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FARO® Knowledge Base

Release Notes for CAM2 2018


This article lists the Release Notes for each version of CAM2® Software to date. The current version release notes are displayed at the top of the article. Previous revisions are contained in expanding sections below.

Navigating this article:

  • Use the Table of Contents block in the upper right hand of this article to jump to a release.
  • You can expand a version section by clicking the + button
  • To search all versions, click the Expand All Versions button and then use the Ctrl+f search feature in your browser. Sections must be “expanded” to be searched.


CAM2 2018.7 (Ver. 11.7.143) Release Notes

This is the seventh maintenance release for CAM2 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Removal of Planar Grid Filter

The Planar Grid Filter option has been removed from the Point Cloud Scanning filter as well as from the Point Cloud editing mode. When opening files that have been saved with these Filters, they will display the None filter instead. It is recommended to use the improved Grid Filter which provides a better point distribution and overall performance. More information on the Grid Filter can be found below.


Improved Grid Filter

A significant change has been made to the Grid Filters to improve the overall point distribution while maintaining the performance of the previous Grid filter. The improved results have supported the decision to deprecate the Planar Grid Filter.

2018-7_Fig2a.jpg 2018-7_Fig2b.jpg
Planar Grid Filter Grid Filter

Point Cloud Properties, Set Grid Normal as Default Filter

Building on the previous improvements and given the benefits obtained from the new improved Grid Filter, CAM2 2018.7 will, by default, set the Point Cloud Scanning filter to Normal Grid (0.250mm).

Change STL Color to Gold

When importing STL files, these will now be displayed in a Golden color by default.

Fixed Issues


  • CAM2M-6291: The nominal Length value changes to an incorrect value when changing the active Coordinate System
  • CAM2M-6302: Alignments are not automatically recalculated after deleting the readings and remeasuring all features
  • CAM2M-6316: Alignment is not created when the Align with World option is checked in the Create Coordinate System Wizard
  • CAM2M-5756: The Align My Part Wizard aborts during measurement when using 3 spheres for the alignment
  • CAM2M-5814: The CTE values are always in Fahrenheit
  • CAM2M-6261: The Device Position is not displayed in the correct location in the CAD View
  • CAM2M-6255: The Material name column is empty running in a language different from English

CAD Viewer

  • CAM2M-34: Performance of CAD View deteriorates when displaying whiskers on a file with many features

Cobalt Array Imager

  • CAM2M-163: The Total Angle value is not rounded correctly when setting the number of scan positions
  • CAM2M-5842: A System.NullReferenceException error is displayed when re-scanning a Point Cloud
  • CAM2M-6332: The Scanning Filter is set to Planar when Measuring a Point Cloud and an Imager Array is set as the Active Device


  • CAM2M-5357: Matching actual construction is not created when adding readings to a Nominal construction Point between 2 lines
  • CAM2M-5897: The construction of a Point by intersection of a Line and Cone fails
  • CAM2M-6152: The construction of a Point by intersection of a Coordinate System Axis and Cone fails

Device Center

  • CAM2M-6136: Laser Line Probe cannot be selected in Device Management window

Feature Information

  • CAM2M-6362: Diameter value of measured circle changes with different alignments in saved file
  • CAM2M-2104: Position values disappear and New Nominal Point is created when users override the diameter value in the Feature Information Panel


  • CAM2M-6050: Is not possible to open a customer file
  • CAM2M-6065: Export Point Cloud as Mesh takes up to 1 hour to export on very dense Point Cloud
  • CAM2M-1192: Imported Reference Points are in different location than is defined in text file
  • CAM2M-5874: Cannot Preview, Apply, or Export a User Profile unless a new profile has been created previously.


  • CAM2M-5880: Some texts are not translated in certain languages

Laser Tracker

  • CAM2M-5802: Remove Last Point command does not work when measuring with the Stable Point Trigger mode


  • CAM2M-162: Offset value being applied when using the Cross Section from Screen option
  • CAM2M-6027: Cannot edit the properties of a Coordinate System if the active Coordinate Format is different than the one set at creation time (cartesian, cylindrical, spherical)
  • CAM2M-6028: Multiple planes are created after pressing End Measurement when the Coordinate Format is set to Cylindrical
  • CAM2M-6119: Measured features do not solve when Coordinate Format is set to Cylindrical
  • CAM2M-5985: Export Measurement Data to Text File is not exporting the correct X, Y, Z values

Point Cloud

  • CAM2M-6227: The actual value for the form is calculated incorrectly for a Point Cloud in a given customer file
  • CAM2M-6294: Changing the Scanning Filter to Planar takes a very long time
  • CAM2M-6295: The Filter CAD Edge option is always applied even when this option is unchecked
  • CAM2M-6299: The grid size set in Preferences is not being set as default when creating a Point Cloud
  • CAM2M-6304: The Scanning Filter applied to an imported Point Cloud is incorrect
  • CAM2M-6216: The Lock Viewers button is disabled in Point Cloud Registration mode
  • CAM2M-6378: The lighting is not being applied correctly on Point Clouds
  • CAM2M-5337: The Form statistic has an incorrect value


  • CAM2M-303: Apply to All for GD&T Tolerances page does not change tolerance visibility


  • CAM2M-324: Multi-selection of QuickTools steps may become slow
  • CAM2M-5242: The Create from Features option doesn't work properly for Offline licenses
  • CAM2M-6254: An error message is displayed when running an Activate 6Probe step
  • CAM2M-6276: An error message is displayed when the user is using 6Probe but chooses to override the Target and Adapter to SMR (Properties | Tooling)


  • CAM2M-5898: Slow performance when creating a report for the first time
  • CAM2M-6124: Choose Background on report doesn't work correctly


  • CAM2M-6366: Unable to upgrade version 2018.6 to 2018.7


  • CAM2M-6118: Certain Row's / Columns of shortcuts not working

Experimental Features

Experimental Features are new software capabilities that, while are still in development, FARO chooses to make available to our end users. The goal of such a program is to allow our users to get visibility into what is in development as well as provide feedback that can be appropriately be integrated as the Features are still in development. Customers participating in our Experimental Features are helping FARO to provide the best solutions in the most useful way.

The list of Experimental Features that are available with each version can be accessed from the File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. Here you can enable the Experimental Features of interest and, in doing so, will also be required to participate in the FARO Customer Experience Program.

Remark: The Features exposed are intended for experimentation. FARO recommends that all be turned off if working with production inspection files.

2018-7_Fig5.jpgPoint Cloud Scanning Profiles

Capturing the right amount of data can be challenging. It becomes even more so when there are a multitude of device, part and filter specific setting that need to be set to guarantee the best trade-off between obtaining enough data for part coverage without taking too much data that then can affect the usability and performance of CAM2.

The Point Cloud Scanning Profiles are intended to simplify this particularly complex configuration step by offering a set of out-of-the-box profiles for the common types of parts that our end users scan. These Scanning Profiles describe the types of components rather than the specific settings needed to scan them, making the operator’s life much easier when a part must be scanned.

The biggest change that can be observed is in the Measure > Point Cloud command window and the Point Cloud Properties. The complete section where users would previously see several Point Cloud related capture settings now displays four buttons representing four common scanning settings. Hovering the mouse over each button will display the settings that compose the setting.

Uniform Curvature Filter

This Experimental Feature introduces a new Curvature based algorithm in replacement of the existing Curvature filters. Turning on this Experimental feature does not introduce any change in the User Interface. Instead, when choosing a Curvature-based filter in the Point Cloud Editing workspace, a new algorithm will be used to filter the Point Cloud. The new method uses the new Grid Filter in combination with an improved curvature calculation that results in a better and more uniform distribution of data.

2018-7_Fig6a.png 2018-7_Fig6b.png
Current Curvature Filter Experimental Grid Filter



CAM2 2018.6 (Ver. 11.6.88) Release Notes

This is the sixth maintenance release for CAM2 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Removal of Planar Grid Filterr

The Point Quality filter, previously only available with Planar or Grid scanning filters, is now available when applying the ‘None’ scanning filter. This enables users to identify the scan quality and remove or replace areas deemed of a lesser quality.



6Probe™ - Very Low Battery State

To further support 6Probe users, another battery state ‘Very Low’ has been implemented into the Measurement Window. The battery icon will show a red border when this state is reached.

3D Imager Tangential Points Converted to Point Quality

The 3D Imager tangential point option is the equivalent of the Laser Line Probe Point Quality option.

When using an Imager, the ‘Tangential points’ option within the Point Cloud properties, has been replaced by ‘Point Quality’, to aid users by providing consistent terminology and functionality regardless of the scanning device type being used.

Fixed issues


  • CAM2M-39: The ISP values change when "Modify" is selected, even without any alteration
  • CAM2M-6138: Exception displayed after measuring a CSS and is not possible to perform the alignment

Bundle Adjustment

  • CAM2M-187: Bundle Adjustment Solution window: unable to see all the Device positions or targets


  • CAM2M-6206: Device Center does not detect devices when FIPS is enabled
  • CAM2M-6238: Point Cloud operations not available after arm is powered on

Feature Information

  • CAM2M-32: DIN and DIN ISO tolerances in feature information panel for Length Measurement is zero


  • CAM2M-6025: The apply button is not available on the measurement data panel
  • CAM2M-6155: Is not possible open a specific file
  • CAM2M-6182: Surface Edge operation is not available when using a FARO Arm with LLP attached


  • CAM2M-5843: Exception shown when scanning a Point cloud that is compared to a surface different from CAD Assembly
  • CAM2M-6093: It is not possible to select and delete folders on Imager Array Phases Configuration
  • CAM2M-6151: Imager Array operations are not available when Imager Array is active device.


  • CAM2M-157: Is not possible to import XLN files


  • CAM2M-6154: Label readings not shown when picked form Inspect Surface

Learn Files

  • CAM2M-6157: Iterative alignment is not imported from learn files

Pick From CAD

  • CAM2M-4367: Pick From CAD-function does not work when CAD is mirrored around X axis

Point Cloud

  • CAM2M-6242: Unable to perform the Fine Registration (The application locks up)


  • CAM2M-5989: Unable to save preference changes after performing a move device position


  • CAM2M-5795: Selecting more than one ChangeAdapter Step does not block different combos
  • CAM2M-6170: Is not possible to change 6probe adapter during a QuickTools Program
  • CAM2M-6179: ‘Lag ‘observed when measuring Vector Points or Cross Section Scan within a QuickTool
  • CAM2M-6212: Unable to measure other features after measuring a Cross-Section with a QuickTool


  • CAM2M-6221: Keyboard shortcuts do not work


  • CAM2M-6030: Parts of the customization window are cut off
  • CAM2M-6086: FaroLaserTrackerBusyException when turn ON/OFF the Motor using 6Probe buttons


  • CAM2M-6172: CAM2 freeze with automatic Tube Alignment
  • CAM2M-6175: It is not possible to key in a tube after File>New

Experimental Features

In CAM2 2018 we may expose experimental features to our users, these can be accessed through the File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. You can toggle them on or off. These should only be used for experimentation and should all be turned off if working with production inspection files.

Remark: While using Experimental Features, it is required that you participate in FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program.


CAM2 2018.5 (Ver. 11.5.163) Release Notes

This is the fifth maintenance release for CAM2 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Minor enhancements for FARO® Laser Tracker 6Probe

We have continued to improve CAM2 support for 6Probe in this version, with several minor enhancements based on feedback received from the launch of 2018.4.

Improved Left vs Right Hand Visual Feedback

Instead of switching left to right we now highlight the chosen hand configuration.

Improved Operation List Accessibility for 6Probe Configuration Window

To enable easy verification of which operations are already mapped to 6Probe buttons, from within the combo box, operations that are already assigned to a button are shown in bold.

Allowing to Turn ON/OFF the "Follow Me" Command Using 6Probe Buttons

The Turn ON/OFF the “Follow Me” command, has been added to the 6Probe button configuration UI.

6Probe Related Button Icons Have Been Updated

The 6Probe command icons shown in the Devices ribbon, have been updated based on feedback collected, to clearly identify the commands.

Label Readings - Support to add Callouts to Readings.

We have enabled support to manually attach deviation callouts to readings of specific features: Surface Edge, Polyline, Polyline Group, Inspect Surface. This function has been made available under the Labels ribbon group on View Tab.


Improved Cross-section from STL Support

Cross sectioning of Point Cloud and STL has been improved to support partial and non-manifold STL sections.

Improved Consistency of TrackArm Alignments Result

To improve the consistency of how TrackArm relocation results are reported within CAM2, we have now aligned the displayed information shown in Device Manager > Device Position window, to those that are shown at the end of TrackArm wizard routine.

Fixed issues


  • CAM2M-5718: Alignment inconsistent in several program executions
  • CAM2M-5778: First alignment is always bad comparing to the next ones in RPM
  • CAM2M-6088: It's not possible to re-solve an alignment after including a surface edge on report

Crash Report

  • CAM2M-6131: Unable to authenticate on crash data server


  • CAM2M-6058: Unable to install CAM2 2018.5 from command line using certain parameters


  • CAM2M-6070: Feature readings shown in World coordinates, when a different alignment is active.

Pick From CAD

  • CAM2M-5888: Text error in 'Pick From CAD' ribbon for Inspect Surface Point


  • CAM2M-5598: "Motor On" and "Set Backsight" commands have opposite behavior


  • CAM2M-5958: The Tracker is unavailable after Start-up Checks
  • CAM2M-5979: During 6Probe measurement, battery status alternates between 0 and actual value
  • CAM2M-5983: The highlighting of 6Probe configurations between right and left hand is incorrect
  • CAM2M-5987: Motor On/Off icon in ribbon is not updated when selecting using the 6Probe buttons
  • CAM2M-6006: Error message shown if Probe Management is open / hidden, and icon is pressed.
  • CAM2M-6060: The measurement interval is not constant when using the "long press" button

Experimental Features

In CAM2 2018 we may expose experimental features to our users, these can be accessed through the File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. You can toggle them on or off. These should only be used for experimentation and should all be turned off if working with production inspection files.

Remark: While using Experimental Features, it is required that you participate in FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program.


CAM2 2018.4 (Ver. 11.4.139) Release Notes

This is the fourth maintenance release for CAM2 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


FARO® VantageS6, VantageE6, and 6Probe Support

CAM2 2018.4 now supports the new FARO 6Probe, which when used with the new VantageS6 and VantageE6 Laser Tracker provides a complete 6DoF measurement solution.
The newly designed 6Probe functionality can be easily accessed from the Devices ribbon, within the 6Probe group.


There are 2 new 6Probe functions:

There are 2 new 6Probe functions:

  1. Probe Management
  2. Probe Customization


Probe Management

Selecting Probe Management icon, will provide access to the Probe Management Window. From this interface, the user can setup, compensate and check the 6Probe:

Probe Configuration

Whilst the 6Probe has 4 buttons, CAM2 provides the user the ability to program up to 12 different commands by utilizing Single Click, Double Click or Long Press actions.

This additional functionality and intuitive interface, will provide users additional freedom to do more with the 6Probe.

Export Point Clouds with Color

CAM2 2018 now allows for exporting point cloud data with colour information. From the export dialog, you can select the option Colour to include the colour information on the exported file.

Translation of *.asm and *.prt (ProE / Creo ) CAD Files

CAM2 is now supports the import of asm.* and prt.* files directly into CAM2 2018. This is a seamless improvement in the software and the import CAD workflow is not affected.


Improved Scanning Performance when Using a Clipping Plane

When defining a clipping plane prior to scanning point cloud data, CAM2 will now ignore any data the LLP captures, that is being clipped by the plane. This change allows for higher scanning performance and smaller file sizes.

Change Operator to Read-Only Using Current Windows User

The operator name is now populated using current windows logon account and is shown as a read only field on the Document Header and Report. This was added to provide secure user traceability, as requested by several customers.

Should the user wish to have a manual entry for the operator name, this can be achieved by simply adding a custom field to the Document Header.

Measure All Workflow Improvement to Prompt User for Measured / Unmeasured Features

To further support workflow simplification in CAM2 2018 we have expanded the capability of the Measure All function, to now automatically recognize when measured and unmeasured features are present. When the feature panel contains a mix of features with and without readings, the user will be asked whether they wish to re-measure previously measured features, i.e. those that already have readings.

If the user selects ‘yes’, all features in the Features panel will be measured, replacing any existing readings. If the user selects ‘no’, only the features without readings will be measured, skipping those features that already have readings.

The default behavior can also be determined from within the preferences:

OOC (Keep Raw Data) Support Improvements

Our out of core technology has been improved to handle removal of point cloud data. When Keep Raw Data is checked, all the data captured by a FARO Laser Line Probe will be saved directly to a separate file (PBS) without data loss, allowing for later processing of point cloud data.

CAM2 will now permanently remove saved data, when applying a ‘Clear Readings’ and create a new PBS file when applying ‘Add Readings’.

When in editing point clouds, deleting data will now detach the point cloud from the PBS file.

Fixed issues


  • CAM2M-3630: Poor Alignment result (even after using an aligning point)
  • CAM2M-5042: Alignment Statistics change each time you perform "Apply/Solve" (Three Feature Alignment/Inspect Surface Point Alignment)
  • CAM2M-5794: CS, 'Align with' World is checked, however after creating the CS, the World is not aligned.
  • CAM2M-5827:  You can't delete points with the button "delete last point" while doing Surface point Alignment using Align My Part Wizard

Cross-Section Scans

  • CAM2M-5859: Wrong title from Cross-Section Scan Window


  • CAM2M-5825: The encoders window not displayed when connecting an arm post software installation.
  • CAM2M-5846: After turning Arm off/on, it is not possible to measure


  • CAM2M-5817: System.NullReferenceException is raised when closing CAM2 2018
  • CAM2M-5839: An exception is displayed when opening a FCD file using barcode reader
  • CAM2M-5861: Time to revert the active alignment to none is too long


  • CAM2M-5809: Buttons for adding/removing individual deviation markers to export are not available (Export Deviation Markers Wizard)


  • CAM2M-5838: When opening CAM2 2018 from an FCD a window is displayed to install the barcode reader drivers


  • CAM2M-5591: It is not possible to Edit Probe Settings in the Measurement Data panel.
  • CAM2M-5788: The list of adapters on the measurement window is not the same as in Device Center

Point Cloud

  • CAM2M-5824: Is not possible to measure point cloud


  • CAM2M-5747: Change Adapter button should be disable on QuickTool Panel when not in record mode


  • CAM2M-5822: Exception occurs in step Add Readings on a specific FCD
  • CAM2M-5848: Inability to connect to Laser Tracker with CAM2 2018 on Windows 1803
  • CAM2M-5879: RMs value is not calculated for Laser Tracker

Experimental Features

In CAM2 2018 we may expose experimental features to our users, these can be accessed through the File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. You can toggle them on or off. These should only be used for experimentation and should all be turned off if working with production inspection files.

Remark: While using Experimental Features, it is required that you participate in FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program.


CAM2 2018.3 (Ver. 11.3.111) Release Notes

This is the third maintenance release for CAM2 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Prizm™ Laser Line Probe Support

CAM2 2018.3 now supports the Prism™ Color LLP, enabling the capture and display of colored point clouds in CAM2.

Import Point Cloud Wizard

A wizard has been provided supporting the import of Point Cloud from .asc, .ptx, .txt and .xyz formats. The Point Cloud option has therefore been removed from the Import Points wizard. The import / export of colored point cloud is also supported.


Disabling Point Cloud Raw Data storage during editing.

When capturing Point Cloud, the ‘Keep Raw Data’ option stores data captured at the full resolution of the LLP to the hard drive, regardless of the filter used.
To improve performance and to avoid unwanted data being retrieved from the raw data, when performing certain point cloud editing operations the ‘Keep Raw Data’ will be now disabled. Users will be notified when an operation will disable the ‘Keep Raw Data’, since once applied data can no longer be retrieved.

Fixed issues


  • CAM2M-3976: Exception when closing the Measurement window for Point Cloud
  • CAM2M-5687: Measuring a Plane with 3 Points using auto- recognize shows Form greater than 0
  • CAM2M-5744: The Stable Point Trigger requires user to manually press G key to start.
  • CAM2M-5755: If a LLP is detached from a connected arm, Point Cloud buttons are still active.


  • CAM2M-5711: Circle extraction when less than 3 points are selected causes exception


  • CAM2M-5745: Iterative alignment using 4 circles does not solve.


  • CAM2M-5721: GD&T calculations for Parallelism and Perpendicular incorrect.


  • CAM2M-5780: CAM2 freezes when executing "Aim at" step in a QuickTool.


CAM2 2018.2 (Ver. 11.2.192) Release Notes

This is the second maintenance release for CAM2® 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Extraction of Rectangular and Round Slots Using Minimum Fit

It is now possible to change between Minimum (maximum inscribed) and Standard Fit (best fit) solver methods on extracted rectangular or round slots on the feature properties window.


Improved Performance by Reducing Number of Alignment Resolves

Continuing the improvements on the alignments of point clouds, we have improved performance in several cases by reusing the same alignment to avoid unnecessary recalculations.

Fixed Issues


  • CAM2M-44: Alignment result is empty after selecting ‘Apply/Solve’ sequentially several times.


  • CAM2M-5580: Alignment fails using partial scan and full CAD model, on customer fcd.

Cross-Section Scans

  • CAM2M-3294: Unable to measure Cross-Section-Scan when "keep raw data" is checked.

Device Center

  • CAM2M-5578: Unable to connect to a specific Vantage Tracker using custom IP address
  • CAM2M-5582: Unable to restart Device Server in a specific scenario
  • CAM2M-5597: Device Center ‘stops working’ after completing Tracker Self Compensation
  • CAM2M-5648: Probe display orientation incorrect in Align My Part wizard.


  • CAM2M-5465: When Measuring a Point Cloud, prior to taking readings, the active probe switches between LLP and 6mm probe


  • CAM2M-5305: DRO background tolerance colors not being displayed


  • CAM2M-5662: Unable to import device position via Manage Devices

Point Cloud Alignment

  • CAM2M-4222: Exception shown when Point Cloud Alignment does not solve, when incorrect clipping plane hides all points.
  • CAM2M-5115: Unable to solve point cloud alignment with customer file /CAD.


  • CAM2M-5346: Tabular Pass/Fail Template: Status shown as ‘Pass’ when no actual value is present.
  • CAM2M-5362: Detailed Template: Status shown as ‘Pass’ on a GD&T callout, even though it fails


  • CAM2M-5607: Devices Ribbon: Laser Tracker commands not available when Device Centre is open.


  • CAM2M-5630: Silent exception executing Locate TrackArm using Tracker (not visible to user)

Experimental Features

CAM2 exposes experimental features to our users. These can be found and ‘toggled’ on / off via File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. These features should only be used for experimentational purposes and are not intended to be used for regular component measurement or inspection.

Note: To enable the use of Experimental Features, the user is required to participate in FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program.


CAM2 2018.1 (Ver. 11.1.467) Release Notes

This is the first maintenance release for CAM2® 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, obsolete features and fixed issues.


Add Show Feature Window (DRO) to Feature List Context Menu

In the previous version of CAM2 2018, the option to display the Feature Window (DRO) was only accessible through a shortcut key. Users can now display a DRO through the feature selection context menu (right click menu).

Allow the user to change Solver Method for Hard Probe Slots

Users are now able to choose between Standard (Best Fit) and Minimum (maximum inscribed) solver methods for Hard Probed Rectangular and Round Slots in CAM2.


CAM2 Start-up Time Significantly Improved

In this first maintenance release for CAM2, the start-up time has been reduced on average by 50% depending upon the computer specifications being used.

Open CL Support for Hardware Acceleration

In this version, to remove the dependency on Nvidia graphics cards, we have migrated from Nvidia CUDA to Open CL for hardware accelerated calculations. This makes CAM2 2018.1 compatible with a wider range of graphic card brands.

Historically customers with non-Nvidia graphics cards would constantly see a warning prompt  and border around the 3D viewer,  indicating the graphics card driver was outdated. This will now cease to   be required and our hardware accelerated calculations will still run using graphic cards supporting OpenCL version 1.1 or higher.

Improved Fine Registration of Point Cloud Data

We have considerably improved our fine registration algorithms to provide more consistent results, improved accuracy and better registration in overlapping areas.

Improved Feature Extraction Repeatability

Significant improvements have been made to the extraction of circles using the Thin Material option, to provide highly repeatable results.

Obsolete Features

Feature Creator Panel

This has been removed to improve start-up time, and to eliminate incompatibility issues.

Fixed Issues


  • CAM2M-1635: CAM2 poor performance when Loading large CAD
  • CAM2M-5057: Unable to import CAD when FIPS compliance policy is enabled
  • CAM2M-5239: After export to IGES file and importing back into CAM2, the measured features do not exist

Cross-Section Scans

  • CAM2M-4546: Cross section dimensions are lost when unused points are deleted.

Customer Experience

  • CAM2M-5302: The customer experience window is shown in the device center even after accepting / rejecting in CAM2 2018.

Device Center

  • CAM2M-5071: CAM2 stops working after close version 11.1.0
  • CAM2M-5118: CAM2 2018 loses the active probe when using FARO Arm with LLP
  • CAM2M-5152: Unable to connect to the selected device.
  • CAM2M-5153: An exception is thrown when the user removes ‘unavailable’ Imagers from Device Center


  • CAM2M-5464: Is not possible to measure with LLP when 2 devices are connected


  • CAM2M-5205: Could not Load file or assembly "Faro.Cad" when opening fcd
  • CAM2M-5236: CAM2 2018 not recognizing fcd files when try to open using File | Open


  • CAM2M-4350: GD&T | Labels | Software crash when trying to collect readings for first feature
  • CAM2M-4548: When applying MMC to a feature, CAM2 applies the bonus tolerance even when the feature size is out of tolerance


  • CAM2M-35: CAM2 slow start-up/load time
  • CAM2M-49: Filter editor does not work correct in "Measurement Data"

Imager Array

  • CAM2M-5519: CAM2 crashes when creating an imager array


  • CAM2M-5066: 3D Imager wizard intermittently gets stuck in a scanning step


  • CAM2M-3317: Tube break points should be exported according to the created coordinate system


  • CAM2M-3961: Assigning or removing a datum from a feature also creates labels for every other feature
  • CAM2M-4173: The Label attached to a surface point is floating in space
  • CAM2M-5241: The values displayed in the labels detailed are difficult to see (greyed out) when nominal information is not present


  • CAM2M-4046: Layer color appears on PC and color coding


  • CAM2M-5525: In Offline, when exiting template mode cannot ask to measure all


  • CAM2M-3955: Auto-recognize features doesn't work when CAM2 starts for first time
  • CAM2M-5492: It is not possible to collect readings to Cross Section Scan using Hard Probe

Notification Center

  • CAM2M-4635: Notification exception when there is no Network connection

Point Cloud

  • CAM2M-5178: It is not possible see the point cloud when comparing with CAD
  • CAM2M-5441: When rescanning when ‘temperature out of tolerance’ is detected, scanning will not end


  • CAM2M-2126: Is not possible to run a Quick Tools from batch file
  • CAM2M-4037: Exception shown in measurement window, when running a QuickTool in QT Player.
  • CAM2M-4678: Quick Tools Date Not Properly Displayed

QuickTools Player

  • CAM2M-5021: QuickTools Player stops when a comment is added to the QuickTools program


  • CAM2M-5172: No value for Inspect Surface Points shown in Detailed Report template (German Language).
  • CAM2M-5368: Exporting reports in pdf format in Polish has some fonts with special characters that are not printing out properly


  • CAM2M-5235: The "New" option in Automation > Shortcuts is disabled
  • CAM2M-5327: Commands from a shortcut aren't included in a QT program when QT is in recording mode


  • CAM2M-1437: CAD Colouring changes when switching units
  • CAM2M-164: Tooltip is displayed incorrectly for Coordinate Systems
  • CAM2M-50: Spheres do not display in the CAD view

Experimental Features

CAM2 2018.1 now exposes experimental features to our users. These can be found and ‘toggled’ on / off via File > Help > What’s New > Experimental Features window. These features should only be used for experimentational purposes and are not intended to be used for regular component measurement or inspection.

Note: To enable the use of Experimental Features, the user is required to participate in FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Extraction of Rectangular and Round Slots using Minimum Fit

When activated the extraction of slots will be calculated using the Minimum solver method (max inscribed), rather than the Standard method (Best Fit). Using this method all readings will be on the outside of the calculated slot.


CAM2 2018.0 (Ver. 11.0.7) Release Notes

This is the first release for CAM2® 2018, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, obsolete features and fixed issues.


Refer to the What’s New Document for a more detailed explanation of how to use these new features.

  • C2MEAS-75    Reorganization of Home Ribbon
  • C2MEAS-22    Enhanced Graphics Experience
  • C2MEAS-35    Scan Data Quality
  • C2MEAS-84    Redesigned GD&T Workflow
  • C2MEAS-84-2    Improved Label Anchoring
  • C2MEAS-84-6    Custom Views and Report Images
  • C2MEAS-87    New Report Templates
  • C2MEAS-89    Device Center
  • C2MEAS-90    Repeat Part Management
  • C2MEAS-91    RPM Control Station
  • C2MEAS-80    Notification Center


  • CAM2M-4820    PC alignment improvements
  • CAM2M-4819    Improve consistency of Feature Extraction
  • C2MEAS-28    Added multi path options for FARO® Cobalt Array Imager
  • CAM2M-1796    Separation of Point Cloud and Feature point sizes
  • CAM2M-2192    Feature labels point to perimeter rather than to the center of the features
  • CAM2M-2357    Removal of Quick launch toolbar
  • CAM2M-2385    Improved sound when measuring Point Clouds
  • CAM2M-2391    New Point Cloud selection command based on data quality
  • CAM2M-4181    Application splash screen displays version information

Fixed Issues

  • CAM2M-3873    Degradation of performance when rotate viewer, add measurements
  • CAM2M-179    Changes made on the ribbon are lost after closing the application
  • CAM2M-194    The device manager and the probe manager are always in foreground mode in Windows
  • CAM2M-252    The "Angular Accuracy Checks" and "Self Compensation" windows show up always in background
  • CAM2M-254    Message window title is incorrect when reconnecting an imager from an imager array
  • CAM2M-255    Italian texts are displayed when adding a Laser Tracker on a Japanese installation
  • CAM2M-2271    Probe disappears from CAD View after performing an automatic alignment
  • CAM2M-2734    Feature extraction inconsistencies observed running a QuickTool for a part that is not in its original orientation
  • CAM2M-2740    The Device Control Panel does not appear on primary monitor after disconnecting from a secondary monitor.
  • CAM2M-3705    Customer file cannot be opened in CAM2 Measure 10
  • CAM2M-3880    CAM2 Measure 10 stopped working after calibration of TrackArm probe inside "TrackArm" mode
  • CAM2M-717    Remove or reorder built-in ribbon operations are not persisted
  • CAM2M-1785    Change the order of the tabs and they do not get saved
  • CAM2M-2628    The Successful Connection dialog box appears behind the other windows.
  • CAM2M-3068    For a length measurement, there should be tolerances changed according to tolerance table ISO/DIN. And hole diameters should be changed also
  • CAM2M-3165    DCP shows invalid calibration information after selecting an LLP with no compensation
  • CAM2M-3166    DCP shows wrong calibration information for active LLP
  • CAM2M-3169    Empty contextual menu "Construct" is displayed
  • CAM2M-3246    Viewer freezes if autosave is triggered while mouse down event
  • CAM2M-3248    Round slots are missing straight segments in resulting image when exporting screen via the Export as Image command
  • CAM2M-3254    Issues when extracting a line using the method "Thin material" in a point cloud measure with LLP device
  • CAM2M-3304    Datums used in Datum Alignment are not visible in GD&T mode after it is solved.
  • CAM2M-3374    DCP selected probe calibration date is one hour behind
  • CAM2M-3512    When constructed circle has label shown and all the data is cleared the label remains despite no data to produce the circle
  • CAM2M-3515    The Point Cloud disappears (extreme zoom Out) after resetting the Cad View by pressing the ‘R’ key
  • CAM2M-3592    Changes made to a folder are not reflected in report. (Coordinate System/Type/Units)
  • CAM2M-3719    Display Color Gradient Labels preferences changing
  • CAM2M-3742 Detailed report option does not pull from all of the session information fields, nor does there appear to be an indication as to which text fields are available.
  • CAM2M-3771    Using Pick Features or Pick from CAD, it is not possible to auto- extract Round or Rectangular Slots
  • CAM2M-4167    Point Cloud Alignment cannot exclude all Point Clouds
  • CAM2M-4344    The value displayed for Height is not calculated correctly when we select two parallel segments.
  • CAM2M-4346    The dimensions added in the "cross-section analysis" mode only appears in the viewer for one cross section
  • CAM2M-3499    Isn't possible to save a cad file after fixing face orientations