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FARO® Knowledge Base

Super 6DoF TrackArm Set-up with CAM2



The purpose of this article is to advise how to set-up the FARO® Super 6DoF TrackArm system, using the CAM2® Locate TrackArm wizard.

Download a PDF of this procedure:  DV001: Super 6DoF Set-up

Walkthrough Video

Cannot view the video? Click here to download this video.

The Locate TrackArm Wizard guides the user through the FARO Super 6DOF set up process to align a FaroArm® or FARO ScanArm® to a FARO Laser Tracker, so that both systems are measuring within the same coordinate system.

The procedure is based on having both devices record the same 3D path simultaneously. The spatial alignment of these 3D paths is used to establish the location of the FaroArm relative to the FARO Laser Tracker, which is always treated as the master device.

The Locate Device Wizard process also controls the volumetric coverage of the 3D path to ensure that it encompasses 80% of the radial measuring volume of the FaroArm in use, thus ensuring an accurate device alignment calculation.

This process can be used multiple times, and each position’s accuracy is only relative to the Laser Tracker position. This provides a clear advantage over the standard Move Device process which can potentially accumulate errors as users continue to relocate the FaroArm.


  • The Super 6DoF solution requires a FARO Laser Tracker and a FaroArm.
  • The FaroArm requires a Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR) iProbe attached (Quantum Series) or TrackArm kit (legacy models)
  • Laser Tracker
    • Allow the Laser Tracker to complete the Start-up checks.
    • Position Laser Tracker, and perform the normal CompIT checks
    • Position 7/8” SMR on Home position.
  • FaroArm
    • Fix the TrackArm kit / SMR probe to the FaroArm (do not locate the SMR)
    • Position the 7/8” tooling ball and nest so it can be used for calibration.


  • Connect the Laser Tracker to the PC, and start CAM2.
  • Once CAM2 connects to the FaroArm, select Yes when prompted to add the FaroArm.
  • CAM2 will now ask whether you wish to run the TrackArm Wizard, select Yes.
    Note: The TrackArm wizard can also be started via Devices > Locate TrackArm
  • The Locate Device wizard will start and at this point the wizard will:
    • Automatically change to 7/8” SMR
    • Reset to Home
  • Progress information can be seen in:
    1. The Activity Feed
    2. The Guidance Panel shows images and text to assist the user.
    3. The progress buttons can be activated by pressing the corresponding colored arm button.
  • The wizard will detect the FaroArm to be used and search for a TrackArm probe…
    1. If a TrackArm probe is not created CAM2 will automatically create one, set it active, then prompt the user to calibrate it. (Use arm as mouse to move cursor)
      • Calibrate the TrackArm probe.
    2. If the TrackArm probe already exists, the user can choose whether to calibrate or not, by using the corresponding colored FaroArm button.
  • Once CAM2 has established a calibrated TrackArm probe, the Wizard will guide you to complete the 3D path with both devices.
    1. As instructed by the guidance images:
      • Track the 7/8” SMR from the Tracker to the FaroArm,
      • Position the SMR onto the TrackArm bracket / probe, and check that it is secure.
    2. If the laser beam is broken at any time...
      • Ensure the SMR is facing the Laser Tracker,
      • Press the green button to start SmartFind, hold the FaroArm still until the SMR is located and locked onto.
    3. Follow the instruction in the Guidance Panel
      • Press the green button to start
        Note: If beam break, or an end stop warning occurs, scanning will be paused. Simply press the green button to continue.
        Tip: Stand in front of the FaroArm, to the right hand side of its reach.
    4. Follow the instruction in the Guidance Panel
    5. Start with with your arms at a raised position, and carefully move the downwards, until the progress bar fills to 100%.
    6. The number of points captured by each device will be displayed, and audio tone will indicate that points are being captured.
      Note: It is possible to progress with less than 100%, however this could reduce the relocation accuracy
    7. Follow the instruction in the Guidance Panel
    8. Start with the FaroArm on your right side, and move across to your left side until the progress bar fills to 100%
      Note: It is possible to progress with less than 100%, however this could reduce the relocation accuracy
    9. Follow the instruction in the Guidance Panel
    10. Start with the FaroArm closer to the Laser Tracker, move away from the Laser Tracker, until the progress bar fills to 100%.
      Note: It is possible to progress with less than 100%, however this could reduce the relocation accuracy.
    11. Press the red button to complete the process.
      Note: It is possible to progress with less than 100%, however this could reduce the relocation accuracy
    12. CAM2 will now take the 3D points captured from both devices and compute the transformation from the FaroArm data to the Laser Tracker data.
    13. The Relocation Accuracy and status will be shown.
    14. The user can Accept or Retry by pressing the relevant colored FaroArm button.
      • Once accepted, a new FaroArm position is created, and set as active.

Best Practices for Device Mounting

  • For best results, mount the FaroArm on a heavy-duty tripod.

Best Practices When Performing TrackArm Paths

When performing the TrackArm scan paths:

  • Move the FaroArm smoothly, at a consistent speed,and avoid rapid, erratic back and forth movement.
  • When changing path direction, maintain a sharp direction change, and avoid large radial direction change.
  • Avoid locking the encoders.

See Also



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