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FARO® Knowledge Base

Error-Unspecified Error With CAM2 Measure X1


Error: The log could not be opened for the following reason: Unspecified error.

When receiving the error “The log could not be opened for the following reason: Unspecified error check to see if the software will still launch after the user clicks OK in the error message. Customers will also report the inability to open log files as well as the software freezing during the manipulation of CAD models.

If the application still launches after clicking ok then the error is referring to the C:\Documents and Settings\(User’s login or computer name)\Local Settings\Application Data\FARO\CAD Engine\1.0\CADEngine.log.

This log file records all the commands that are executed, in the event that there is a problem with the application then we have a log of the events that took place for debugging purposes. The log might have become corrupted or the application simply cannot open the log to continue recording events. This should have no effect on the functionality of the application as it is used primarily for problem investigation. Rename/erase the log file and re-launch the application, a new log file will be created at launch time and the error should not be spawned.

If this does not fix the problem the next course of action would be to first verify the user has the most recent update to the software he is using. Then uninstall and reinstall the software by using the following steps.

You can use the following procedure for the reinstall of your software.

To Uninstall the CAM2 Measure:

  1. Make sure to back up any programs or drawing files you need. (Save them to a safe folder)
  3. Select the FARO CAM2 Software and click CHANGE/REMOVE.
  4. Once complete, Go to START -> RUN then type REGEDIT and click OK
  5. Delete the following folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FARO\CAD Engine
  6. Also delete this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FARO\CAM2 Measure\5.0
  7. Restart machine and then you will be ready to install the software again.

To Install CAM 2 Measure:

  1. Input the CAM 2 Measure CD into the hard drive (The computer should AutoRun the CD, if not explore the CD and double click on "CAM2MeasureSetup.exe")
  2. Select the desired Language
  3. The Windows installer will setup the installation and then you will be prompted to select the features that you want installed.
  4. We recommend that you click on each of the Boxes and choose "This feature, and all subfeatures will be installed on local hard drive"
  5. You will then be prompted to install the software For One User, or For All Users. If you choose For One User, this means that the software will only appear under the Windows Account of the current User.
  6. You will then be prompted for the location of the installation folder. The default will set the software in StartMenu> All Programs> FARO
  7. The Windows installer will then finish the installation.
  8. When done remove the CD from the Drive and place it in the CAM 2 Measure Case.



Unspecified error