel - new icons make features easy to find and identify.
  • Updated satellite map tools – Includes simplified tools for searching, tiling, and placing map images. Compare Google and Bing maps side-by-side.
  • New start page - The new start page allows you to easily scroll through recent projects and browse the latest articles.
  • Smart Roads – Improvements to Smart Roads and roundabouts.


  • Quick Bubble Label – text value changed when refreshed on first placement
  • Snaps – Ortho Snap not working consistently or on top of images
  • Distance Marker – round off error when starting at a corner

FARO Zone 2D 2022.8 Release Notes - August 2022


Eagle View

Eagle View - fz2D_2022_8_fig1.png  Previously called Pictometry can be found under Import on the Home ribbon.

For more information click - Eagle View


Workflows and cheat sheets are continually be added to the Zone Help system. Access a “cheat sheet” as a quick reminder of how to use a particular feature in the program. The cheat sheets will link to the manual and movie if available as well. Workflows could be as simple as using a feature like the color picker or pano images with point clouds to going from the scanner to Zone to deliverables. See attached workflows and check out the Workflow/Cheat Sheet section in Help.

Check out the complete set of workflows for Smart Roads! For more information click -  Workflows and Cheat Sheets



Other Updates

  • FZ3-9962    Print - Esc key to close Print form
  • FZ3-9961    Print - scrollable report fields
  • FZ3-9957    CDT - Grid Color Bug Fix.
  • FZ3-9922    CZD load issues - not matching PDFs
  • FZ3-9901    T intersection not working
  • FZ3-9443    Custom Symbols path - add to prefs
  • FZ3-9442    Forms Folder - add to prefs Japan request
  • FZ3-9869    Zone 2D Enterprise - Admin - need Save White Background checkbox for PNGs - Forsyth
  • FZ3-9802    CDT auto linework, connecting using descriptions
  • FZ3-9756    Multiselect Move - Put a limit on the potential snap points tested
  • FZ3-9729    Road Symbol - stacking
  • FZ3-9179    FZ Custom Signs - Categories for importing custom signs in drop down
  • FZ3-9812    Lake City FL PD - get Zone2D working with SmartCop
  • FZ3-9154    CDT - Auto detect GPS and pick correct format
  • FZ3-9734    Assets... Zone 2d symbol updates.
  • FZ3-9732    Assets... Updated model. Fixed entries for French signs in 2d.
  • FZ3-9742    Translations - update ResourcesUI and Process
  • FZ3-9721    Loggly - add Workflow Loggly

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-9836    Damage 2D - Form - Opening with wrong units in the combo box
  • FZ3-9810    EagleView - 2 issues
  • FZ3-9525    Print Form - Not clipping the scene area
  • FZ3-9831    Damage Form - Size of window is too big in standard resolution
  • FZ3-9808    FZ2 - Admin settings are not hidden behind the password
  • FZ3-9804    Remove Stiffness Metric Units from damage
  • FZ3-9720    Mag window - Clip Object breaks it in 2D mode
  • FZ3-9765    2D - Symbol Search Menu dropdown not working
  • FZ3-9764    Damage Form - Change Units not updating Stiffness and weight values
  • FZ3-9761    damage form, confirm units are correct.
  • FZ3-9725    Pictometry not working in FZ3/2
  • FZ3-9521    Provisional key testing

FARO Zone 2D 2022.6.0602 Release Notes - June 2022


Help Box

The Help ribbon icons have been removed and replaced with a Help Box that pops up when you click on the Help ribbon tab.

Picture Sign Maker

Use this feature to open an image as a sign. Previously you would place an existing sign and change its texture (image) or browse.

Search Bar (new look and location)

The Search bar has been moved it to the left side of the Quickbar. We also removed the FARO Assist icon. Click in the Search bar to go the manual, FARO Assist, or FAQ’s directly. Type in a key word into the Search bar to pull up links to information in both places.

Quick Ribbon Tab

A Quick menu has been added to the ribbon. This menu is great for creating a crash diagram without having to switch between too many menus. This menu was originally developed for the Virginia DMV. We are making it public and will modify and perfect with user input.

This movie was recorded to show the full functionality of the Quick menu. It’s a comprehensive video that shows the full workflow of a crash diagram. There’s something in here for everyone!


Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-9704    ASLite / CARSP updates FZ3-9670    Snap Grid
  • FZ3-9646    Testing - 45cm thickness going to 25cm
  • FZ3-9522    CDT - allow connected lines when axis is off - fix the offset issue
  • FZ3-9472    CDT - connect lines on selected points - hass offset issue
  • FZ3-9657    Help Form - add Feedback link, add tooltips to all links
  • FZ3-9645    FZ Multi-Picker UI Crash
  • FZ3-9627    FZ Damage UI - Units inconsistency
  • FZ3-9438    HUD cleanup - Tiled Image
  • FZ3-9436    FZ Documents - Don't Translate folder name
  • FZ3-9632    Snapping Issue - continuous line
  • FZ3-9630    User Folders - re-order re-name
  • FZ3-9629    Color Picker - AutoSizeMode set to no and reposition controls (web issues)
  • FZ3-9625    Color Picker - add alpha value to hex code
  • FZ3-9623    Color picker - remove wheel from 2D
  • FZ3-9624    Provider Key - initiated key check fix
  • FZ3-9560    File Reference not launching file
  • FZ3-9508    Make testing matrix for Provisional key scenarios
  • FZ3-9496    Translations - Vietnamese review / produce
  • FZ3-9493    Signs - Dropdown Options - Allow creating custom sign from image
  • FZ3-9488    Roads 3D - Roundabout - Rectangle Select Mid-Line not working
  • FZ3-9487    Google Map switching Map and Satellite resets center
  • FZ3-9482    FARO Assist - from search only launch the link, not as a parameter of FA
  • FZ3-9481    FARO Assist - search over multiple products inside Public Safety family
  • FZ3-9480    Licensing: 30 provisional key
  • FZ3-9471    Intersection - Corners appear black on corners
  • FZ3-9441    DUPLICATE - (UI – Text Box - Needs to work with Japanese Languages)
  • FZ3-9439    Thickness Properties - In mm "45 cm" option not giving the right value
  • FZ3-9428    Intersection - Context Menu - Throws error if corner is selected
  • FZ3-9421    CDT - select by Description not really working
  • FZ3-9417    Intersection - "Only" symbol not loading
  • FZ3-9415    Licensing - Sentinel hasp deploy missing vendor files
  • FZ3-9406    Tiled Images - Loading from a file server is problematic
  • FZ3-9315    Translations - French
  • FZ3-9302    Point - Draw Command - If Editing position without placing first and hit enter it goes to zero
  • FZ3-9153    Vehicle report - can't change icon
  • FZ3-9100    Folders - Allow Changing the Documents Folder

FARO Zone 2D 2022.3 Release Notes - March 2022


Color Picker Dropper

The color picker tool has been rebuilt for a better look, easier use and with added functionality.

  1. Old (classic) color picker simple dialog opens first for quick color picking.
  2. Old (classic) color picker expanded menu for defining custom colors. NOTE: Custom Colors were not saved in the “classic” color picker and are lost when the program is closed and re-opened.
  3. New color picker simple dialog. NOTE: Custom Colors are saved from drawing to drawing in the new color picker.
    1. Eye Dropper - dynamic color picker used to select any color on the screen.
    2. Click on “Advanced” to open the full color picker dialog.

New Color Picker Advanced Dialog

  1. Default color palette.
  2. Eye Dropper - dynamic color picker used to select any color on the screen.
  3. Custom colors (saved between drawings). Right click on a custom color to remove it from the palette.
  4. Color Preview and “Save Color” to Custom Colors palette.
  5. Set RGB; enter in number boxes or use sliders.
  6. Alpha channel (transparency) value. All the way to the right (255), opaque.
  7. Brightness channel.
  8. Hex color code of the current R,G,B values.

Using the Eye Dropper to select and change the color of a selected vehicle from a photo imported into Zone.

First select the vehicle and then open the Color Picker dialog from the properties panel.

  1. Click on the Eye Dropper
  2. Hover over anything on the Zone screen. As you hover over the photo the color of the vehicle will dynamically change to match whatever color pixel the cursor is over. Click your mouse button to select the desired color.
  3. The color of the vehicle will be set to the color clicked on and shown in the color preview of the color picker dialog. This color can be saved.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Added - Color Picker Dynamic Color Dropper Tool
  • Google map fail – fixed in hot patches
  • CDT merge fix – combo box for second CDT data missing


  • FZ3-9218 Road Mark Symbols > and HUD label change
  • FZ3-9229 Roads - Arrow Symbol Marking not working
  • FZ3-9277 Google Map offscreen warning when form Maximized
  • FZ3-9337 Polyline - Draw - Snap to start not working
  • FZ3-9409 Point Cloud 2D Ortho image generation issues
  • FZ3-9313 FARO Zone – Hot Fix 02/17/22 Google Maps
  • FZ3-9079 circles- no UI option to turn off fill??
  • FZ3-9178 Z2g: Export Point Cloud and measurement options like scene
  • FZ3-9233 Google Maps - place Tiles - CDT alignment message - ask once per
  • FZ3-9237 Weblink - UI - Angle Values Dead
  • FZ3-9286 First Run - Color Theme
  • FZ3-9354 Damage Form Fixes
  • FZ3-8978 Roadway - Combo Box Icon Issues
  • FZ3-9051 Snaps - in 2D mode Entity snap does not pick up elevation
  • FZ3-9063 Model - Add option to Lock Scale
  • FZ3-9076 Ribbon - Units Drop Down - Hover Text says the wrong thing
  • FZ3-9134 Z2g: Support Evidence Marker attachment and Bubble Picture
  • FZ3-9155 Help Manuals - point to needed languages on web pages 2D
  • FZ3-9158 Web Link bubble is bigger in 2D view
  • FZ3-9180 FZ Vehicles search option, easier to find vehicles with doors enabled
  • FZ3-9200 Color Picker - 4K - Label issue
  • FZ3-9217 Road r-click menu - Clear all and remove selected symbol and add a separator
  • FZ3-9287 File Reference - Circle Mode not working in 2D
  • FZ3-9301 CDT point merge with Clip Tiny off doesn't work - NHTSA
  • FZ3-9303 Color picker - polyline would fill if outline color picked
  • FZ3-9346 Remove DotNetBrowser replace with WebView2 - Media Viewer
  • FZ3-9363 Convert .czs to .fas - add to prefs/admin convert
  • FZ3-9382 Symbol HUD - toolbar color button doesn't eyedropper
  • FZ3-9167 Color picker - update object color on the fly
  • FZ3-9242 Intersection - UI - Rename "Line Paint Color" to "Global Line Color"
  • FZ3-9282 Copyrights to 2022

FARO Zone 2D 2022.2.0223 Release Notes – Feb 2022


[Hot Patch] – Microsoft Edge WebView2 component.

FARO Zone 2D 2022.2.0218 Release Notes – Feb 2022


[Hot Patch] – Google Map (Satellite Image) tool fix.

  • Work Around – Switch to Bing Maps
  • Solution – Implemented a new web browser control. This control is the latest web browser control from Microsoft. Users will have to install this latest update.

FARO Zone 2D 2022.1 Release Notes – Jan 2022


Bi-Fold Door Option

Two new bi-fold door options have been added to the “Door Type” drop down menu.

NOTE: You can place a door on any line or Wall Structure. If you place a door or window on an ordinary line, the line will be converted to a Wall Structure object.

The Structure tools (1) are on the Power Tools ribbon.
Draw a wall from the Structure tools (2).
Place a Door (3) or Window (4) on the Wall.

Once the door is placed and selected open the “Door Type” pulldown menu and pick the “Bi- Fold” (2) or “Double Bi-Fold” (3) door type.
FZ2D_2022.1_Fig2a.jpg  FZ2D_2022.1_Fig2b.jpg

Polygon Tool – Set Number of Sides

The Numbered Sides Polygon tool has two options: Draw from a “side” or from the “center”.
Each option lets create a regular polygon based on the number of sides entered.

(1) On the Draw/Edit menu pick the polygon tool from the Rectangles menu.
(2) Polygon drawn from a side.
(3) Polygon drawn from the center.

NOTE: Once created, the polygon is converted to a continuous line and is no longer a “regular polygon” object.


(1) Drawn on side.
(2) Drawn from center.

While drawing the polygon you can set, number of sides, radius, side length, yaw, fill, and outline colors.

Once a polygon is placed you can convert it to a polyline. Once it’s a polyline it can be modified at every node point.


Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8942    Bifold Doors - 2D / GDI
  • FZ3-8940    FZ2 - Signs - Custom signs don't remember the new custom texture FZ3-8938    DWG issue - Benoit
  • FZ3-8910    Grouped Filled Rectangles can't toggle fill color off FZ3-8906    Thumbnail Save error file sharing violation
  • FZ3-8905    CDT - Incorrect snap point issue FZ3-8903    Print - Geometry draw issue
  • FZ3-8854    Zone - not saving turn lane value
  • FZ3-8848    Guardrail (2 of them) only show posts with Arc tool
  • FZ3-8847    Guardrail (all 3 of them) with Arc. First click with snaps on goes to random place. FZ3-8846    HUD combo lists - Font list broken because no images.
  • FZ3-8845    FZ2 - Add Share with Support to Help/Logs menu
  • FZ3-8844    match up prefs clipping with diagnostics settings - clip objects, clip tiny FZ3-8843    Clip Tiny objects - default off
  • FZ3-8834    Dimension Label - Setup
  • FZ3-8826    Bubble label HUD - add auto increment, and + - buttons, and keyboard +,- FZ3-8825    Make all bubble label tools place bubble first then arrow
  • FZ3-8821    FZ2 - Dimension angle
  • FZ3-8790    Roadway and Arc-road missing road markings icons FZ3-8769    ScanPlan: USB cable connection issue
  • FZ3-8690    Arc click the Esc creates a flat arc
  • FZ3-8689    Grouped Filled Rectangles can't change fill color FZ3-8686    Language Support - Vietnamese
  • FZ3-8604    Angle Tool - UI - Add value main panel
  • FZ3-8603    Dimension Line / Angle- UI - Add length / angle to HUD FZ3-8570    Bubble Label - UI - Clean Up
  • FZ3-7200    Guardrail - Double Post Issue

FARO Zone 2D 2021.10 Release Notes – Oct 2021


Performance Tools

The Performance Diagnostic tool helps to identify the problem areas in the project that could be slowing down overall performance and causing lag when navigating, snapping to, and moving objects.

This diagnostics tool is an ongoing effort to improve the overall performance of the program. This system is designed to help your and FARO Support to get the best performance out of Zone.

Tip – make sure your video drivers are up to date.

Open the diagnostics tool from the Performance settings under Preferences.


  1. Start Diagnostics – scans and does a speed analysis of the drawing. By default, all of the performance options are ON. The option to turn OFF is there in case there is a conflict with a particular project and the performance tool.
    TIP – always keep the performance options ON unless there’s an issue with the project. You can experiment by turning all of the performance options OFF and then turn them on individually.
  2. Performance Boost – Check the “Performance Boost” box to improve overall performance in the project. This will improve your fps (frames per second rate).
  3. Use Object Clipping -
    • • Objects off screen and too small to display are removed from the Render Object List.tu
    • • Key objects such as Point Clouds, Animations, CDTs are cached for quick access eliminating many complete data base searches per render and mouse events.
    • • Best performance boost in drawings with high object counts.
    • • 3-5X improvement in fps (Frames Per Second) rendering.
    • • Much less mouse movement lag.
  4. Hide Shadows (Global) – turns shadowing off for all objects in the project. Shadows can cause a strain on performance.
    TIP – turn off shadows when editing the project and then turn ON when the project is finalized and you’re creating animations and reports.
  5. Cache Objects – caching will store objects to be used later when rendering; greatly improving performance.
  6. Advanced Diagnostics – for a deeper dive by the development team.

Performance Tool Dashboard


  1. This section is a dashboard for overall performance.
  2. List of layers in the project in order of slowest first.
  3. List of objects in each layer. Open by clicking on expand arrow next to the layer.
  4. Turn layers on and off to test for performance changes.

CDT GPS Import and Auto Align to a Google Map

Import GPS data into the CDT (Coordinate Data Table) tool and place in the diagram. Open Google Maps and click on “Align to GPS”. This will auto place the Google Map relative to the GPS data.

  1. Open GPS data in CDT and select the correct GPS format from the CDT list.
  2. Place the GPS data into the diagram.
  3. Open Google Maps and click on “Align to GPS”.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8782 Print UI – GDI Pen constructor issue (Root cause: Windows update)

FARO Zone 2D 2021.7.0723 Release Notes – July 2021


Road Tools – Sidewalks

The Road Tools have option to include a sidewalk on the outer perimeter of the roadway line, arc, and intersections. Sidewalk settings allow for width, color, texture, and thickness.

CDT (Coordinate Data Table) DXF Import

Import a DXF file into the CDT (Coordinate Data Table) to separate out all labels and geometry onto their own separate layers. This allows for point numbers, descriptions, and line work to be turned on/off and labels text size globally editable.

From the “hamburger” menu on the CDT pick “Import DWG/DXF Points”. This will bring up the file open
dialog for DXF and DWG files.

Once loaded you can use the CDT tools to make the same adjustments as you would with any other imported point data.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8393    Vehicle database- overhang do not display if calculated. FZ3-8331    Grid - Actual Snap point is offset
  • FZ3-8320    Angle Tool 2D - remove Vertical / horizontal types
  • FZ3-8314    Signs 2D - custom image only refresh after moving. Shape selection missing (no) FZ3-8312    Vehicle Data - Front overhang issues
  • FZ3-8309    2D symbols - review spellings
  • FZ3-8305    Symbol - Convert to Dashed - Doesn't work after damage FZ3-8294    Runtime Symbols for Vehicle Specs in 2D are Paint Color FZ3-8176    Road - Snapping
  • FZ3-8290    Symbol - UI - Use Symbol Color - Investigate purpose and / or remove if necessary FZ3-7924    Grid - UI - Snap Grid doesn't refresh the show grid checkbox

FARO Zone 2D 2021.6.0625 Release Notes – June 2021


Start Page – Release Notes (What’s New)

An overview of the latest release notes has been added to the Start Page.

  1. Click here to get the latest release (if available).
  2. Close the release notes, giving more space for project thumbnails.
  3. Click here to see the full set of release notes.
  4. Clicking on the Release Notes icon will open the Knowledge Base page to the latest release notes if the “What’s New” dialog is showing. If the “What’s New” dialog has been turned OFF then clicking on the “Release Notes” icon will bring it back.

Print Dialog Rotate

A diagram can be rotated inside the print dialog tool before printing. You have the option to do a quick rotation in 90° increments or entering a specific value.

NOTE: This will not change the actual rotation of the drawing in Zone.

Area/Polygon Tool with Add Walls Option

A new polygon tool using the Measure Area tool functionality was added with the ability to convert the perimeter to our Wall Structure.

  1. Select the Area/Polygon tool from the rectangle tools menu.
  2. Draw the area.
  3. Click on “Add Walls”

Zone2go Updates

Simple Annotation - Add annotations to the Zone 2go project (For example, look for “Fountain” in the Zone 2go browser).


Object fills can be converted to textures.

  1. Click on “Object Fill”
  2. Turn “Texture” ON

Road Intersection Median Texture

Change the Intersection Median’s color or texture.

Road Tool Median and Texture

Add a median to the Road Tool and change the Median’s color or texture.

Dimension Text Override

  1. Open the “Text” options in the Dimension Line panel.
  2. Turn the “Override Text” switch ON.
  3. Type in the new dimension text.

Updates and Bug Fixes


  • FZ3-8211 FZ2 - Dimension Override - Checkbox Text control create for Dim Line HUD
  • FZ3-8208 FZ2 review symbols - Hillsborough
  • FZ3-8050 CDT - default Axis off. Add CDT Axis button CDT toolbar
  • FZ3-8153 Signs - Add sizing grips to 2D
  • FZ3-8152 Signs - Add aspect lock
  • FZ3-8142 Symbol - Add ability to set paint color
  • FZ3-8117 Scrollbars added to FZ2
  • FZ3-8116 FARO Logo Branding - Quickbar logo
  • FZ3-8114 ScanPlan: Wall thickness and Room name support
  • FZ3-8107 Area command - copy to Draw menu - option in HUD to generate walls (Scanplan)
  • FZ3-8048 AutoStats and Canadian Vehicle Specs Update


  • FZ3-8218 CZD multiple island fills
  • FZ3-8201 CZD Dimension auto detect flip
  • FZ3-8194 FZ2 - CZD Island Fills - FAP symbol
  • FZ3-8191 FZ2 - Dimension Overwrite - Creech AFB
  • FZ3-8212 Mark Partain Google Map tiling issues
  • FZ3-8200 Layer Mgr - cannot delete a Sublayers and all its objects
  • FZ3-8192 NTSA - Greyscale symbols issue
  • FZ3-8187 Arc Road - meter conversion issues
  • FZ3-8169 Layer Manager - Selecting Item Issue
  • FZ3-8160 Roads - Arc - Can't change the line type
  • FZ3-8136 Dim1 - Don't trigger Value Changed when number is updated from grips
  • FZ3-8125 Scrollbars - 4K size different than 2K size (width of bar).
  • FZ3-8124 Area Wall - edit area effects wall - they should be separate
  • FZ3-8119 Scrollbars - Resize ribbon after scrollbars added/removed
  • FZ3-8118 Scrollbars - recalc scale based on canvas extents
  • FZ3-8046 CDT - X and Z Codes connection in CDT
  • FZ3-8035 Roads - FZ2 - Road Arc - Dash space not working

FARO Zone 2D 2021.4.0503 Release Notes – May 2021



The new Zone2go Logo:

Please note Zone 2go Viewer uses this logo to cover the hole under the 3D Scanner. If the drawing does not have SCENE Point Cloud, Zone 2go won’t show the logo since there is nothing to cover.

.FML file format

What is FML?

It’s a file containing geometric objects that can be imported into Floorplanner is a lightweight online room designer for the real estate and home decorating market. This is an ideal platform for the ScanPlan and FARO Zone data.

NOTE: you can try out Floorplanner at


There’s opportunity in real estate to use ScanPlan and Zone. Import ScanPlan projects into FZ2, clean up, add geometry (lines, walls, and areas). Export the finished drawing to the .fml format.


Both Zone 2D/3D products can now export to .fml thru the file menu> Save/Export options. Exported objects include -

  • Area object with label
  • Lines, Polylines
  • Poly Curves
  • Rectangles
  • Arcs
  • Wall structures

NOTE: Wall height is applied to all non-Area objects in Floorplanner.

Workflow -

  1. Scan area with ScanPlan
  2. While scanning, use Room Planner to add rooms for FML export
    FZ3_2021.4_fig10.jpg FZ3_2021.4_fig11.jpg
    Screen 1 Screen 2


  3. Import into FARO Zone
  4. Export FML file
  5. Go to and select the FML file to create a project

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7960 Z2go: Bring back "SCENE 2go" Logo, replace it with "Zone 2go"
  • FZ3-7956 Layer Mgr - Show all was not showing sublayers ON in UI
  • FZ3-7955 Layer Mgr - Undo refreshes layer list
  • FZ3-7951 Intersection UI range check
  • FZ3-7910 NHTSA - Damage Fix
  • FZ3-7896 UI - Scaling DPI up to max and UI scale to extra-large causes issues with UI over detection
  • FZ3-7891 ScanPlan v1.4: Optimized vs. non-optimized lines
  • FZ3-7874 ScanPlan v1.4: LINE_VIEW format update
  • FZ3-7872 Plaque 704 - _data3D null in pick
  • FZ3-7870 Layer Report - Name not grabbed properly
  • FZ3-7865 Z2g: "Start SCENE 2go on Windows.bat" replace SCENE 2go with Zone 2go
  • FZ3-7864 Dimension Line: Outside Arrows dim line issue
  • FZ3-7860 Group Text with punctuation Copy/Paste issues 11' 9"
  • FZ3-7853 RR-FZ2D is giving an "unhandled exception" when I use TR or XT on a line that has a RR line type
  • FZ3-7847 Add name field to Area
  • FZ3-7833 CDT - Hidden Points - clear selected points if hidden - do on CDT close
  • FZ3-7824 ScanPlan: upgrade firmware and test new ScanPlan items
  • FZ3-7815 Hidden CDT Points still reflected in ZA extents (3d/2d/print)
  • FZ3-7814 Layer Mgr - has objects bitmap (circle) - change to small blue and red arrows
  • FZ3-7813 Layer Mgr - Select and delete (garbage can) an object will ask to delete the next object
  • FZ3-7765 Signs - 2D mode Text draw
  • FZ3-7761 VS CDT display issue - 2nd time in Show CDT comes up blank
  • FZ3-7750 Damage - Rename "offset" to "Free Space"
  • FZ3-7737 Z2g: Overview map scale off for some project
  • FZ3-7687 Ribbon - Close in mode toggle defaults to on (even though it starts off)
  • FZ3-7606 FARO Licensing UX - .NET 5.0
  • FZ3-7559 FAR - French Save / Load - From Tech support
  • FZ3-7555 Layer Report - Add parent name to the sub-layer pages
  • FZ3-7554 Layer Report - Show Parent Layer with sub-layer data
  • FZ3-5341 Symbol Color - Fill Oddity

FARO Zone 2D 2021.3.0325 Release Notes – March 2021


Dirt Road Edge Feature

Covert a Road Tool straight and arc type to a dirt road. Use the Dirt Road Edge line type to convert any line type to a “rough” road edge.

Watch the video >>>

  • Street Tool – Straight
  • Street Tool – Arc
  • Line Type – Properties

Use the road tools to create straight or arc roadway sections.

FZ2d_2021_3-Fig1.png (1) Road Tool Straight
(2) Road Tool Arc

Convert the selected straight or arc road section to a dirt road.


Select the road section and turn fill OFF.

Convert any line geometry to the dirt road edge line type.

FAQ – link to Zone 2D and 3D frequently asked questions


Click in the Search bar to open the pull-down menu.

Click on FAQ to open the Zone FAQ section in FARO’s Knowledge Base.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7786    CDT refactoring
  • FZ3-7695    CDT point visibility checkbox
  • FZ3-7774    Polyline - Convert to Dirt Edge - Not working FZ3-7772    Wall Geometry - Section - Null Error
  • FZ3-7771    Images - Geometry 2D - Error in Dispose FZ3-7766    FAR - Issue creating preview
  • FZ3-7747    Z2g: A duplicate File Reference created FZ3-7731    Layer Manager - Show All, Hide All
  • FZ3-7723    SCENE Tiff Icon, all references to be "Ortho-Photo" FZ3-7716    CZD crashes on load - from Support (Chimney.CZD) FZ3-7693    Vehicle database - checkbox instead of radio
  • FZ3-7683    Replace Tiff cause original image to delete
  • FZ3-7669    Manual button on ribbon does not use media viewer
  • FZ3-7668    Media Viewer (dotnetbrowser): Add Copy URL link to viewer (upper right) FARO Assist Help
  • FZ3-7666    Crosswalk - Can't change to color black
  • FZ3-7597    CDT - Allow making points invisible - make sure points stay invisible in PDF FZ3-7590    new Zone Icons - Logos
  • FZ3-7581    FARO Zone 2D Release Pipelines InTouch
  • FZ3-7573    FZ2 Load Drawing shouldn't change filename/path when Admin command line checkbox checked
  • FZ3-7547    Google Map - Placing a map should turn the layer back on FZ3-7534    Dimension Angle - Allow setting custom arrow size
  • FZ3-7509    Intersection - 2D - road is being filled on Zone2go Export FZ3-7504    Dimension line should retain its own properties
  • FZ3-7233    Virtual Survey - Point size while drawing doesn't work


FARO Zone 2D 2021.2.0301 Release Notes – March 2021


  • 2021.2 Is a refactoring and bug fix release (no “new” features)

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-6864 - Layer Mgr - Move objects to another layer not Undoable
  • FZ3-7082 - Image Scale - drag extend grip whacks out
  • FZ3-7361 - Misc. UI Refactoring HUDs and tools
  • FZ3-7491 - Optimization for loading large imported ScanPlan images
  • FZ3-7510 - Road show surface toggle not being save
  • FZ3-7489 - 2D Vehicles, add Square Generic Solid and Dashed for PHX
  • FZ3-7514 - Start Page Translations
  • FZ3-7607 - Update FARO Academy link – goes to
  • FZ3-7634 - Preferences (F5) - crash if backup path doesn't exist
  • FZ3-7585 - Circle - 2D - Fill option
  • FZ3-7592 - 2D Help Ribbon - update like 3D
  • FZ3-7233 - Virtual Survey – can’t change point size while in virtual survey
  • FZ3-7573 - Pembroke PD – file name lock Admin setting
  • FZ3-7594 - Mag window open, very slow with tiff image



FARO Zone 2D 2021.1.0127 Release Notes – January 2021


  • Help/Search System
    • Search bar is dual purpose to find help in FARO Assist and the online Help manual.
    • The search bar replaces the FARO Assist and Help (?) buttons.
    • Clicking in the Search Bar without entering a key word will bring up the links to FARO Assist the Help Manual.
    • If a key word is entered the FARO Assist links will be populated in the list. If you click on the Help Manual link the keyword will be thrown into the Help Manual search automatically.

  • 2D Symbols Dashed Outline Feature
    • Option to convert lines in a 2D symbol solid to dashed.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7473 2D Automobiles - toggle solid / dash lines
  • FZ3-7472 Symbols - Add Dashed line mode
  • FZ3-7471 Layer Mgr - missing model instead of bad extents
  • FZ3-7344 Layer - Delete object asks twice if you want to delete it from garbage can
  • FZ3-7379 Layer Mgr - turn on sublayer should force hidden parent layer on
  • FZ3-7374 Layer Report - Zoom Full each layer page
  • FZ3-7278 Layer Report - Add progress bar
  • FZ3-7469 Damage Form - Reverse Checkbox - Move over to CDT Properties and rename to "Reverse Point Order"
  • FZ3-7465 North Arrows - put NorthArrow7 back into library
  • FZ3-7450 Snaps - Grid snap not working properly
  • FZ3-7415 Ribbon - Search Bar - Add default items (Help Manual and FARO Assist)
  • FZ3-7405 Help Manual with Search - type "point" in FARO Assist search bar
  • FZ3-7412 Hang up - change snap grid to point ( . ) value ex. .5 ft
  • FZ3-7400 Dimension Angle: add Custom Text option (see Dimension Line)
  • FZ3-7399 Error Logs - Not saving to the documents folder
  • FZ3-7390 Rectangle - 2D - Remove champers edge in 2D
  • FZ3-7389 Rectangle - Grips in 2D should be in the middle of border like 3D
  • FZ3-7380 GPS ref marker when selected doesn't have HUD - use GPS ScanPlan as example
  • FZ3-7360 Forms Position and Size
  • FZ3-7357 CDT - format x,y,z but labels change to easting, northing, elev
  • FZ3-7351 Add Left/Right lane does not take on the line color - seems to be white always
  • FZ3-7333 Text Label - Leader thickness when flat doesn't work
  • FZ3-7307 Sign Maker - Drawn Symbol - Saved thumbnail is low quality

FARO Zone 2D 2021.0.1209 Release Notes – December 2020


Welcome to the latest and greatest release of FARO Zone 2D. Moving forward the Help Manual will be updated with new release features soon after they’re released. Find the Help Manual on the Quick Bar “?” or on the Help ribbon.

Latest Features

fz2d_2021.0_fig2.png fz2d_2021.0_fig3.png

Zone2go allows the user to export and share FZ projects to the storage media of your choice. The Zoone2go viewer is portable and does not require an Internet connection.

The Zone2go viewer and FZ projects are meant to be saved on a USB stick or other storage device and used on a Windows or MacOS device. You can also export to a folder and then copy the folder to a Windows or MacOS tablet or burn on a DVD.

The Zone2go Viewer will Capture and Display:

  • Works with or without SCENE Point Cloud
  • Automatically generates an intuitive Overview Map
  • Panoramic Views are generated for each scan position
  • All FARO Zone diagram geometry and annotations will be displayed
  • 3D View for each scan for best understanding of spatial details
  • Measurements in SCENE point cloud Panoramic View and 3D View
  • No installation required. You can launch the Viewer directly from the USB stick

Basic Workflow

  • Open/Create FZ3 project (with or without SCENE Point Cloud)
  • Add Witness feature in the drawing (optional)
  • Add annotations/File References (optional)

You can add the following Zone 2go annotations:

  • Images
  • Animations (using File reference)
  • Report (.pdf)
  • 360 Image
  • 360 animation (using File reference)
  • Dimension, Label and other FZ items
  • Hyperlink (using File reference)

How to use:

Click on Zone2go Launchpad

What makes a Zone2go project? Here are the basics:

  • With no annotations or pano views you will only generate a top down overview map of your scene.
  • With no annotations or pano views, but you have a SCENE point cloud project, you will create an overview map and be able to view the point cloud from each scan position.
  • To create a project that will let you view points of interest you will need to use the Total View tool to setup a 360 pano view at each position.
  • You can also setup point of interest locations from the Zone2go launch pad by navigation to the desired position and clicking on the camera icon.
  • You can use the Witness tool, placed at a point of interest, and that will automatically create a pano view that will appear in the Zone2go launch pad.
  • All snapshots, Witness Views, and Total View snapshots are automatically converted to panoramic images when you export the project from Zone2go.

Let’s Step Through It

All snapshots and referenced files will be displayed on the Zone2go launch pad. This will include everything you already added to your diagram. All snapshots, Witness Views, and Total View snapshots are automatically converted to panoramic images when you export the project from Zone2go.

Once in the Zone2go launch pad you can continue to add file references and 360 degreee panoramic images.

  1. Add a file reference.
  2. Add a panoramic snapshot. Move to the position you want a new snapshot before clicking.
  3. Exporet your Zone2go project.
  4. Select Zone2go export folder.
  5. A confirmation dialog box shows up after Zone 2go project is successfully exported
  6. Click on “Launch Zone 2go” button to launch the Zone 2go Viewer, or “Open Export Folder” to open the Export folder.

Layer Report Tool

Use the Layer Report to create a PDF document that includes the overall diagram on the first page and then puts each layer and sub-layer on their own page. This is very useful especially with ScanPlan data. In this example the ScanPlan layers are on separate pages. All file links such as the panoramic photos in this case are listed on pages as well.

Layer Manager and Pages in Report

Line Work and File References

fz2d_2021.0_fig10.png fz2d_2021.0_fig11.png

Vehicle Database – Expert AutoStats

We’ve added an option for Expert AutoStats data in the Vehicle Database tool. This is provided by our good friends at

  1. Open the Vehicle Specs database tool.
  2. Choose between the CVS (Canadian Vehicle Specs) or AutoStats database.
  3. If there is data missing such as “overhang” the model row will be highlighted orange.
  4. Not enough data to calculate front and rear overhang data. When this occurs the outline of the vehicle will not include the wheel positions. Try the other database and compare.

(1) 2D top down contoured outline display

(2) Outline pull down options

Road Tools

Updates to the Road Tools.

  • Easier road arm and individual lane selection
  • Improved properties panel interface
  • Median Length Option

(1) Add Median
(2) Median Length grip
(3) Median Position grip

  • Turn Lane Grips
  • Create Tangent Arc Road

(1) Select road arm, click to add a tangent road arc
(2) Road arc settings

  • Arc road lane data in HUD
  • Convert line or arc to road
    fz2d_2021.0_fig20.png  fz2d_2021.0_fig21.png
  • Road Markings built into road system

(1) Pull down list of road markings – you can place multiple markings on the same lane by placing one, deselecting the lane, reselecting, and placing another mark.
(2) Mark settings. The markers can also be moved and rotated with the selection grips.

  • Road tool (Fill Mode On/OFF) – turn the road fill on or off. Change the global color of all the lines.

Vector Signs

Option to create and save vector (true geometry) as a sign accessible from the Signs tool.

  • Draw your sign design using any of the program geometry; lines, arcs, curves, circles, fills, etc…
  • Select it
  • Click on “Create Sign” in the multi-select properties panel.

Saving the New Vector Sign to Custom Signs

  1. Select the newly created sign.
  2. Click on Save
  3. Give the new Sign a name.
  4. Open the Custom Signs menu


Rounded Rectangles

Round of the corners of a rectangle simply by drawing or selecting a rectangle and turning the “Rounded” option ON. Adjust the rounded corner by changing the radius value.

Parking Lot Lines

Convert a line into a modifiable parking lot stall line type. You can set all the stall dimensions and whether stalls are displayed on both sides of the center line. Extend the line to add more stalls.



FARO Zone 2D 2020 and Earlier Release Notes

Refer to the link below for FARO Zone 2D version history information.

Version History