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FARO Zone 3D



FARO® Knowledge Base

Create Fly-Throughs with Total View in FARO Zone 3D




TotalViewTool.pngThe Total View tool, introduced in FARO Zone 3D 2018, is used to create fly-throughs and walk-throughs of any FARO Zone 3D project. You can prepare a fly-through of the entire scene, including the point cloud, diagram, 3D models, fire, even animations. In other words, it’s the “Total View”!

The Total View tool is also used to create “saved views” of your scene that can be used at any time. If you navigate to a desired view of the scene, save it and give it a name. Later, just two clicks lets will let you return to that exact view.

Tutorial Download

If you would like to view a .far file of the completed fly-through created in this article, download the accompanying tutorial file.

Tutorial File Download

Create a Fly-Through

Before you create your fly-through, open your SCENE project, create your FARO Zone 3D diagram, add any analysis, such as bullet trajectories, and create your animation. Then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate/position the view of your scene where you want to start your fly-through animation.
  2. Click the “Total View” icon from the top menu of the screen, or from the Animation menu.
    You can drag the Total View window to the side and make it smaller or larger by dragging the corners.
  3. To save your first view, click the camera icon in the Total View window.
  4. A snapshot of this view is saved and now appears in the Total View window.NameScreenShot.png
  5. If desired, you can name any of your views. To name this view, hover your mouse over the snapshot until you see the “n” symbol appear.
  6. Click the “n” icon and type the name you want to assign to this view. Press Enter or click “Close” to assign the name.
  7. Navigate to the next view you want to use in the fly-through and repeat the process – click the camera icon in the Total View window to save the view and assign it a name, if desired.
    • You probably will want to save at least six or seven views for a good fly-through. The program will make a smooth path between the views. If you have views that are extremely different, jumping a big distance, the video may look choppy.
  8. So far, you have saved a bunch of views, but you still do not have a fly-through. At any time, you can open Total View and click on any of the screenshots to instantly return to that view. Next, combine the views to create the fly-through.

    Click the check mark icon on the Total View window to select all the saved views and move them to the Fly-Thru column on the right. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse over an individual screenshot and click the arrow to move just that one to the Fly-Thru. If you want to select individual views, just repeat the process to select all the  views you want to include.

  9. Click on any of the screenshots in the right-hand Fly-Thru column to jump to that view. Place your mouse on the screenshot (hover there) and click the arrow buttons to move that view up or down in the sequence. Use the “X” icon to remove that view from the Fly-Thru. This does not remove the saved view, it only removes it from the Fly-Thru sequence.
  10. Click the paper airplane icon in the Total View window to create the fly-through from the selected views.

    Choose whether you want a Fly-Thru or Walk-Thru, enter a custom speed, if desired, and then click the blue, “Create Fly-Thru” button.
  11. SAVE YOUR PROJECT! Be sure to regularly save your FARO Zone 3D work.
  12. Click the Play arrow on the Animation toolbar, or in the lower right of the screen AnimationControls.png to watch the fly-through.

Fly-Through Properties and Reactivation

Fly-throughs created with Total View are an animation, just like other animations you may create. This means all the options that apply to animations can also apply to fly-throughs, such as the play speed. If you have another animation in the project, in addition to the fly through, it will play at the same time.

Important Note: If you create a project with a vehicle animation and a fly-through, the next time you open the project, only the vehicle animation will play. This can be very confusing as you wonder what happened to your fly-through.

There are two ways to re-activate your fly-through:

  • Open the Total View tool. All your saved views will still be there. You can quickly repeat steps 8 through 10, above, to re-create your fly-through.
  • Zoom back far enough until you can see the wavy animation path of the fly-through. This is easier to do if your fly-through views are elevated above the scene. Click on the path to activate it. Click the play button and both of your animations should now play.