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FARO® Knowledge Base

Configure Ricoh Theta Cameras For ScanPlan



The ScanPlanTM is compatible with Ricoh Theta panoramic cameras, allowing you to take panoramic images on the fly. Follow these instructions to prepare your Ricoh Theta camera for use.


To prepare your camera for use, charge your camera. Download the Ricoh Theta app and update the firmware.

Connecting and Charging the Camera

  1. Connect the supplied cable to the camera's mini USB connector port.
  2. Connect the other end to a USB Port on your computer.
  3. When the device is charging, the green LED will be illuminated (not flashing). When the camera is fully charged, the LED will go off.
    Note: Only allow one smart phone to be connected to the camera at a time. If another smartphone has been used with the Theta camera, make sure that phone is NOT set to automatically connect to the camera. It could cause capture errors.

Downloading the Theta PC program

  1. Download the RICOH THETA Setup.exe from
  2. Install the program to the default/recommended directory.
  3. Run the RICOH THETA app by clicking the start button and scrolling down to RICOH and selecting the RICOH app, or start typing Ricoh in the search window and then select RICOH THETA.

Updating the Theta Firmware

It is recommended to use a computer to update the firmware as the files are large.

  1. With the Theta camera connected, press the power button (top button). The blue LED on the front of the camera will turn on, and the camera icon will be illuminated.
    Note: The green LED may or may not be illuminated during this step, depending on the level of charge in the Theta.
  2. With the RICOH THETA app open, click File.
  3. Click Firmware Update.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The current version and newest version will be shown, update the firmware if necessary. 

Connecting to the Theta Wi-fi

  1. Remove the USB connector from the Theta camera (the Wi-Fi can’t be enabled while it’s connected).
  2. Turn on the Theta camera by briefly pressing the power button on the side.
  3. LED’s will illuminate and the Wi-Fi icon above the camera icon will be flashing.
  4. If the Wi-Fi icon is not flashing, press the 2nd button.
  5. The Theta serial number is the default Wi-Fi password. (just the numbers NOT the “YL”).
    Note: It is not advised to change the password as there is no password recovery feature.
  6. The Theta camera will be visible in the list of available Wi-Fi sources as THETAYLXXXXXXXX.OSC. The X’s will be replaced by the serial number of your specific device.

Theta SmartPhone App Settings

  1. Download and Install the Theta Smartphone App through your phone's app store.
  2. Open the app and press the gear symbol.
  3. The default settings do not need to be changed, but this page can also be used to check the camera battery level.
  4. Press the Left Arrow at the bottom to return to the previous screen.
  5. Press the camera icon.
  6. Press the lower gear icon to open additional settings.
  7. Press Camera Settings.
  8. Set Sleep Mode to a minimum of 10 minutes, and consider an Auto power off setting of one hour to conserve battery life.