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FARO Zone 3D







FARO® Knowledge Base

Release Notes for FARO Zone 3D



This article lists the Release Notes for each version of FARO Zone 3D Software to date. The current version release notes are displayed at the top of the article. Previous revisions are contained in expanding sections below.

Navigating this article:

  • Use the Table of Contents block in the upper right hand of this article to jump to a release.
  • You can expand a version section by clicking the + button
  • To search all versions, click the Expand All Versions button and then use the Ctrl+f search feature in your browser. Sections must be “expanded” to be searched.


FARO Zone 3D 2023.1 Release Notes - January 2023


  • AXON Upload/Download (Experimental)
  • A.I. Vehicle Detect and Clean-Up (Experimental)
  • Blood Spatter (Automatically move cast off plane to edge of the convergence point)
  • UI Themes (Support custom colors like the good old days)
  • Scale bar (Offer 'auto' mode to change with Unit settings)
  • Vehicle Specs Database (New make/model/year Search feature)
  • EDR (Steering input wheelbase entry)

Bug Fixes

  • 3D poly-curve elevated offset issue
  • Dim Tool HUD - Facing 3D should say Camera Facing
  • Dimension Line - UI - Can't manually type into the Dim Length 3D Field
  • Dimension Line - Set Arrow Size - Not auto-sizing arrows when off
  • Grid emissive color issue
  • EDR option should be available in "Legacy" license mode
  • San Bernardino Sheriff vehicle models with logos - finished
  • Model - Left Panel - Width and Length are reversed
  • Object PBR material not showing in print
  • Rectangle and Numbered Polygon objects color not matching print PBR base color
  • CDT HUD - Normalize Pts form
  • Auto detect objects that are far away from origin - try 100,000 ft away from origin
  • Grouped Symbols, Explode Symbol - lose the Fill Color
  • Trajectory Report not isolating each trajectory
  • Label - UI - Swap Text color and fill color buttons
  • DLC (downloadable content) update work
  • Multi-Select - Lines - Not updating when you change thickness through the buttons
  • Keyboard - Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V not working
  • Signs - Fix referenced file paths
  • Signs - Find Missing Files load issue
  • Blood Spatter - Edit Droplets Form - Allow tabbing between controls
  • EDR animation path snap issue
  • EDR Steering input UI update
  • EDR: Yaw Rate issue
  • PC Crash import end KEP "crazy" spin
  • Help manual link-include language code for German, French, Spanish-default English
  • Help form doesn't translate any of the text


FARO Zone 3D 2023 Release Notes - November 2022

FARO Zone 3D 2023 Editions

FARO Zone 3D is available in the following editions:

FARO Zone 3D Pro (Replaces FARO Zone 3D)

FARO Zone 3D Pro features an array of drawing tools, and all the point cloud tools necessary to perform a field-to-finish workflow that allows you to seamlessly go from scans to a completed drawing. This edition includes:

  • All features included in FARO Zone 2D
  • Support for importing most types of point clouds
  • A full lineup of point cloud tools
  • Support for importing panoramic images along with point clouds (from FARO scanners)
  • Virtual surveys
  • Vehicle Specs Database and Slope Calculator
  • Evidence placards
  • Animation tools for creating fly-thru (or walk-thru) videos from your drawing

FARO Zone 3D Expert (Replaces FARO Zone 3D Advanced)

Includes all the features in FARO Zone 3D Pro, and high-end crash and crime reconstruction tools. This edition includes:

  • FotoPoints, a photogrammetry tool that allows you to convert photos, from any source (cell phone, DSLR, drone, etc.) to point clouds
  • Point cloud lighting and shading adjustments for realistic-looking point clouds
  • Create Point Cloud models
  • One-Step Registration tool that allows you to search SD cards and other media for .fls files (raw FARO laser scan files) from within the application
  • HDR (High-Dynamic Range) Lighting provides ultra-realistic scene lighting
  • PBR water and grass options allow you to include authentic ground effects in your drawings
  • Crash and crime reconstruction tools, including skid analysis, crush, momentum, bloodstain pattern analysis (impact and cast-off), shooting trajectory, security, and import of Event Data Recorder (EDR) data
  • Support for VR devices

FARO Zone 3D 2022.9.0906 (Patch) Release Notes - September 2022

Main items fixed in this patch:

  • Crush Tool – would not load after being saved.
  • European Signs - main icons not displaying.
  • CDT - text doesn't move with grip when switching from 3d to 2d

Patch Updates and Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-10074    FZ3 - Crush Calculator issue
  • FZ3-10069    Layer - test other object creation for layer issues - Tiled Image and CDT had issues
  • FZ3-10060    FZ2D Agency builds x4
  • FZ3-10055    Tiled Image - Why isn't the original image removed after tiles created
  • FZ3-10050    FZ2D - Sign - Europe Signs missing
  • FZ3-10043    CDT text doesn't move with grip when switching from 3d to 2d.
  • FZ3-10036    fz2 pick2d geometry null on mouse move after deleting CDT
  • FZ3-10018    Symbol Parts PBR Color editing needs some tweaking
  • FZ3-10011    Test UI in 4K
  • FZ3-10009    Rework Video Record dialog - checkboxes for Save Mp4 / Save Frames
  • FZ3-10007    FZ PC1step make selected grip more obvious
  • FZ3-9983    Symbol Damage - CDT - Form messed up
  • FZ3-9980    FZ 1step warning when closing form that cancels progress
  • FZ3-9978    FZ PC 1Step - allow option for colorized view during verification/visual registration step
  • FZ3-9977    FZ PC One Step, make work with optional (m) units
  • FZ3-9966    360 Pano video recording, cancel doesn't work
  • FZ3-9684    Investigate Particle Explosion exception

FARO Zone 3D 2022.8.0818 Release Notes - August 2022


Pano Views and Point Clouds

Panoramic images created with your FARO point cloud lsproj can be displayed in Zone with and without the point cloud displayed. The new depth map option will display real CAD objects in front or behind various parts of the pano image. This works even if the point cloud isn’t displayed.

For more information click -  Pano + Point Cloud

One Step Registration

Zone’s point cloud registration tool functionality and interface have been updated. It’s a major part of the core workflow we’re promoting to remove SCENE from the equation when going from field-2-finish.

For more information click -  One Step Registration


Workflows and cheat sheets are continually be added to the Zone Help system. Access a “cheat sheet” as a quick reminder of how to use a particular feature in the program. The cheat sheets will link to the manual and movie if available as well. Workflows could be as simple as using a feature like the color picker or pano images with point clouds to going from the scanner to Zone to deliverables. See attached workflows and check out the Workflow/Cheat Sheet section in Help.

For more information click -  Workflows and Cheat Sheets

Facing Camera

Text and Images have an option on their properties panel to set them to, Facing Camera. This makes the text or image always face the camera regardless of the angle. This is a great feature to use when creating Total View fly-thru. You can set it so certain text (labels) and photos are facing you (the camera) as you fly through the project.

Eagle View

Eagle View -    Previously called Pictometry can be found under Import on the Home ribbon.

For more information click - Eagle View

Other Updates

  • FZ3-9962    Print - Esc key to close Print form
  • FZ3-9961    Print - scrollable report fields
  • FZ3-9959    Focus Scanner model: replace orange tripod with graphite tripod
  • FZ3-9957    CDT - Grid Color Bug Fix.
  • FZ3-9952    Double-click to switch pano view
  • FZ3-9922    CZD load issues - not matching PDFs
  • FZ3-9910    Scalebar Tab: Adding/Removing End Points issues
  • FZ3-9908    Scalebar Apply Error checking
  • FZ3-9833    Animation Camera / Optimization - Attached to Model - Need to make sure model doesn't get clipped when in preview
  • FZ3-9807    Image - 3D Facing Text
  • FZ3-9806    Label - 3D Facing Text
  • FZ3-9643    Blood Spatter - 2D Align Start - Showing tool bar initially and shouldn't
  • FZ3-9921    Place Model doesn't show until click - Clipping/cached extents related
  • FZ3-9916    FZ PC - One Step. Add rotation grip for visual reg
  • FZ3-9915    FZ PC - One Step. UI too large for 1080p
  • FZ3-9914    FZ PC- One Step.  RnD apply Cloud To Cloud after Manual
  • FZ3-9907    PhotoCore library support PNG?
  • FZ3-9905    Tiled Image Performance When Selecting and Deselecting
  • FZ3-9901    FZ3 - Power Tools - T intersection not working
  • FZ3-9873    FZ PC One Step- Grips selected highlight
  • FZ3-9872    PC One Step Reg interfering with next LSProj Load
  • FZ3-9443    Custom Symbols path - add to prefs
  • FZ3-9442    Forms Folder - add to prefs Japan request
  • FZ3-9869    Zone 2D Enterprise - Admin - need Save White Background checkbox for PNGs - Forsyth
  • FZ3-9868    Remove Allow Lock Camera from prefs. Always allow.
  • FZ3-9866    Photocore Benchmark Testing
  • FZ3-9861    FARO foto: GPS scalebar option
  • FZ3-9853    FZ HDR and Pano export
  • FZ3-9846    Photogrammetry guideline
  • FZ3-9841    Bad extents detector - use extents check for 3D - keep camera length 1000 check too
  • FZ3-9802    CDT auto linework, connecting using descriptions
  • FZ3-9756    Multiselect Move - Put a limit on the potential snap points tested
  • FZ3-9729    Road Symbol - stacking
  • FZ3-9179    FZ Custom Signs - Categories for importing custom signs in drop down
  • FZ3-9812    Lake City FL PD - get Zone2D working with SmartCop
  • FZ3-9787    FARO foto Scalebar tab UI refinements
  • FZ3-9786    FARO foto Report tab and Guideline tab
  • FZ3-9785    PhotoCore Beta 3 (2.0.1) integration
  • FZ3-9154    CDT - Auto detect GPS and pick correct format
  • FZ3-9780    PC Pano View- Combo box for scan selection
  • FZ3-9767    Loggly: Dashboard for Help System, workflow, etc.
  • FZ3-9766    FZ PC UI Setup strings for localization support
  • FZ3-9734    Assets... Zone 2d symbol updates.
  • FZ3-9732    Assets... Updated model. Fixed entries for French signs in 2d.
  • FZ3-9602    FARO Foto: PhotoCore lib 2.0 integration
  • FZ3-9745    FZ PC Nebulae UX Tweaks
  • FZ3-9744    FAROFoto - 4K compliance
  • FZ3-9743    Licensing - rework LicenseManager for UX2.0
  • FZ3-9742    Translations - update ResourcesUI and Process
  • FZ3-9721    Loggly - add Workflow Loggly
  • FZ3-9370    Clipping Box HUD - cleanup
  • FZ3-9731    PC- Nebulae - Selected Scan Visual distinguisher shader
  • FZ3-9730    PC- Nebulae - Add option to REMOVE a scan after initial processing/registration
  • FZ3-9728    FZ Point Cloud - UI - Add Enhanced Mode back in
  • FZ3-9727    FZ - PC Nebulae Initial prototype
  • FZ3-9674    Assets... Major changes to 2d assets
  • FZ3-9658    FARO Foto new UI
  • FZ3-9622    Animation Camera Articulated smoothing.  need to setup a method to allow for smoothing the animation camera out

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-9862    Point Cloud clipping box rotation not working
  • FZ3-9860    FARO foto Scalebar UI: Image out of memory errors
  • FZ3-9854    HUD doesn't reload when changing from/to KEP Motion type that isn't Forward
  • FZ3-9843    Z2g: Disable Measure commands in Z2g Viewer
  • FZ3-9849    Ground Plane HUD - Use Emissive checkbox that exposes a color. Grid should ignore emissive
  • FZ3-9848    PC Pano Special Render
  • FZ3-9847    Change wording for sharing zip files.
  • FZ3-9842    3D grid - turn snap grid OFF if grid is Off
  • FZ3-9836    Damage 2D - Form - Opening with wrong units in the combo box
  • FZ3-9834    QA Tools - install testing crashes
  • FZ3-9816    Crush Calculator - Offset Thickness - Set to 1" by default
  • FZ3-9810    EagleView - 2 issues
  • FZ3-9800    Google Maps - SHP Export - Add warning if no valid objects on the scene
  • FZ3-9779    Skinned Model Animation - Copy from a vehicle - Doesn't show the first path segment
  • FZ3-9750    FARO foto: Scalebar not working
  • FZ3-9698    Printing Model with Door open - changes the size of it
  • FZ3-9525    Print Form - Not clipping the scene area
  • FZ3-9510    Animation Path UI - Wording of KEP Motion Type
  • FZ3-9832    Unit Test - Quick Pick Symbols Drop Down - Unit test to check files exist
  • FZ3-9831    Damage Form - Size of window is too big in standard resolution
  • FZ3-9808    FZ2 - Admin settings are not hidden behind the password
  • FZ3-9804    Remove Stiffness Metric Units from damage
  • FZ3-9783    Animation Path - Copy to Skinned Model - First Segment messed up
  • FZ3-9762    Animation Path - Create synced skid marks - Initially creating the path they aren't synced properly - Save / Reload fixes
  • FZ3-9753    Bad Extents - should work with ZA 2-letter command
  • FZ3-9752    Bad Extents - check for bogus extents in FZ2
  • FZ3-9720    Mag window - Clip Object breaks it in 2D mode
  • FZ3-9688    Bad Extents - Warning about bad extents on load would be nice
  • FZ3-9666    Timestamp - Time Distance Auto does not change Velocity
  • FZ3-9621    FZ Articulation on animation path doesn't have a change color option
  • FZ3-9620    FZ Models on animation path color picker doesn't work/affect PBR Set models
  • FZ3-9619    FZ Articulation color changes don't affect/work with PBR models
  • FZ3-9765    2D - Symbol Search Menu dropdown not working
  • FZ3-9764    Damage Form - Change Units not updating Stiffness and weight values
  • FZ3-9761    damage form, confirm units are correct.
  • FZ3-9759    Point Cloud Legacy - (e57) - Can't delete clipping boxes
  • FZ3-9754    Ground Cover - User prompted for point cloud licensing when attempting to use Ground Cover.
  • FZ3-9746    FARO foto form - Need a better message if no images found in the input folder
  • FZ3-9689    FZProj Zip option needs to be added to Fz3->Export menu
  • FZ3-9686    FZ Point Cloud. Show Scanner locations.  Needs spinner window
  • FZ3-9668    Label - Underline not working in 3D - Remove from HUD
  • FZ3-9593    Crush Calculator - Units issues (Japan)
  • FZ3-9747    FZ Suspension vehicle axis flipped causing an inversion
  • FZ3-9725    Pictometry not working in FZ3/2
  • FZ3-9717    Frame Limiter (VSync)
  • FZ3-9714    License 2.0 integration and testing
  • FZ3-9710    CARSP in Repo
  • FZ3-9705    Hide Tiled Images - The do not remain hidden in 2D view
  • FZ3-9687    Symbol Search - Load skinned model fails
  • FZ3-9659    Point Cloud convert - UI 4K issues
  • FZ3-9656    FZ HDR - make a note in log file whether HDR is enabled or not
  • FZ3-9647    Testing - Blood Spatter - Image not saving / loading if you move the file from one computer to the next
  • FZ3-9628    Direction 3 png w/transparency added to assets - 2D/3D
  • FZ3-9566    FARO Foto: Scalebar UI
  • FZ3-9521    Provisional key testing
  • FZ3-9211    FZ Point Cloud - Enhance Mode broken

FARO Zone 3D 2022.5 Release Notes - May 2022


High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lighting

Standard Lighting limits contrast between the brightest and darkest colors (0-255). HDR lighting significantly improves scene quality by offering higher contrast ratios (0-65000). HDR uses “Automatic Exposure Adjustment” functionality to enhance the contrast of the scene, based on the average luminescence of the area of the scene facing the camera.

HDR lighting offers visual impact that approaches photo-realism. Lighted scenes, especially nighttime scenes, display with higher contrast between the lighted and dark sections. HDR lighting also includes sky, sun, and moon options.

Fine-tune the lighting and environments displayed in your scene with the HDR tool’s array of customization options. With standard lighting, brightening, or darkening an object required color adjustments. With HDR, you can simply adjust the lighting intensity.

Use HDR lighting in any scene where lighting and visual impact is a factor, such as nighttime lighting or when you use PBR textures. HDR lighting also enhances weather effects such as snow and rain.

Following are comparison examples scenes using standard vs. HDR lighting:

Night scenes - Standard | HDR Lighting

HDR|HDR Focused on brightly lit portion|HDR focused on darkly lit portion

HDR new moon|sun celestial

Sun&moon|eclipse|harvest moon|blue moon

Point Cloud lighting no lighting|standard|hdr|

Textures without|with HDR

To enable HDR lighting:

  1. From the Enviro ribbon, select Sky-environment lighting.
  2. From the Sky-Environmental Lighting - HDR panel, select an HDR template from the dropdown. Options range from dawn to midnight.
  3. Configure other options in the tool panel.
  4. NOTE: HDR is resource intense. Use HDR as your final step for generating snapshots, reports, and animations.

You can’t beat Zone’s HDR Lighting! These examples are using the “Dawn” template

Garage Door

The Garage Door tool is a “sectional” garage door that can be placed in a wall, modified, opened, and

The Garage Door is located on the Structure menu on the Power Tools ribbon. It’s also located on the
Walls property panel.

Select a Wall already drawn in the diagram and then select the Garage Door and place it on the wall.

Garage Door Properties Panel

(1)    Setup the color and PBR materials for the door. The PBR materials include panel types with and without windows (see below)
(2)    Opening dimensions
(3)    Trim dimensions
(4)    Door options (see below)
(5)    Railing dimensions and options
(6)    Garage door animation settings (see below)

Color and Materials (PBR) for Garage Door

Select the “Door Color (PBR)” to pick color and pattern type, whether you want basic panels or panels with box patterns or windows.

This is the “Garage Door Panel 4” selection.

From the list you can pick from five options. In this example we have chosen to set the properties for individual panels. The second panel is “Garage Door Panel Window 1”.

NOTE: The PBR panels won’t scale correctly on the garage door until you turn the “Panel Texture” toggle ON.

Garage Door Options

(1)    Set sections to be “Flat” or “Beveled”.
(2)    Use the slider to adjust the opening of the door.
(3)    Set the number of sections or “Panels”
(4)    Set the overall width of the garage door (not opening).
(5)    Flip the side the garage door opens
(6)    Toggle “Panel Texture” to ON if you want to apply special PBR materials and windows.
(7)    Toggle “Separate Panel Materials” ON to open options to set each panel material individually.

Garage Door Animation

The garage door can be animated by setting up “States” that are either synchronized with another
animation path or set manually.
(1)    Animation Settings,
    a.    Sync ID (to sync with another animation path KEP)
    b.    Delay Start
    c.    Duration of travel while closing or opening the door
    d.    Open slider to set the amount door is opened
(2)    New State – builds a new state settings list
(3)    Delete State – delete the last state on the list

Example of four different states set for an animated vehicle driving out of a garage. The garage door opens, the vehicle drives out, the garage door closes.

The first KEP of the vehicle is synchronized to the third state of the garage door.
State (1) – Door is closed for 1s at start of the animation
State (2) – The door opens completely, set to take 3s (Duration)
State (3) – The Sync ID is set to 1.0 (first KEP of vehicle animation path). Door stays open for 1s (Duration) as vehicle travels outside of garage.
State (4) – After 5s the garage door begins to close. It’s set to completely close in 3s (Duration).

Help Box

The Help ribbon icons have been removed and replaced with a Help Box that pops up when you click on the Help ribbon tab.

Picture Sign Maker

Use this feature to open an image as a sign. Previously you would place an existing sign and change it’s texture (image) or browse.

Search Bar (new look and location)

The Search bar has been moved it to the left side of the Quickbar. We also removed the FARO Assist icon. Click in the Search bar to go the manual, FARO Assist, or FAQ’s directly. Type in a key word into the Search bar to pull up links to information in both places.

Performance Boost

Replaced dotNet4 Framework with the most current .NET6. With this upgrade we see significant improvements in performance. You will notice faster navigation, refresh rates, and faster video recording.

Here are some benchmarks comparing this release with the previous version. Note: results will vary from one computer to another.

Tiled Image - Hide Tiled Images

Select and hide individual tiles from the overall high resolution tiled image without exploding the image into individual tiles.

  1. Open the Tiles menu.
  2. Click on Hide Tile to remove it.
  3. Turn all the hidden tiles back on by clicking on Show All Tiles.


Select and hide as many tiles as needed. Once hidden the space left is transparent.


You can explode the image into all of its individual parts (images).

  1. Open the Tools menu.
  2. Click on Explode.

If you have hidden images, a message will pop up warning you that exploding the tiled image will remove all hidden images.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-9657    Help Form - add Feedback link, add tooltips to all links
  • FZ3-9645    FZ Multi-Picker UI Crash
  • FZ3-9627    FZ Damage UI - Units inconsistency
  • FZ3-9438    HUD cleanup - Tiled Image
  • FZ3-9436    FZ Documents - Don't Translate folder name
  • FZ3-9235    Regular Polygon is missing Elev (Z) in HUD
  • FZ3-9654    FZ Scene-I compile issue
  • FZ3-9653    LAS memory violation issue
  • FZ3-9652    FZ Point Cloud Markers- garbled text
  • FZ3-9651    FZ Point Cloud Markers. Duplicates created when button hit multiple times
  • FZ3-9632    Snapping Issue - continuous line
  • FZ3-9631    Blood Spatter Analysis - Brenda Butler - Report Problem
  • FZ3-9630    User Folders - re-order re-name
  • FZ3-9629    Color Picker - AutoSizeMode set to no and reposition controls (web issues)
  • FZ3-9625    Color Picker - add alpha value to hex code
  • FZ3-9623    Color picker - remove wheel from 2D
  • FZ3-9624    Provider Key - initiated key check fix
  • FZ3-9591    Curb - Custom Cross Section save not sticking
  • FZ3-9587    Garage Door - Open Amount - Need to view value of amount open
  • FZ3-9586    Garage Door - Animation - Show state when adjusting
  • FZ3-9585    Garage Door - SyncID - Create Control with on / off option and number
  • FZ3-9560    File Reference not launching file
  • FZ3-9545    DotNet6 - Video doesn't auto launch after creation
  • FZ3-9541    Folders - show DLC default folder
  • FZ3-9508    Make testing matrix for Provisional key scenarios
  • FZ3-9496    Translations - Vietnamese review / produce
  • FZ3-9493    Signs - Dropdown Options - Allow creating custom sign from image
  • FZ3-9491    PhotoCore lib: Adding Internal Error handling
  • FZ3-9489    Scene Point Cloud - Far Clipping plane issue
  • FZ3-9488    Roads 3D - Roundabout - Rectangle Select Mid-Line not working
  • FZ3-9487    Google Map switching Map and Satellite resets center
  • FZ3-9486    Point Cloud HDR lighting issue
  • FZ3-9485    Point Clouds (lsproj) being ignored by ZA (InBB = true)
  • FZ3-9484    PC Merge scaling issues
  • FZ3-9482    FARO Assist - from search only launch the link, not as a parameter of FA
  • FZ3-9481    FARO Assist - search over multiple products inside Public Safety family
  • FZ3-9480    Licensing: 30 provisional key
  • FZ3-9474    Body Poser - default node size 10.0 - set to 2.0
  • FZ3-9471    Intersection - Corners appear black on corners
  • FZ3-9466    Recording - After the impact the velocity doesn't update properly in the recording (works during normal play)
  • FZ3-9441    DUPLICATE - (UI – Text Box - Needs to work with Japanese Languages)
  • FZ3-9439    Thickness Properties - In mm "45 cm" option not giving the right value
  • FZ3-9428    Intersection - Context Menu - Throws error if corner is selected
  • FZ3-9427    FZ Skinned Models Highlight option missing on animation path
  • FZ3-9426    FZ Momentum Path issues
  • FZ3-9424    Symbol Dropdown - Images not refreshing when loaded
  • FZ3-9423    KEP Manager - Wrong units in time field
  • FZ3-9421    CDT - select by Description not really working
  • FZ3-9417    Intersection - "Only" symbol not loading
  • FZ3-9415    Licensing - Sentinel hasp deploy missing vendor files
  • FZ3-9413    ZA in Ortho causes nav cube to change
  • FZ3-9412    DLC - Rebuild + door symbols fix
  • FZ3-9406    Tiled Images - Loading from a file server is problematic
  • FZ3-9360    FZ Skinned Model, missing Pitch/Roll on UI
  • FZ3-9315    Translations - French
  • FZ3-9304    FZ Images Vertical have issues with picking
  • FZ3-9302    Point - Draw Command - If Editing position without placing first and hit enter it goes to zero
  • FZ3-9186    Body Poser - Undo, all steps are captured
  • FZ3-9153    Vehicle report - can't change icon
  • FZ3-9100    Folders - Allow Changing the Documents Folder
  • FZ3-8976    FARO Foto - Registration Report
  • FZ3-8754    Roads - 3D Window selection is a mess. Only using bounds and not obeying crossing


FARO Zone 3D 2022.3.0315 Release Notes - March 2022


Ortho Image Generator for Point Cloud

Create a top down ortho image from a point cloud in Zone using a clipping box to define the image boundaries. The ortho image is created with tiled, high-resolution images. These images are perfectly orthogonal, top-down views at real world scale. This is helpful for quick 2D diagramming and dimensioning. The point cloud images can also be printed from 2D with the diagram. Ortho images are less cumbersome to work with than a point cloud and might be all you need from for your analysis and reporting..

Open point cloud and add a clipping box to define the area for the ortho image.

Once the area and view are setup for your image in the clipping box then click on “Create Ortho Image” in the clipping box dialog. You will be prompted to create a project name if you haven’t done so already. Project folders are needed to contain all the images and other assets associated with the diagram.

The high-res tiled image is generated and placed at the ground plane (zero elevation) in-line with the point cloud. To see the image:

  1. You can turn off (hide) the point cloud
  2. Select and move the image away from the point cloud
  3. Switch to the 2D view in Zone


Select the image to see how it was tiled. High-res images are tiled so the system can handle image sizes too large for a single image due to Windows limitations. The individual tiled images that make up the complete image are stored in the project folder you create for the project. Create a quick drawing from your image.

Color Picker Dropper

The color picker tool has been rebuilt for a better look, easier use and with added functionality.

  1. Old (classic) color picker simple dialog opens first for quick color picking.
  2. Old (classic) color picker expanded menu for defining custom colors. NOTE: Custom Colors were not saved in the “classic” color picker and are lost when the program is closed and re-opened.
  3. New color picker simple dialog. NOTE: Custom Colors are saved from drawing to drawing in the new color picker.
    1. Eye Dropper - dynamic color picker used to select any color on the screen.
    2. Click on “Advanced” to open the full color picker dialog.

New Color Picker Advanced Dialog

  1. Default color palette.
  2. Eye Dropper - dynamic color picker used to select any color on the screen.
  3. Custom colors (saved between drawings). Right click on a custom color to remove it from the palette.
  4. Color Preview and “Save Color” to Custom Colors palette.
  5. Set RGB; enter in number boxes or use sliders.
  6. Alpha channel (transparency) value. All the way to the right (255), opaque.
  7. Brightness channel.
  8. Hex color code of the current R,G,B values.

Using the Eye Dropper to select and change the color of a selected vehicle from a photo imported into Zone.

First select the vehicle and then open the Color Picker dialog from the properties panel.

  1. Click on the Eye Dropper
  2. Hover over anything on the Zone screen. As you hover over the photo the color of the vehicle will dynamically change to match whatever color pixel the cursor is over. Click your mouse button to select the desired color.
  3. The color of the vehicle will be set to the color clicked on and shown in the color preview of the color picker dialog. This color can be saved.

Lock Camera View

Lock Camera View gives you the ability to freeze a camera view so you can edit the drawing without the view changing. In this mode you cannot scroll, zoom, or pan. At any time, you can tap the ESC key twice to break out of a locked camera view. This is a great feature to help you align and build your drawing and animation while using an overlay image (video) from software such as Input ACE.

To enable the feature, you first need to allow it by clicking the Camera Lock icon in Experimental and answering Yes. This permission will be saved so you only need to do this one time.

Lock Camera View option will appear on the Animation Camera HUD.

Switch Lock Camera View to ON to lock that view. It will remain locked until you unlock it from the HUD, or tap ESC twice. The lock state will not save with the drawing.

Tip!: You can still go into 2D mode when the camera view is locked. In 2D you can zoom and pan. The secondary window (magnifier) also works.

Deeper Dive into the Camera Lock System

In FARO Zone 3D - Aligning 3D objects to a point cloud at a fixed viewpoint with the aid of a semi- transparent video overlay at the same fixed viewpoint. Currently the video overlay is enabled from a program outside of FARO Zone.

Basic Procedure – Video Overlay and Camera Lock in Zone

  1. Load a point cloud into Zone 3D (can be a FARO Focus scan or other)
  2. Place the overlayed video over the Zone 3D screen (from an overlay program such as InputACE)
  3. The video on the overlay must be semi-transparent so both the video and Zone diagram with point cloud are visible at the same time.
  4. Adjust the view of the point in Zone 3D to align with (match) the view in the video.
  5. Once aligned, lock the camera view in Zone 3D.
  6. Now you can place and align models in Zone 3D to match the video images at different frames.



Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Added - 90mm sphere snap option
  • Added - Color Picker Dynamic Color Dropper Tool
  • Added - Ortho Image Generator from Point Cloud
  • Added – Ability to set file path for animation recording
  • Google map fail – fixed in hot patches
  • Trajectory rod Sphere Snap issues
  • SCENE export e57 issues – imperial/metric
  • E57 / legacy point cloud issues in Zone
  • Blood spatter report modification
  • Blood spatter tool improvement discussions
  • CDT merge fix – combo box for second CDT data missing
  • FZ3-9203    Skinned Model - Custom Motion Problems
  • FZ3-9218    Road Mark Symbols > and HUD label change
  • FZ3-9229    Roads - Arrow Symbol Marking not working
  • FZ3-9277    Google Map offscreen warning when form Maximized
  • FZ3-9334    Snaps FZ3 - 2D Mode - Not working
  • FZ3-9337    Polyline - Draw - Snap to start not working
  • FZ3-9409    Point Cloud 2D Ortho image generation issues
  • FZ3-9214    Momentum - Inline - Select Vehicle by search
  • FZ3-9215    Momentum - 360 - Select By Search not working
  • FZ3-9172    Momentum - transparency on vehicles for aligning to underneath
  • FZ3-9313    FARO Zone – Hot Fix 02/17/22 Google Maps
  • FZ3-9321    Tech Support - RI State Police
  • FZ3-9341    Point Cloud - Vertical Cutoff - Not working if you create / delete a clipping box
  • FZ3-8986    Traffic Light Model - elevation not saving / reloading
  • FZ3-9079    circles- no UI option to turn off fill??
  • FZ3-9086    FZ Point Cloud Printing. Allow for High-Res option
  • FZ3-9178    Z2g: Export Point Cloud and measurement options like scene
  • FZ3-9206    Google Maps - Terrain from Google - elevation seems a bit off
  • FZ3-9230    Animation Path transparency not working in 2D View
  • FZ3-9233    Google Maps - place Tiles - CDT alignment message - ask once per
  • FZ3-9237    Weblink - UI - Angle Values Dead
  • FZ3-9239    Tiled Image - Recreating Tiles when switching to 2D
  • FZ3-9240    Point Cloud - Convert to Tiled Image - Clipping box still in view
  • FZ3-9286    First Run - Color Theme
  • FZ3-9354    Damage Form Fixes
  • FZ3-9381    Slider - PC Contrast - Jumping on mouse release after mouse drag
  • FZ3-9408    Z2g: Failed to export if Evidence Marker has no attachment
  • FZ3-9412    DLC - Rebuild + door symbols fix
  • FZ3-8978    Roadway - Combo Box Icon Issues
  • FZ3-9051    Snaps - in 2D mode Entity snap does not pick up elevation
  • FZ3-9063    Model - Add option to Lock Scale
  • FZ3-9076    Ribbon - Units Drop Down - Hover Text says the wrong thing
  • FZ3-9077    Animation - KEP Manager - Show Units for columns
  • FZ3-9114    Animation Update - Structure - Allow animating doors
  • FZ3-9126    FZ Point Cloud Vertical Cutoff not saving
  • FZ3-9134    Z2g: Support Evidence Marker attachment and Bubble Picture
  • FZ3-9155    Help Manuals - point to needed languages on web pages 2D
  • FZ3-9156    OBJ Imports. Need notification of missing materials/Textures
  • FZ3-9158    Web Link bubble is bigger in 2D view
  • FZ3-9180    FZ Vehicles search option, easier to find vehicles with doors enabled
  • FZ3-9200    Color Picker - 4K - Label issue
  • FZ3-9217    Road r-click menu - Clear all and remove selected symbol and add a separator
  • FZ3-9219    Model Skinned - Only loop animation if selected
  • FZ3-9220    PBR HUD remove RGB sliders
  • FZ3-9241    Point Cloud - Convert to Tiled Image - Remove from Cloud Tools
  • FZ3-9268    2D Render - Investigate lines in tiled image
  • FZ3-9283    Camera Lock - don't allow cameras to select in Camera Lock
  • FZ3-9287    File Reference - Circle Mode not working in 2D
  • FZ3-9301    CDT point merge with Clip Tiny off doesn't work - NHTSA
  • FZ3-9303    Color picker - polyline would fill if outline color picked
  • FZ3-9333    Z2g: Redundant batch files for FZ2
  • FZ3-9342    Z2g: Overview map off for lsproj from new Scene API
  • FZ3-9346    Remove DotNetBrowser replace with WebView2 - Media Viewer
  • FZ3-9352    Color Picker setting previously selected object when changing smoke color
  • FZ3-9362    Need settable animation recording path
  • FZ3-9363    Convert .czs to .fas - add to prefs/admin convert
  • FZ3-9372    2D mode and FZ2 - support color picker and eyedropper
  • FZ3-9377    Move Camera lock out of Experimental
  • FZ3-9382    Symbol HUD - toolbar color button doesn't eyedropper
  • FZ3-9383    [Can't repeat] Video recording - Frame only Yes to open folder doesn't show correct folder
  • FZ3-9052    FZ Light Manager- Lights size
  • FZ3-9167    Color picker - update object color on the fly
  • FZ3-9238    File Reference - Add Vertical Toggle
  • FZ3-9242    Intersection - UI - Rename "Line Paint Color" to "Global Line Color"
  • FZ3-9282    Copyrights to 2022

FARO Zone 3D 2022.2.0223 Release Notes – Feb 2022

[Hot Patch] – Microsoft Edge WebView2 component.

FARO Zone 3D 2022.2.0222 Release Notes – Feb 2022

[Hot Patch] – Google Map (Satellite Image) tool fix.

  • Work Around – Switch to Bing Maps
  • Solution – Implemented a new web browser control. This control is the latest web browser control from Microsoft. Users will have to install this latest update.

FARO Zone 3D 2022.1 Release Notes – Jan 2022


Regular Polygon Tool Updates

The Numbered Sides Polygon tool has two options: Draw from a “side” or from the “center”. Each option lets create a regular polygon based on the number of sides entered.

(1)    On the Draw/Edit menu pick the polygon tool from the Rectangles menu.
(2)    Polygon drawn from a side.
(3)    Polygon drawn from the center.

NOTE: Once created, the polygon is converted to a continuous line and is no longer a “regular polygon” object.



(1)    Drawn on side.
(2)    Drawn from center.

While drawing the polygon you can set, number of sides, radius, side length, yaw, pitch, roll, and the fill and outline colors.

Once a polygon is placed you can convert it to a polyline. Once it’s a polyline it can be modified at every node point.



EDR Updates – KEP Intervals

Problem: KEP visibility issue. If the EDR data was NOT recorded at .5 sec like this example; -4.95, -4.45, - 3.95, -3.45..., then the vehicle won't be visible at the KEPs. Ideally this is what you would have; -5.0, -4.5, -4.0,…. Not all EDR data is recorded in this ideal format.

You can sere here that the EDR record time starts at -4.95s instead of -5.0s

Note, the vehicle is missing on the KEPs.

Solution: The Zone EDR system was changed to work agnostically with recorded time. You have an option to pick the KEP display interval.

Once you set this interval the program will save it for future use. It will use this interval the next time you open the EDR dialog.

In EDR Options you can choose from three display intervals (1s, .5s, and .1s). Update existing EDR animation paths by:

  1. Select EDR Animation Path
  2. Open EDR dialog box
  3. Open EDR Options dialog box, pick the desired KEP interval
  4. Finally, click the “Update” button the EDR dialog.

Color Picker - new

The color picker tool has been rebuilt for a better look, easier use and with added functionality.

  1. Old (classic) color picker simple dialog opens first for quick color picking.
  2. Old (classic) color picker expanded menu for defining custom colors. NOTE: Custom Colors were not saved in the “classic” color picker and are lost when the program is closed and re-opened.
  3. New color picker simple dialog. NOTE: Custom Colors are saved from drawing to drawing in the new color picker.

Click on “Advanced” to open the full color picker dialog.

  1. Default color palette.
  2. Custom colors (saved between drawings). Right click on a custom color to remove it from the palette.
  3. Color Preview and “Save Color” to Custom Colors palette.
  4. Set RGB; enter in number boxes or use sliders.
  5. Alpha channel (transparency) value. All the way to the right (255), opaque.
  6. Brightness channel.
  7. Hex color code of the current R,G,B values.

Zone2go Updates

Zone2go now supports: Evidence Marker Attachments and Bubble Images.

If a Bubble Image is placed in the drawing and exported to a Zone2go project it will now have a link to the image in the Zone2go overview map. Also, if the image is rotate or “rolled” to be vertical in 3D it will now display the same in Zone2go.


Bubble image was rotated to sit vertically in 3D.

Top down in Zone2go it looks like a line. Now, you can click on the link to see the image.

Bubble Image Linktop down view of bubble image


If an Evidence Marker is placed in the drawing with an attached file and exported to a Zone2go project it will now have a link to the attached file. Click the link to see the attached content.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-9161    Bubble Picture 2D View and GDI issues FZ3-9152    Google Map offscreen warning.
  • FZ3-9151    Picture label order match bubble label - place arrow last FZ3-9146    Polygon - Draw Center, Radius - Not working
  • FZ3-9145    Polygon UI - Radius and Side Length need to update UI FZ3-9144    Polygon UI - Yaw is mislabeled
  • FZ3-9143    Polygon UI - Needs Height Property FZ3-9142    Google Map - German Region issue
  • FZ3-9141    EDR: Animation KEP missing for some EDR data FZ3-9140    Photocore threading issue
  • FZ3-9139    PC Merge - Roll/Pitch issues when merging
  • FZ3-9137    Polygon - Convert to Polyline - Needs Undo Option FZ3-9136    Polygon - Add option for yaw, pitch, and roll
  • FZ3-9135    Momentum Reports - 4K issues
  • FZ3-9133    Crush Report - Title in French not Translated correctly FZ3-9132    Momentum Report - Issue with Impact Velocity V2 FZ3-9122    FARO Foto Azure pipeline issue
  • FZ3-9121    Skinned Models - Mannequin - Black color after save FZ3-9118    Ribbon 2D - Custom Tab - Add to Admin preferences FZ3-9106    Polygon Tool - Turn into a smart object
  • FZ3-9102    Polaris UI - Review
  • FZ3-9101    Translations - research string memory options
  • FZ3-9091    Tesla Model S Police car from existing model (New) FZ3-9090    Model updates: Tesla and Fiat
  • FZ3-9089    Fiat model updates
  • FZ3-9075    Structure - Doors - Sliding 2D - Grip not working, UI value not there
  • FZ3-9074    Google Maps dialog - dialog partially off screen - cuts off image - needs warning FZ3-9070    KEP Manager - Metric unit Accel in Report not matching KM column
  • FZ3-9069    KEP Manager - Distance values in report not matching KM column FZ3-9068    Virtual Survey Units Issue
  • FZ3-9066    Critical Speed report French issues FZ3-9064    Bubble Label HUD - added Arrow size
  • FZ3-9062    Doors / Windows - distance along reporting the middle rather than the reference side FZ3-9055    Garage Door - Shadows
  • FZ3-9049    2D UI - Polygon, Chamfer
  • FZ3-9045    Dim Angle: Add Outside Arrow option FZ3-9026    HUD - Left margin issue
  • FZ3-9025    Trajectory Cone - left side of labels clipped in HUD FZ3-9024    Crush Report Equation - Crush Tool and Damage FZ3-9023    Print Scale - doesn't support Euro decimal setting FZ3-9017    EDR: Retire EDR help message box
  • FZ3-9002    Added the last two Guus Models for 2021 FZ3-8996    FZ Garage door PBR panels
  • FZ3-8987    FARO Foto: crashes with unknown file extension FZ3-8985    FARO Foto: CPE import dialog
  • FZ3-8981    Bifold Doors - Swap hinge double bifold not working FZ3-8980    Double Bifold - Fix the matrix
  • FZ3-8979    Vehicle lights - Swap animated model
  • FZ3-8977    Euro decimal - Angle Tool angle display wrong
  • FZ3-8974    EDR: launch dialog first, and allow user to select vehicle later
  • FZ3-8969    Animation Camera dropdown added to Add Camera button, and Camera HUD FZ3-8965    FZ Quadratic Bezier Curve option
  • FZ3-8958    Garage Door - Weird Pathing issue FZ3-8957    Garage Door - Move to Experimental
  • FZ3-8952    Animation Play Control - Not showing up with just momentum on the scene FZ3-8948    Curb - Allow creating a surface using a curb
  • FZ3-8933    Model Update - Ford F250 1987
  • FZ3-8931    New truck model and a model update
  • FZ3-8930    3D model update - New Garage Door Opener model FZ3-8827    Change Bubble label Icon from (X) to (W/1)
  • FZ3-8761    R-click menu for selected roads, lanes, lines.
  • FZ3-8679    Refresh issue while using the rotate command in 2D

FARO Zone 3D 2022.0 Release Notes – Dec 2021


FARO Foto (Experimental Ribbon)

The FARO Foto system will convert your photos, whether from drones, your camera, or phone to a point cloud you can open in FARO Zone.

  1. Select the folder where the images have been saved to.
  2. Select the folder to store the lsproj (point cloud) file after it’s been processed.
  3. Select Point Cloud quality – the lowest quality setting will give you less than satisfactory results but is useful to quickly determine if you will be able to create a point cloud from your photos.
  4. Click Launch button to start processing.

The Status window reports the process status; and in the Preview window you will see the slide show of all the images as they’re pulled in. In the Status window, click on any image file path to see the image in the Preview window. It’ll take a few minutes up to several hours depending on your PC and the number of images and image quality. You can close the FARO Foto dialog box to cancel the process.

When it’s finished, you will see the following message box. Click the Yes button to open the Point Cloud created from the images.

Click the “Photo Guidelines” to see the photo taking guidelines for photogrammetry.

FARO Foto Tips – Outdoor, Vehicle
  1. If using a camera such as a Nikon 300 we recommend using wider lens (20mm to 24mm) or even wider; You want some overlapping of photos, it’s easier with wide-angle lens.
  2. Don’t take photos under direct sunlight, especially for cars. The photogrammetry engine does not like shiny, glossy surface and it cannot handle reflection either.
  3. Keep a constant distance (4~5 feet) from the car.
  4. Try to keep the background as simple as possible. The way I do it is to stand about 2~3 feet above the ground (try using a small ladder), so you can aim the camera downwards.   
  5. Take several pictures at the same angle (up, level, down, etc.). You also want to take pictures of the top of the vehicle.

FARO Foto will let you know if the photos are rejected. Study those photos and try to figure out why they are not good, then try again. You’ll be a master soon.

Lock Camera View (Experimental Ribbon)

Lock Camera View gives you the ability to freeze a camera view so you can edit the drawing without the view changing. In this mode you cannot scroll, zoom, or pan. At any time, you can tap the ESC key twice to break out of a locked camera view. This is a great feature to help you align and build your drawing and animation while using an overlay image (video) from software such as Input ACE.
To enable the feature, you first need to allow it by clicking the Camera Lock icon in Experimental and answering Yes. This permission will be saved so you only need to do this one time.

Lock Camera View option will appear on the Animation Camera HUD.

Switch Lock Camera View to ON to lock that view. It will remain locked until you unlock it from the HUD, or tap ESC twice. The lock state will not save with the drawing.

Tip!: You can still go into 2D mode when the camera view is locked. In 2D you can zoom and pan. The secondary window (magnifier) also works.

Bi-Fold Door Option

Two new bi-fold door options have been added to the “Door Type” drop down menu.

(1) Place and select a door, pick the option

(2) “Bi-Fold”

(3) “Double Bi-Fold” from the Door Type drop down.


High-Resolution Snapshot Tool

The High-Resolution Screenshot tool has options to generate a high-resolution screenshot of the current scene from the top-down view or from the current scene, based on the current camera position.

Snapshots are saved as a PNG image, up to 8K Resolution. The scene needs to contain at least one object for the PNG image to be rendered. The Snapshot tool is located on the Quick Bar.
There are four options for taking snapshots:
(1) Low Res – uses the default resolution of your computer screen.
(2) Hi Res (Current View) – Takes a snapshot of the current view with a resolution automatically calculated up to 8K.
(3) Hi Res (Top Down) – Automatically takes a top-down snapshot automatically calculated  up to 8K.
(4) 360 Pano View – take a 360-degree panoramic snapshot.

After selecting a snapshot option click on Print or Save. Note: 360 Pano View only allows you to Save.
(5) Print the snapshot. Opens the print dialog.
(6) Save the snapshot.

Polygon Tool – Set Number of Sides

The Numbered Sides Polygon tool has two options: Draw from a “side” or from the “center”. Each option lets create a regular polygon based on the number of sides entered.

(1) On the Draw/Edit menu pick the polygon tool from the Rectangles menu.
(2) Polygon drawn from a side.
(3) Polygon drawn from the center.


EDR Updates (Set KEP Intervals)

Newer vehicles record pre-crash data at 0.1 sec interval (0.5 sec interval for older vehicles). While the Animation path is more accurately created based on the data, it looks too cluttered and makes it difficult to visualize the path, let along doing Time-distance analysis.

A new option has been added so user can show KEP every 1 sec/0.5 sec/0.1 sec:  The KEP is the Key Event Point in the animation.

The Animation path still has the full accuracy; however, it’s much cleaner and easier to maneuver:

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8951    Surface - Allow offsetting lines independent
  • FZ3-8950    Garage Door - PBR / Texture Coordinates
  • FZ3-8949    Doors - Don't allow negative thickness
  • FZ3-8945    Critical Speed adjust radius - Russ Boynton
  • FZ3-8943    FARO Foto dialog refinement
  • FZ3-8942    Bifold Doors - 2D / GDI
  • FZ3-8940    FZ2 - Signs - Custom signs don't remember the new custom texture
  • FZ3-8939    Lock Camera view - Experimental
  • FZ3-8938    DWG issue - Benoit
  • FZ3-8936    EDR parser issue: km/h in bracket parsing failure
  • FZ3-8927    SceneAPI test with new photocore dll
  • FZ3-8914    Tiled Images - Selection 3D - edit to make easier to tell which one is selected
  • FZ3-8910    Grouped Filled Rectangles can't toggle fill color off
  • FZ3-8907    Wall Height in Structure HUD
  • FZ3-8906    Thumbnail Save error file sharing violation
  • FZ3-8905    CDT - Incorrect snap point issue
  • FZ3-8903    Print - Geometry draw issue
  • FZ3-8902    EDR file open crash
  • FZ3-8900    Tiled Image - Allow changing selected tile while image is selected
  • FZ3-8899    PhotoCore dialog update: Slide show
  • FZ3-8870    PC Merge updates
  • FZ3-8859    Phantom red light after 32 lights added
  • FZ3-8857    Not Repeatable - Select and Group multple symbols - 2 cars - shifts and disappears parts
  • FZ3-8854    Zone - not saving turn lane value
  • FZ3-8853    Bloom issue
  • FZ3-8852    Cabinet - Corner Door - Not implementing 2D / GDI
  • FZ3-8848    Guardrail (2 of them) only show posts with Arc tool
  • FZ3-8847    Guardrail (all 3 of them) with Arc. First click with snaps on goes to random place.
  • FZ3-8846    HUD combo lists - Font list broken because no images.
  • FZ3-8845    FZ2 - Add Share with Support to Help/Logs menu (Ryan looking at it)
  • FZ3-8844    match up prefs clipping with diagnostics settings - clip objects, clip tiny
  • FZ3-8843    Clip Tiny objects - default off
  • FZ3-8842    Cabinet: door and drawer need to be filled in 2D and GDI
  • FZ3-8840    PC Merge. picking tweaking
  • FZ3-8839    FZ3 crashes when switch from Print Preview to 2D view
  • FZ3-8838    PC Merge - empty folder check
  • FZ3-8836    Animation Path – Impact KEP not saving / loading
  • FZ3-8835    4K release mode issues
  • FZ3-8834    Dimension Label - Setup
  • FZ3-8831    Google Maps terrain update issues with clipping
  • FZ3-8826    Bubble label HUD - add auto increment, and + - buttons, and keyboard +,-
  • FZ3-8825    Make all bubble label tools place bubble first then arrow
  • FZ3-8823    Car model updates
  • FZ3-8822    PC Merge- add point size option to UI for both PCs. Disable ability to select Point Cloud Tools UI
  • FZ3-8821    FZ2 - Dimension angle
  • FZ3-8818    PhotoCore UI: show process time estimate
  • FZ3-8801    Point Cloud Convert-hide Greyscale option if no Intensity
  • FZ3-8797    Updated Tahoe 2007 Police SUV with logo (Ver3)
  • FZ3-8792    Guus model: Mercedes Benz 2019
  • FZ3-8790    Roadway and Arc road missing road markings icons
  • FZ3-8788    Tiled Image - Not showing which item is selected - test in 2D & 3D
  • FZ3-8786    Intersection - Crosswalk - 3D Grip issue
  • FZ3-8781    Cabinets - Print issue
  • FZ3-8772    CDT - Strip out second error log system it's using
  • FZ3-8770    DWG issue - investigate (customer reported)
  • FZ3-8769    ScanPlan: USB cable connection issue
  • FZ3-8768    DLC Folder in preferences
  • FZ3-8757    HUD line type button options arrow - make changes to FZ3 HUDs. Working in FZ2
  • FZ3-8747    Changed Zone 3D (2D) curb symbol colors to be correct. Update 3d models in Scene/Utility folder.
  • FZ3-8746    fixed xml files regarding files listed as missing.
  • FZ3-8744    Update Fixtures - Toilet models
  • FZ3-8743    Model Updates in Fixtures menu
  • FZ3-8741    Light Manager - 32 Light Warning
  • FZ3-8691    EDR improvement: option to hide Pre-crash KEPs
  • FZ3-8690    Arc click the Esc creates a flat arc
  • FZ3-8689    Grouped Filled Rectangles can't change fill color
  • FZ3-8686    Language Support - Vietnamese
  • FZ3-8641    Scanner - hover text and selection prompt text - show pole number
  • FZ3-8604    Angle Tool - UI - Add value main panel
  • FZ3-8603    Dimension Line / Angle- UI - Add length / angle to HUD
  • FZ3-8570    Bubble Label - UI - Clean Up
  • FZ3-8542    Add option to show damage on model "roof"
  • FZ3-8214    Snapping - Small object - Snap tolerance not doing screen space
  • FZ3-7905    Saving a custom skybox?
  • FZ3-7200    Guardrail - Double Post Issue

FARO Zone 3D 2021.1111 Release Notes – Nov 2021

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8902 Refresh issue
  • FZ3-8903 Print – Geometry draw issue
  • FZ3-8904 Performance – Tiny object clipping default to off
  • FZ3-8905 CDT – Incorrect snap point issue

FARO Zone 3D 2021.10.1014 Release Notes – Oct 2021

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8782 Print UI – GDI Pen Constructor issue (Root cause: Windows update)

FARO Zone 3D 2021.10.1012 Release Notes – Oct 2021

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8771 Blood Spatter Analysis – Convergence Sphere not showing
  • FZ3-8764 FZPCM – Save/load point cloud models

FARO Zone 3D 2021.10.1001 Release Notes – Oct 2021


Latest updates list. Scroll below down for more details.

  • DLC – Downloadable Content System
  • Performance Tools
  • Print Form
  • CDT GPS and Google Map Import
  • ‘Zip Project to Share’ and ‘Share Diagram with Support’
  • Scanner Positions and Scan Manger (Zone2go)

DLC – Downloadable Content System

Why DLC? It’s all about automatically downloading large models (mostly vehicles and trees) that would otherwise have been installed. This system will make product builds and installations faster and less problematic. So, create a drawing with models and load existing drawings you have and check for any issues.

If you want to download all of your models at once, click on “Download All Models” in the model library.

Performance Tools

The Performance Diagnostic tool helps to identify the problem areas in the project that could be slowing down overall performance and causing lag when navigating, snapping to, and moving objects.

This diagnostics tool is an ongoing effort to improve the overall performance of the program. This system is designed to help your and FARO Support to get the best performance out of Zone.

Tip – make sure your video drivers are up to date.

Open the diagnostics tool from the Help ribbon.


  1. Start Diagnostics – scans and does a speed analysis of the drawing. By default, all of the performance options are ON. The option to turn OFF is there in case there is a conflict with a particular project and the performance tool.
    TIP – always keep the performance options ON unless there’s an issue with the project. You can experiment by turning all of the performance options OFF and then turn them on individually.
  2. Performance Boost – Check the “Performance Boost” box to improve overall performance in the project. This will improve your fps (frames per second rate).
  3. Use Object Clipping
    • Objects off screen and too small to display are removed from the Render Object List.tu
    • Key objects such as Point Clouds, Animations, CDTs are cached for quick access eliminating many complete data base searches per render and mouse events.
    • Best performance boost in drawings with high object counts.
    • 3-5X improvement in fps (Frames Per Second) rendering.
    • Much less mouse movement lag.
  4. Hide Shadows (Global) – turns shadowing off for all objects in the project. Shadows can cause a strain on performance.
    TIP – turn off shadows when editing the project and then turn ON when the project is finalized and you’re creating animations and reports.
  5. Cache Objects – caching will store objects to be used later when rendering; greatly improving performance.
  6. Advanced Diagnostics – for a deeper dive by the development team.
Performance Tool Dashboard


  1. This section is a dashboard for overall performance.
  2. List of layers in the project in order of slowest first.
  3. List of objects in each layer. Open by clicking on expand arrow next to the layer.
  4. Turn layers on and off to test for performance changes.

Print Form

The Print Form tool is located next to the Print feature on the Quick Bar ribbon (and on the pull-down menu). This print tool recognizes that your drawing includes a form from the Forms tool. You can scale and rotate the drawing inside the form without changing the form size and position. The form will always stay in the print window regardless of the drawing scale and rotation.

  1. Place a form around your drawing from the Forms menu. You can also create your own custom form.
  2. Click on the Print Form tool from the Quickbar menu or the Forms tools.
  3. Change scale and rotation to get the detail you want in your print. NOTE - you can use your mouse wheel to zoom and pan the drawing inside the form from the print dialog. The template always remains in the picture independent of the image scale and rotation!
Full Drawing in Form
Zoomed In and Rotated in Form


CDT GPS Import and Auto Align to a Google Map

Import GPS data into the CDT (Coordinate Data Table) tool and place in the diagram. Open Google Maps and click on “Align to GPS”. This will auto place the Google Map relative to the GPS data.

  • Open GPS data in CDT and select the correct GPS format from the CDT list
  • Place the GPS data into the diagram
  • Open Google Maps and click on “Align to GPS”

Zip Project to Share

Zip Project to Share (in the pull-down menu) – The feature packages up your fzproj for easy distribution

  • Zip up a Zone project folder from inside Zone
  • Zone will open the project from inside the zip using File Open.
  • Note, you will not see this feature on the pull-down menu if you don’t have a project open.

Share Diagram with Support – Like “Zip Project to Share”, this tool packages up your far file or fzproj and ALSO Includes your most recent log file and dxdiag report. The zipped file is saved to your Documents\FARO Zone\Support” folder.

The first dialog that opens when you click on the Share button.

When the project, log file, and diagnostics file are zipped this message will open.

Scanner Positions and Scan Manager

Use the Scan Manager to control all the scan positions. Any point cloud with a Zone2go project file will display the scanners automatically. Seeing the scanner locations will help you select which scan positions you want saved with your Zone2go project.

There are two ways you can open the Scan Manger.

  1. Open Scan Manager from the Zone2go tool.
  2. Open Scan Manager by selecting the scanner model (1) and clicking on the Scan Manager button (2) in the properties panel.
Scanner Properties Panel


  1. Select the scanner model to open the Scanner properties panel. When you select the scanner, it will start spinning.
  2. Click on the Scanner icon to open the Scan Manager.
  3. The scan number for the selected scanner is appended to the scan name.
  4. “Apply To All Scanners” (ON) will apply Visible (5) and Show Tripod (6) to all scanners in the project.
  5. Hide the scanner by switching off, “Visible”. Scan data visible or not visible determines whether that scan data is sent as part of the Zone2go package. If the scanner is not Visible, then that scan data (at that position) will not be exported with the Zone2go project unless you check the “Export” box. See Scan Manager layout below.

    NOTE: Scans take a lot of space, so don’t export the scans you don’t need for smaller Zone2go projects.
  6. Hide the tripod by turning “Show Tripod” off. Stop the scanner from spinning by turning off the tripod in Scan Manager or in the properties panel.
  7. Generate a 360-degree panoramic image from the scanner location. This can also be set in the Scan Manager.
The Scan Manager Dialog


  1. Show All/Hide All – show or hide all scanners in the project. Hide All scanner will automatically uncheck any Export check boxes.
  2. Export All – all scans checked for export.
  3. Scanner ID
  4. Scan Name
  5. Visible – hides scanner model(s), but can still be Exported (if Export is checked).
  6. Show Tripod – hide or show tripod
  7. Zone 360 Pano – generate a panoramic image at that scanner location. The pano images are exported with the Zone2go project. In your Zone2go project you’ll have the option to view the pano image or the 3D View (point cloud data).
    IMPORTANT: To save the Zone pano images as part of the delivery package (Zone2go) you need the project folder structure that is created when you save you work as a project (fzproj).

Other Updates

  • FARO Assist! “Fa” icon put back into the Quick Bar ribbon at the top of the program screen next to the Search bar.
  • UI Updates – Symbol Ribbon – all the Symbol Download tools have been placed under a single menu. The 3D Warehouse icon has been updated as well.
  • UI Updates – File and URL Reference tools (found on the Text menu ribbon)

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8501    fz- basic materials when enhanced texture selected, vehicle models paint goes wonky
  • FZ3-8493    EDR: apply Steering angle from EDR data
  • FZ3-8492    Bodies. Dropdown off screen right
  • FZ3-8489    Ani Play button from EDR not showing
  • FZ3-8488    EDR: Time should only have 1 digit after decimal point
  • FZ3-8486    Ani-Buddies not working with Skinned body
  • FZ3-8483    Start page issues
  • FZ3-8466    KEP Manager - saw multiple entries in Wheel’s combo
  • FZ3-8464    CDT - why is there a select pt
  • FZ3-8463    CDT - Import DXF change format to pt, xyz, desc, and match unit
  • FZ3-8448    KEP Mgr - reverse angle button doesn't reverse
  • FZ3-8447    KEP Mgr - Change velocity hit Enter should update Accel
  • FZ3-8445    Skinned model: Show KEP in Animation not working
  • FZ3-8431    Animation Path - Draw - Not setting select properly
  • FZ3-8429    Animation KEP - Tire Tracks
  • FZ3-8415    VSD - Vehicle Outline
  • FZ3-8395    Snaps OFF from ribbon - ground HUD shows snap grid on
  • FZ3-8365    Z2g: crash if Scene 2go project file (workspace.json) does not exist
  • FZ3-8588    Model - Symbol Parts - RN "Emissive" to "Glow Color"
  • FZ3-8587    Model - Setup Light - Change Light Color to Glow Color
  • FZ3-8586    Model - Setup Lights - Needs to work off of part selected (part model edit form)
  • FZ3-8584    Symbol Parts - UI - RN "Emissive" to "Glow Color"
  • FZ3-8583    Light Manager - UI - RN "Light Style" to "Light Type"
  • FZ3-8582    Light Manager - UI - RN "Point Light" to "Point of Light"
  • FZ3-8581    Model - Context Menu - Edit
  • FZ3-8580    Model - UI - Link Symbol & Model Edit - Remove from left panel
  • FZ3-8578    Environmental Lighting - UI - RN "Depth Color" to " Color Below Horizon"
  • FZ3-8577    Environmental Lighting - RN - "Global Environmental Ambient" to "Environmental Ambient"
  • FZ3-8576    Model - Context Menu - Remove Details
  • FZ3-8575    Multi Selection - Context Menu - Remove Animate & Resave
  • FZ3-8568    Stairs - PBR - Turning off PBR should turn it off for whole object
  • FZ3-8565    Ani Buddies: host scaling issue
  • FZ3-8562    dz- research/prototype DLC Asset Bundles for PBR Materials
  • FZ3-8561    Add Performance page to Prefs
  • FZ3-8545    KEP Manager - Speed changes but doesn't stick
  • FZ3-8540    Z2g: Pano image generation issue
  • FZ3-8536    dz -fz need option to save PBR materials at lower resolution for use with Web (and vr)
  • FZ3-8526    Clip curve bezier segments - 2D only - IClipCanvas
  • FZ3-8524    CDT GPS - move CDT after placed and GMap isn't aligned
  • FZ3-8505    Snapshot 3D (PhotoCore) API experiment
  • FZ3-8502    Damage (Crush) Tool - grips not snapping to geometry
  • FZ3-8446    Animation: Start Hidden not working?
  • FZ3-8442    Articulation Shadow
  • FZ3-8441    Articulation - KEP selection
  • FZ3-8432    Intersection UI - Don't show lanes / lines if one isn't selected
  • FZ3-8344    Finish CDT/GPS - Overlay on google map
  • FZ3-8288    Articulation - Smooth Out path and Tire lines options
  • FZ3-8158    Multi Select - 2D - Allow moving object by clicking anywhere in object
  • FZ3-7542    Stairs - Don't work with PBR
  • FZ3-8343    Finish Hover Text on all objects
  • FZ3-8702    Intersection - Dashed Line Properties resetting on selection
  • FZ3-8682    Z2g: "Hide All scans" in Z2g launchpad should make all scanners invisible
  • FZ3-8681    Scan Manager: Unexpectedly launch Pano Viewer if the pano image exists
  • FZ3-8660    Scanner: separate visibility from export flags
  • FZ3-8642    Scanners issues: 1. scanners not showing after Z2g proj generated 2. still visible after PC is deleted
  • FZ3-8627    Fixed the Z-Fighting in the FZ3D 2D Transportation libraries.
  • FZ3-8626    Added Tahoe 2021 model - Fixing menu issues for 2D vehicle symbols
  • FZ3-8623    BMW model update
  • FZ3-8601    Environment Lighting - UI - When changing template back to light turn off the moon phases change
  • FZ3-8635    Bike Model - Not showing up in 2D
  • FZ3-8634    Symbol - When grouping with an existing symbol use it's position / orientation for the new one
  • FZ3-8605    DLC - Download Error
  • FZ3-8602    Angle Dimension Tool - Really Small - Need to adjust size of text and arrows
  • FZ3-8599    Model update of Bentley Amage 1998-2009
  • FZ3-8597    Updated 3D models and resolved merge issues
  • FZ3-8596    Finished BMW model from yesterday. Started BMW model today. Created Focus S Scanner with Orange Tripod
  • FZ3-8595    Incomplete update of vehicle model (light issues) and created a special Focus S Scanner with a red tripod
  • FZ3-8594    Updated BMW 1 and 135i models
  • FZ3-8593    Updated Aston Martin DB9 model / Made small 2D symbol change for Generic Solid and Generic Dashed / Entered Vehicle Model workflow in One Note.
  • FZ3-8585    Model - Setup Lights - Add light lines
  • FZ3-8579    Light Manager - Delete Light not working
  • FZ3-8574    File Link - UI - Clean up
  • FZ3-8567    Save Zipped Project
  • FZ3-8566    Sky UI - bright
  • FZ3-8298    Light manager - Copy/paste
  • FZ3-8296    Show FARO scanner location
  • FZ3-8185    Arc - Transparency - Not showing animated skinned models through
  • FZ3-8692    HiRes Snapshot: fail to create if there is no Point Cloud
  • FZ3-8685    Add Show/Hide Scanners to Point Cloud Tool
  • FZ3-8683    HiRes Snapshot (perspective) support
  • FZ3-8668    Zip Project - Support version
  • FZ3-8632    PC Crash Import - Look at center of gravity issue

FARO Zone 3D 2021.7.0722 Release Notes – July 2021


Latest updates list. Scroll below down for more details.

  • Road Tools and Intersections have a “Sidewalk” option
  • Pictometry (EagleView) tool demo license updated
  •  UI Updates (Property Panels); Animation, Models, Symbols, CDT, Light Manager, Point Cloud, Witness View, Bodies
    • Sphere Snap – added 55mm
    • e57 and las point cloud import – added "Normalize" option
    • Road Tools / Intersections – added Sidewalk feature (large agency request)
    • Momentum Tool Report – some labels updated
  • KEP Manager – added Animation Controls
  • CDT DXF Import

Road Tools – Sidewalks

The Road Tools have option to include a sidewalk on the outer perimeter of the roadway line, arc, and intersections. Sidewalk settings allow for width, color, texture, and thickness.

CDT (Coordinate Data Table) DXF Import

Import a DXF file into the CDT (Coordinate Data Table) to separate out all labels and geometry onto their own separate layers. This allows for point numbers, descriptions, and line work to be turned on/off and labels text size globally editable.

From the “hamburger” menu on the CDT pick “Import DWG/DXF Points”. This will bring up the file open
dialog for DXF and DWG files.

Once loaded you can use the CDT tools to make the same adjustments as you would with any other imported point data.

KEP Manager – Animation Controls

Animation controls have been added to the KEP Manager to make animation path adjustments convenient from the KEP Manager.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-8393    Vehicle database- overhang do not display if calculated.
  • FZ3-8391    Light 'add +" adds light to 0,0 and cursor - manager 2nd drop item FZ3-8377    Light Manager - Ribbon - Split dropdown for draw light and select FZ3-8347    Light Manager - Refresh
  • FZ3-8306    Light Manager - Select using pick doesn't refresh popup
  • FZ3-8304    Light Manager - Drawing - Hit escape and delete currently drawing light FZ3-8335    Sphere UI yaw pitch roll
  • FZ3-8333    Animation Path - Context Menu - Terrain Headings are reversed FZ3-8331    Grid - Actual Snap point is offset
  • FZ3-8320    Angle Tool 2D - remove Vertical / horizontal types
  • FZ3-8314    Signs 2D - custom image only refresh after moving. Shape selection missing (no) FZ3-8312    Vehicle Data - Front overhang issues
  • FZ3-8309    2D symbols - review spellings
  • FZ3-8305    Symbol - Convert to Dashed - Doesn't work after damage FZ3-8294    Runtime Symbols for Vehicle Specs in 2D are Paint Color FZ3-8188    SVG - Testing and Fixing
  • FZ3-8176    Road - Snapping
  • FZ3-8170    Image - Border Thickness not working in 3D
  • FZ3-8164    DELETED - Blood Spatter - PVE -Exclusion Zone Checkbox: move PVE out of area between area of origin and droplet end points.
  • FZ3-8163    Blood Spatter - PVE - Add a create rectangle button on PVE sub-panel
  • FZ3-8162    Blood Spatter - PVE - Allow adjusting the x, y position of the PVE on the calculated plane. FZ3-8110    Model - Open Doors not showing in 2D
  • FZ3-8018    Model - Tires/Engine/Texture - Evaluation for re-use
  • FZ3-8290    Symbol - UI - Use Symbol Color - Investigate purpose and / or remove if necessary FZ3-8002    Animation - Camera Path - When target selected add label to select camera path for more options
  • FZ3-7924    Grid - UI - Snap Grid doesn't refresh the show grid checkbox

FARO Zone 3D 2021.6.0622 Release Notes – June 2021



Model – Open Doors (not Animated)

Open a door, hood, or trunk on all models updated to work with this feature.

  1. Select the Model.
  2. Pick “Symbol Parts” from the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click the door (symbol part) with your mouse or select from the parts list.
  4. Use the Part/Group Rotation slider or text box to set the angle of the open door.

Model – Open Doors (Animated)

Open a door, hood, or trunk during an animation on all models updated to work with this feature.

  1. Select vehicle model on animation path.
  2. From the “Rotate Parts” section of the “Animation Path KEP” dialog pick the “Part” to modify.
  3. Set the “Start” and “End” angle of the door as it opens during the animation.
  4. Set the “Duration” or time it takes to open the door between KEPs. Set the “Delay” the opening begins from that KEP once the animation begins.

Model – Create Model from Existing Model Part

Create a separate model from a selected model part. For example – select a door on a vehicle model and turn it into its own individual model.

  1. Select the Model.
  2. Pick “Symbol Parts” from the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click the door (symbol part) with your mouse or select from the parts list.
  4. From the R-Click menu pick, “Save Selected Part as Model”.
  5. Save the part as a model to the Custom Symbols folder.
  6. Once saved the model will attached to your cursor so you can place in the diagram. You can place the part anytime by opening.

Model – Hide Model Part

Open a door, hood, or trunk on all models updated to work with this feature.

  1. Select the Model.
  2. Pick “Symbol Parts” from the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click the door (symbol part) with your mouse or select from the parts list.
  4. Turn “Hide Part” on.

Start Page – Release Notes

An overview of the latest release notes has been added to the Start Page.

  1. Click here to get the latest release (if available).
  2. Close the release notes, giving more space for project thumbnails.
  3. Click here to see the full set of release notes.
  4. Clicking on the Release Notes icon will open the Knowledge Base page to the latest release notes if the “What’s New” dialog is showing. If the “What’s New” dialog has been turned OFF then clicking on the “Release Notes” icon will bring it back.

Print Dialog Rotate

A diagram can be rotated inside the print dialog tool before printing. You have the option to do a quick rotation in 90° increments or entering a specific value.
NOTE: This will not change the actual rotation of the drawing in Zone.

Area/Polygon Tool with Add Walls Option

A new polygon tool using the Measure Area tool functionality was added with the ability to convert the perimeter to our Wall Structure.

  1. Select the Area/Polygon tool from the rectangle tools menu.
  2. Draw the area.
  3. Click on “Add Walls”

Zone2go Updates

  • (Simple Annotation
  • Zone2go Menu Options
  • Hide Scans
  • Export High Res Pano Images

Simple Annotation - Add annotations to the Zone 2go project (For example, look for “Fountain” in the Zone 2go browser).

Zone2go Menu Options – Options have been added to the Zone2go system that gives you control over point cloud scans that are exported with the project and generating high resolution panoramic images. Exporting less scans will save overall project size. High resolution pano images are larger in files size and can be turned off if needed.

  1. Hide All SCENE project scans - If this option is selected, Zone 2go won’t export any SCENE project scans. Select this option to de-clutter and reduce the size of the Zone 2go project.
  2. Hide Zone 2go Logo - Select this option to hide this Zone 2go logo. Please note that this option only applicable to FZ3 generated 360 Pano views. It won’t impact SCENE scan Pano views, which need this logo to cover the hole at the foot of the scanner.
  3. Export high resolution 360 Pano images - Select this option for high quality 360 Pano images.
  4. (SCENE project Scan Manager - User now can pick and choose which SCENE scans to export. Just uncheck the Visible boxes.

Updates and Bug Fixes


  • FZ3-8216 Bumper Movie w Derik
  • FZ3-8215 KEP Manager - close managers when ani paths deselected (1s timer)
  • FZ3-8211 FZ2 - Dimension Override - Checkbox Text control create for Dim Line HUD
  • FZ3-8208 FZ2 review symbols - Hillsbourgh
  • FZ3-8202 KEP Manager - add reverse icon to button - better centering
  • FZ3-8199 KEP Manager - remember form size based on number of KEPs
  • FZ3-8050 CDT - default Axis off. Add CDT Axis button CDT toolbar
  • FZ3-8161 PBR - Refactoring
  • FZ3-8153 Signs - Add sizing grips to 2D
  • FZ3-8152 Signs - Add aspect lock
  • FZ3-8134 KEP Manager - add KEPs and Segment numbers
  • FZ3-8133 KEP Manager - Report & Export CSV needs to work with new KM
  • FZ3-8132 KEP Manager - Add "Use New KEP Manager". Remove events to the old KM
  • FZ3-8142 Symbol - Add ability to set paint color
  • FZ3-8117 Scrollbars added to FZ2
  • FZ3-8116 FARO Logo Branding - Quickbar logo
  • FZ3-8114 ScanPlan: Wall thickness and Room name support
  • FZ3-8107 Area command - copy to Draw menu - option in HUD to generate walls (Scanplan)
  • FZ3-8113 Crash Library dropdown additions
  • FZ3-8089 Performance Tool - Draft Mode
  • FZ3-8068 SVG - Support
  • FZ3-8048 AutoStats and Canadian Vehicle Specs Update
  • FZ3-7939 Z2g: Support SCENE project scans show/hide


  • FZ3-8218 CZD multiple island fills
  • FZ3-8201 CZD Dimension auto detect flip
  • FZ3-8194 FZ2 - CZD Island Fills - FAP symbol
  • FZ3-8191 FZ2 - Dimension Overwrite - Creech AFB
  • FZ3-8212 Mark Partain Google Map tiling issues
  • FZ3-8206 Animation UI - Edit Lights - Move to edit options
  • FZ3-8186 KEP Mgr - Enter velocity value converts wrong - enter 5 converts to 3.41
  • FZ3-8138 KEP Manager - units not applied to grid data
  • FZ3-8203 Grips - Guardrail - Not snapping to terrain
  • FZ3-8200 Layer Mgr - cannot delete a Sublayers and all its objects
  • FZ3-8192 NTSA - Greyscale symbols issue
  • FZ3-8187 Arc Road - meter conversion issues
  • FZ3-8183 DLC - Search Symbols Issue
  • FZ3-8169 Layer Manager - Selecting Item Issue
  • FZ3-8166 EDR: Steering input lost in the last KEP (time 0)?
  • FZ3-8108 EDR Stability Control data lost
  • FZ3-8096 EDR: Yaw rotation reversed for Clockwise Steering
  • FZ3-8165 Models - PBR - Save A3xml - Create model from part - issues with saving out PBR
  • FZ3-8160 Roads - Arc - Can't change the line type
  • FZ3-8139 Street Light symbol "light" not setup anymore
  • FZ3-8137 FZ PBR Singleton format
  • FZ3-8136 Dim1 - Don't trigger Value Changed when number is updated from grips
  • FZ3-8127 KEP Manager - select segment should highlight 2 adjoining rows
  • FZ3-8125 Scrollbars - 4K size different than 2K size (width of bar).
  • FZ3-8124 Area Wall - edit area effects wall - they should be separate
  • FZ3-8119 Scrollbars - Resize ribbon after scrollbars added/removed
  • FZ3-8118 Scrollbars - recalc scale based on canvas extents
  • FZ3-8109 Model Parts - parts angle Slider doesn't update number box and visa versa
  • FZ3-8090 KEP Manager - finish hooking up and test (see subtasks)
  • FZ3-8067 Diagnostic Tool - Save only if object count changes - too slow and unnecessary saves
  • FZ3-8066 Performance Diag tool - model clipped when still on screen
  • FZ3-8065 PBR Legacy Materials
  • FZ3-8062 FZ AMF Define Rotate 'handle' position
  • FZ3-8061 Model - Create model from part - causing issues with paint color
  • FZ3-8060 FZ Primary Shadow- can't turn off properly (individual off)
  • FZ3-8059 FZ PC 360 Panoramic. Down View not rendering point cloud
  • FZ3-8056 CrashTestDummy - Right click on animation path
  • FZ3-8001 Animation - Camera Path - Wait times does not work
  • FZ3-8047 Animation UI - Use Witness POV for ani cam preview icon
  • FZ3-8046 CDT - X and Z Codes connection in CDT
  • FZ3-8045 Ribbon - VR/Enviro Tab - remove VR, new name "Enviro"
  • FZ3-8044 Tiled Image - add to message "requires fzproj" and bring up project dialog
  • FZ3-8043 Ribbon - Bodies Dropdown - Increase Thumbnail size
  • FZ3-8042 Sphere - UI - Texture Options
  • FZ3-8041 Ribbon - Quick bar - Add Panoramic Image Snapshot Option
  • FZ3-8039 Faster HasBloodSpatter and GlobalConvergenceManager
  • FZ3-8035 Roads - FZ2 - Road Arc - Dash space not working
  • FZ3-8032 Report Template - Add option to rotate the print
  • FZ3-8024 Day 5 - Sprint 10
  • FZ3-7973 Performance hit - turn off weather and still update hit (has subtasks)
  • FZ3-7968 Fire refactor
  • FZ3-7963 Layer Report - Don't show GPS references in items
  • FZ3-7953 New Load Project dialog - Make windows open dialog default
  • FZ3-7925 DLC - Library Dropdown - Items not in correct order
  • FZ3-7868 Arc - Add options to transform the arc by a matrix during render
  • FZ3-7517 Draw Lights Tool needs prompts - Press Enter to Finish
  • FZ3-7231 Testing-Create Auto test system for draws - Start
  • FZ3-6602 Sign Save - documents folder with commas OneDrive

FARO Zone 3D 2021.4.0429 Release Notes – April 2021



Door Opening Slider (static model)

  1. After selecting model, click on Symbol Parts
  2. Click on (select) the door, hood, or trunk to open
  3. Use the slider to change the angle of the selected door
    1. Angles can be entered
    2. Reset to put the door back in it’s original (closed) position

Suspension switch (On/Off) and Spring Adjust)

Create more visual impact by turning on suspension, giving the animation more realistic vehicle body motion (springiness) as it responds to acceleration forces.

NOTE: The suspension system a simplified one, modeled using a single spring system.

  1. Select the vehicle model on an animation path.
  2. Click on “Model Properties” in the properties panel.
  3. Turn the Suspension switch On or Off.

Suspension settings –

  1. Suspension Factor: An adjustment on the 'strength' of the suspension spring. Higher values result in more "action".
  2. Suspension Recovery: An adjustment on the strength of the recovery of the spring. How strong/fast it goes back to its rest state. Higher value = stronger/faster recovery.

Updated models (vehicles and FARO equipment models added)


SCENE Clipping box message when opening

When opening a SCENE point cloud (lsproj) into FARO Zone an option to delete clipping boxes that were setup in SCENE will appear. SCENE clipping boxes can cause unexpected results with Zone clipping boxes.

If you want to use clipping boxes in your scene while in Zone it’s better to use only Zone clipping boxes. Clicking on “Yes” will not delete the boxes from the original lsproj file, only on the loaded point cloud.

Freeze Fire Mode

Freezing fire can improve performance. This is most notable for bigger fires and more fire instances in the diagram. Fires can be selected individually and frozen. In their normal state, fires are constantly regenerating particles that have their own birth rate and lifespan among many other options.


Overview Map Limitation:

If the SCENE Point Cloud is too big (overall diagonal length), Zone2go will not be able to generate the Overview Map due to the graphics card memory limitation. When it happens, the user will see this message:

To work around this limitation, add a Point Cloud Clipping box to reduce the Point Cloud size, and export Zone 2go project again. Otherwise, Zone 2go will use the default Overview Map from the SCENE lsproj.

The new Zone2go Logo:

Please note Zone 2go Viewer uses this logo to cover the hole under the 3D Scanner. If the drawing does not have SCENE Point Cloud, Zone 2go won’t show the logo since there is nothing to cover.

.FML file format

What is FML?

It’s a file containing geometric objects that can be imported into Floorplanner is a lightweight online room designer for the real estate and home decorating market. This is an ideal platform for the ScanPlan and FARO Zone data.

NOTE: you can try out Floorplanner at


There’s opportunity in real estate to use ScanPlan and Zone. Import ScanPlan projects into FZ2, clean up, add geometry (lines, walls, and areas). Export the finished drawing to the .fml format.


Both Zone 2D/3D products can now export to .fml thru the file menu> Save/Export options. Exported objects include -

  • Area object with label
  • Lines, Polylines
  • Poly Curves
  • Rectangles
  • Arcs
  • Wall structures

NOTE: Wall height is applied to all non-Area objects in Floorplanner.

Workflow -

  1. Scan area with ScanPlan
  2. While scanning, use Room Planner to add rooms for FML export
    FZ3_2021.4_fig10.jpg FZ3_2021.4_fig11.jpg
    Screen 1 Screen 2


  3. Import into FARO Zone
  4. Export FML file
  5. Go to and select the FML file to create a project

EDR Stability Control Input

In the past users had two options for entering the vehicle location data. This data determined the position of the vehicle as it traveled.

  1. Steering Input
  2. Yaw Rate

And now, some newer vehicles record Stability Control data in Pre-Crash. See the following table.

In addition to Yaw Rate (deg/sec), user can enter Lateral Acceleration(g) and Longitudinal Acceleration(g) data to get a more precise animation.

The user can choose which type of data to enter from the EDR Options dialog FZ3_2021.4_fig18-icon.jpg.

To apply stability control data select “Use Stability Control Input” in the EDR Options dialog:

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7964    EDR: Reduce the vehicle instances in the Animation Path FZ3-7962    Z2g: Show message if FZ fails to generate Overview map FZ3-7961    Ground Plane - use fast method
  • FZ3-7960    Z2go: Bring back "SCENE 2go" Logo, replace it with "Zone 2go" FZ3-7959    Cabinet - Rotate grip
  • FZ3-7958    Performance Diagnostic Tool - click visibility column to layer state FZ3-7957    Performance Diagnostic Tool - add Memory Use
  • FZ3-7956    Layer Mgr - Show all was not showing sublayers ON in UI FZ3-7955    Layer Mgr - Undo refreshes layer list
  • FZ3-7954    lights/shadows Memory leak FZ3-7951    Intersection UI range check
  • FZ3-7948    Doors and Hoods show Symbol Parts rotation or not rotation FZ3-7936    FZ PBR load from custom location
  • FZ3-7932    DLC - Download Entire Library Option
  • FZ3-7925    DLC - Library Dropdown - Items not in correct order FZ3-7923    Label - When you change the text it adds a roll of 90 FZ3-7920    AMF- Ability to define tires.
  • FZ3-7911    Troubleshoot PC point cloud issue FZ3-7910    NHTSA - Damage Fix
  • FZ3-7908    dz- Model Selection UI FZ3-7906    dz-model part picking FZ3-7901    Fog- memory leak
  • FZ3-7900    Suspension UI
  • FZ3-7899    Disable Parallel Save added to General Page FZ3-7898    Animation Path - Articulation - Mouse Hit issues
  • FZ3-7896    UI - Scaling DPI up to max and UI scale to extra-large causes issues with UI over detection
  • FZ3-7891    ScanPlan v1.4: Optimized vs. non-optimized lines FZ3-7890    FZ Performance tuning- Point Clouds
  • FZ3-7882    DLC - Move to Developer Branch FZ3-7879    DLC - CloudFront / AWS
  • FZ3-7877    Skinned Model - Poser form not showing all parts for color change FZ3-7876    Animation Path - Swap animated model to skinned error
  • FZ3-7875    PBR - 4 Old Mats redone
  • FZ3-7874    ScanPlan v1.4: LINE_VIEW format update FZ3-7872    Plaque 704 - _data3D null in pick
  • FZ3-7871    Trajectory - Report - Turning off one off the cones FZ3-7870    Layer Report - Name not grabbed properly
  • FZ3-7869    Animation Path - Mouse Pick - Do bounding radius check for each KEP rather than just checking triangles
  • FZ3-7867    Fire - Frozen Fire
  • FZ3-7865    Z2g: "Start SCENE 2go on Windows.bat" replace SCENE 2go with Zone 2go FZ3-7864    Dimension Line: Outside Arrows dim line issue
  • FZ3-7860    Group Text with punctuation Copy/Paste issues 11' 9" FZ3-7858    FZ- Fire performance tuning
  • FZ3-7853    RR-FZ2D is giving an "unhandled exception" when I use TR or XT on a line that has a RR line type
  • FZ3-7847    Add name field to Area
  • FZ3-7833    CDT - Hidden Points - clear selected points if hidden - do on CDT close
  • FZ3-7831    FZ Merging Zone files (far and fzproj) where both have point cloud, result in two point clouds in the scene which results in other issue
  • FZ3-7830    Cabinets - Dropdown - some items aren't drawing FZ3-7825    EDR user feedback: talk to Russ
  • FZ3-7824    ScanPlan: upgrade firmware and test new ScanPlan items
  • FZ3-7823    EDR: Stability Control Input support phase II -- from Benjamin
  • FZ3-7820    Grid Snap - I propose we turn grid snap OFF if grid is off in 3D. Works that way in 2D FZ3-7818    Work with ??? on Suspension UI setup
  • FZ3-7816    dz- Research what is needed for Content Server and Staging Server for Unity app (looking at Amazon AWS)
  • FZ3-7815    Hidden CDT Points still reflected in ZA extents (3d/2d/print)
  • FZ3-7814    Layer Mgr - has objects bitmap (circle) - change to small blue and red arrows
  • FZ3-7813    Layer Mgr - Select and delete (garbage can) an object will ask to delete the next object FZ3-7804    Animation Path - Entity Snap Issues
  • FZ3-7792    dz - URL File Load -basic
  • FZ3-7780    Animation Path - Damage - not including previous damage when creating in animation path
  • FZ3-7770    Point Cloud - Undo from delete caused error FZ3-7765    Signs - 2D mode Text draw
  • FZ3-7764    Models switch back to previous layer - Benjamin
  • FZ3-7761    VS CDT display issue - 2nd time in Show CDT comes up blank FZ3-7754    Z2go 2021: Overview map generation issue
  • FZ3-7752    Message to Remove All Clipping Boxes from SCENE lsproj import (option)....
  • FZ3-7750    Damage - Rename "offset" to "Free Space"
  • FZ3-7744    Model Utility - Add context menu to move selected triangles to different mesh FZ3-7737    Z2g: Overview map scale off for some project
  • FZ3-7718    dz-Model Load
  • FZ3-7687    Ribbon - Close in mode toggle defaults to on (even though it starts off) FZ3-7606    FARO Licensing UX - .NET 5.0
  • FZ3-7559    FAR - French Save / Load - From Tech support
  • FZ3-7555    Layer Report - Add parent name to the sub-layer pages FZ3-7554    Layer Report - Show Parent Layer with sub-layer data
  • FZ3-7548    Reports - Setup Ability to print using a template and pan the scene
  • FZ3-5341    Symbol Color - Fill Oddity

FARO Zone 3D 2021.3.0323 Release Notes – March 2021

Dirt Road Edge Feature

Covert a Road Tool straight and arc type to a dirt road. Use the Dirt Road Edge line type to convert any line type to a “rough” road edge.

Watch the video >>>

  • Street Tool – Straight
  • Street Tool – Arc
  • Line Type – Properties

Use the road tools to create straight or arc roadway sections.

FZ2d_2021_3-Fig1.png (1) Road Tool Straight
(2) Road Tool Arc

Convert the selected straight or arc road section to a dirt road.


Select the road section and turn fill OFF.

Convert any line geometry to the dirt road edge line type.

FAQ – link to Zone 2D and 3D frequently asked questions


Click in the Search bar to open the pull-down menu.

Click on FAQ to open the Zone FAQ section in FARO’s Knowledge Base.


Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7786    CDT refactoring
  • FZ3-7695    CDT point visibility checkbox
  • FZ3-7782    EDR: Paste Column Data not working FZ3-7777    EDR: Ford Focus Yaw rate error?
  • FZ3-7575    EDR: Speed interpolation on demand
  • FZ3-7774    Polyline - Convert to Dirt Edge - Not working FZ3-7773    Model - Performance Issues
  • FZ3-7772    Wall Geometry - Section - Null Error
  • FZ3-7771    Images - Geometry 2D - Error in Dispose
  • FZ3-7768    Trajectory Cone - Impact Elevation dim1 control not working FZ3-7767    Arrow Flat arrow not saving.
  • FZ3-7766    FAR - Issue creating preview
  • FZ3-7747    Z2g: A duplicate File Reference created
  • FZ3-7732    Symbols - Crush on Right not with box symbols not working FZ3-7731    Layer Manager - Show All, Hide All
  • FZ3-7724    Trajectory - 0 90 0 not in report
  • FZ3-7723    SCENE Tiff Icon, all references to be "Ortho-Photo" FZ3-7716    CZD crashes on load - from Support (Chimney.CZD)
  • FZ3-7713    Momentum - Inline - Report - Pg5 - Relative Velocity Known - Variable Inconsistency FZ3-7712    Momentum - Inline - Report - Page 5 - Variable name inconsistency in equations and list
  • FZ3-7711    Momentum - Inline - Report - Page 3
  • FZ3-7710    Momentum - Inline - Report - Title should be consistent with UI in scene FZ3-7708    Momentum - Inline - Padding on Main Display
  • FZ3-7706    Momentum - Linear Report - Equation - Variables in solving not matching list of Symbols FZ3-7649    Momentum System - Equation isn't considering the weights of the occupants
  • FZ3-7589    Momentum - Linear - Not updating values for departure distance FZ3-7693    Vehicle database - checkbox instead of radio
  • FZ3-7688    Light Manager - Place Light - Edit Light button - Remove FZ3-7685    Articulation - Guide lines
  • FZ3-7683    Replace Tiff cause original image to delete
  • FZ3-7673    PBR UI BUG- Emissive
  • FZ3-7670    Desktop Icon - change style to ADV or STD at license time. FZ3-7669    Manual button on ribbon does not use media viewer
  • FZ3-7668    Media Viewer (dotnetbrowser): Add Copy URL link to viewer (upper right) 3D Warehouse FARO Assist Help
  • FZ3-7666    Crosswalk - Can't change to color black
  • FZ3-7665    VR- PBR texture not showing up (Power button) FZ3-7664    VR- fire not showing up?
  • FZ3-7624    shadow flickering in point cloud FZ3-7609    bloom bug
  • FZ3-7601    Z Fighting (Filled Symbols)
  • FZ3-7597    CDT - Allow making points invisible - make sure points stay invisible in PDF FZ3-7596    2-point circle on right click popup
  • FZ3-7590    new Zone Icons - Logos
  • FZ3-7587    FZC: SharpDX Matrix support
  • FZ3-7581    FARO Zone 2D Release Pipelines InTouch
  • FZ3-7573    FZ2 Load Drawing shouldn't change filename/path when Admin command line checkbox checked
  • FZ3-7561    Models - PBR SL - Ambient Occlusion or Direct Occlusion properties not saving / loading FZ3-7547    Google Map - Placing a map should turn the layer back on
  • FZ3-7534    Dimension Angle - Allow setting custom arrow size
  • FZ3-7509    Intersection - 2D - road is being filled on Zone2go Export FZ3-7504    Dimension line should retain its own properties
  • FZ3-7482    3D to 2D must zoom all to see drawing
  • FZ3-7233    Virtual Survey - Point size while drawing doesn't work FZ3-7212    Bullet Marker - realign command in HUD - pick 3 pts

FARO Zone 3D 2021.2.0301 Release Notes – March 2021


  • 2021.2 Is a refactoring and bug fix release (no “new” features)

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-6864 Layer Mgr - Move objects to another layer not Undoable
  • FZ3-7082 Image Scale - drag extend grip whacks out
  • FZ3-7361 Misc. UI Refactoring HUDs and tools
  • FZ3-7491 Optimization for loading large imported ScanPlan images
  • FZ3-7510 Road show surface toggle not being save
  • FZ3-7489 2D Vehicles, add Square Generic Solid and Dashed for PHX
  • FZ3-7514 Start Page Translations
  • FZ3-7607 Update FARO Academy link – goes to
  • FZ3-7634 Preferences (F5) - crash if backup path doesn't exist
  • FZ3-7585 Circle - 2D - Fill option
  • FZ3-7592 2D Help Ribbon - update like 3D
  • FZ3-7233 Virtual Survey – can’t change point size while in virtual survey
  • FZ3-7573 Pembroke PD – file name lock Admin setting
  • FZ3-7594 Mag window open, very slow with tiff image
  • FZ3-7626 EDR: KEP with infinite acceleration?
  • FZ3-7627 EDR: KEP rotation issue
  • FZ3-7584 Witness View - crash adjust FOV outside preview
  • FZ3-7649 Momentum tool (In-Line) - Weights mixed up on report, last page
  • FZ3-7649 Momentum tool (In-Line) - Not including passenger weights in calculations
  • FZ3-7664 VR - fire not working
  • FZ3-7661 VR framerate issue (too low)


FARO Zone 3D 2021.1.0119 Release Notes – January 2021


  • Pick List System
    • Pop up list of “found” objects under the cursor if multiple objects. If you selected the wrong object you can pick the correct object from the list.
  • View Angle (Animation Camera)
    • The view angle of the camera can be adjusted to match a real-world camera field of view.
    • Select the Animation camera to bring up the camera properties panel.
  • Help/Search System
    • Search bar is dual purpose to find help in FARO Assist and the online Help manual.
    • The search bar replaces the FARO Assist and Help (?) buttons.
    • Clicking in the Search Bar without entering a key word will bring up the links to FARO Assist the Help Manual.
    • If a key word is entered the FARO Assist links will be populated in the list. If you click on the Help Manual link the keyword will be thrown into the Help Manual search automatically.



  • 2D Symbols Dashed Outline Feature
    • Option to convert lines in a 2D symbol solid to dashed.

Bug Fixes

  • FZ3-7477 Curve - shift issue - Showed up when using Z-Code in CDT
  • FZ3-7474 Zone2g: drawings without Scene Point Cloud all named "test1" in Zone2go Viewer
  • FZ3-7459 Zone2g: Zone 2go Workflow movie/PDF link error
  • FZ3-7471 Layer Mgr - missing model instead of bad extents
  • FZ3-7469 Damage Form - Reverse Checkbox - Move over to CDT Properties and rename to "Reverse Point Order"
  • FZ3-7465 North Arrows - put NorthArrow7 back and fix z-issues
  • FZ3-7462 Skinned Model - Don't save un-used motions with model
  • FZ3-7461 Skinned Model - Custom Motion - Not Automatically applying motion
  • FZ3-7460 Backups - add keep last versions - rework Preferences UI
  • FZ3-7457 .obj export issue: texture turned black
  • FZ3-7456 Point Cloud Import from raw .fls folders
  • FZ3-7450 Snaps - Grid snap not working properly
  • FZ3-7446 Witness tool crash at loading
  • FZ3-7438 Point Cloud point size save/load issue
  • FZ3-7437 Crosswalk PBR UI update
  • FZ3-7414 Chain link missing Post PBR setting
  • FZ3-7413 Curb PBR UI update
  • FZ3-7412 Hang up - change snap grid to point ( . ) value ex. .5 ft
  • FZ3-7408 Symbol color PBR issues - loses 'Normal" material NOT PBR
  • FZ3-7406 Save fzproj to .far needs to embed assets
  • FZ3-7404 Project should not allow user to save another project in same folder (can't have nested projects)
  • FZ3-7403 Open Project - check for Assets folder and warn if not found
  • FZ3-7402 Place Google map, add terrain, place point cloud, zero elev. Spinner won't stop
  • FZ3-7400 Dimension Angle: add Custom Text option (see Dimension Line)
  • FZ3-7399 Error Logs - Not saving to the documents folder
  • FZ3-7397 Remove selection "Hand" icon from Animation Camera manager in Viewer - crashes program if clicked
  • FZ3-7396 CDT - Virtual Survey workflow update
  • FZ3-7394 Animation - 2D - not refreshing scene after animation ends
  • FZ3-7393 Animation - Throwing an error while attempting to record in 2D
  • FZ3-7390 Rectangle - 2D - Remove chamfers in 2D
  • FZ3-7389 Rectangle - Grips in 2D should be in the middle of border like 3D
  • FZ3-7385 Trajectory Report -don't show Protractors if turned off
  • FZ3-7383 Fire Templates - bloom adjustments
  • FZ3-7382 Bullet Marker - created trajectories not deleting on New Scene. Not making individual copies
  • FZ3-7380 GPS ref marker when selected doesn't have HUD - use GPS ScanPlan as example
  • FZ3-7379 Layer Mgr - turn on sublayer should force hidden parent layer on
  • FZ3-7377 Animation - turn off Mag Window, don't allow 2D click
  • FZ3-7375 Bullet Trajectory - Reverse button not working correctly while attached
  • FZ3-7374 Layer Report - Zoom Full each layer page - better zoom control of individual pages
  • FZ3-7372 Click on 2D button during Animation recording crashes
  • FZ3-7369 Animation Bullet - Trying and failing to play a sound
  • FZ3-7368 Parking Stalls - Not rendering in 2D if PBR
  • FZ3-7367 Structure - Door and Window - Undo - Holes not showing in parent wall
  • FZ3-7366 Light Manager - Not allowing draw
  • FZ3-7357 CDT format x,y,z but labels change to easting, northing, elev
  • FZ3-7351 Add Left/Right lane does not take on the line color - seems to be white always
  • FZ3-7344 Layer - Delete object asks twice if you want to delete it. From garbage can
  • FZ3-7340 arc- geometry normals
  • FZ3-7339 arc- PBR UI
  • FZ3-7333 Text Label - Leader thickness when flat doesn't work
  • FZ3-7317 Snaps - Terrain snaps need a better Icon
  • FZ3-7312 Models - UI PBR - Need option to turn off all pbr
  • FZ3-7307 Sign Maker - Drawn Symbol - Saved thumbnail is low quality
  • FZ3-7300 Point Cloud - Msg Describing process and limitations of registering Point Cloud Data
  • FZ3-7292 Get rid of project folder setup for tiled images - can go straight to Proj Save dlg
  • FZ3-7280 Animation Path - Damage not showing on KEPs
  • FZ3-7279 Chain-link - Fix texture coordinate on fence
  • FZ3-7278 Layer Report - Add progress bar
  • FZ3-7264 Models - With Symbols - Have grip issues in 2D
  • FZ3-7088 Witness preview error in Zone2go and Total View
  • FZ3-7053 Elevate a sublayer to main layer option

FARO Zone 3D 2021.0.1204 Release Notes – December 2021


Welcome to the latest and greatest release of FARO Zone 3D. Moving forward the Help Manual will be updated with new release features soon after they’re released. Find the Help Manual on the Quick Bar “?” or on the Help ribbon.

Quick List of Latest Features

  • Point Cloud Advanced Tools
    • One Step Registration
    • Merge and Align Point Clouds
    • Generic to lsproj Convert
  • Layer Report
  • File Project Save System and Open/Save Dialog
  • PBR (Advanced Materials)
  • Water and Grass Surfaces
  • Weather Updates
  • Advanced Light and Shadows
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Zone2go
  • Bullet Marker System
  • Roof Tool
  • Blood Spatter Castoff
  • Vehicle Database Tool Updates;
    • “Expert AutoStats” Data Option
    • Contoured vehicle outlines option
  • New Bodies and Body Import Tool
  • Road Tool Updates
  • Vector Signs

For more detail on some of the latest features look at the 2021 Feature Review Docs.

FARO Zone 3D 2020 and Earlier Release Notes

Refer to the link below for FARO Zone 3D version history information.

Version History