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FARO® Knowledge Base

Release Notes for As-Built for AutoCAD Software


This article lists the Release Notes for each version of As-Built™ for AutoCAD® Software to date. The current version release notes are displayed at the top of the article. Previous revisions are contained in expanding sections below.

Navigating this article:

  • Use the Table of Contents block in the upper right hand of this article to jump to a release.
  • You can expand a version section by clicking the + button
  • To search all versions, click the Expand All Versions button and then use the Ctrl+f search feature in your browser. Sections must be “expanded” to be searched.


As-Built for AutoCAD 2020.2 - Release Notes

This second maintenance release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2020 includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.

Fixed issues


  • BOX-1567: 3D Dimension: The numbers were sometimes hard to read, because they were too close to the tip of the dimension arrow. We increased the distance between arrow and number to 0.3 x the text size.
  • BOX-1541: Automatic Rim (region grow): Did not work and led to an exception. This was fixed and the command works again.
  • BOX-1534: Create Scan Labels does now also support scan position CSV files exported from WebShare.
  • BOX-1493: The Shift Slice commands did not work for slices that were created by Multiple Slices Along Axis. Slices can now be shifted along the axes that was used to define them.
  • BOX-1495: Insert Point Cloud: Relative path option was not always selectable, even if the preconditions were fulfilled. Now, If the DWG was saved AND the point cloud and the drawing are on the same drive, the relative path option can be selected.
  • BOX-1506: Segments: The 2D Polyline option did not project the polylines to planes parallel to UCS XY plane. This was fixed 2D polylines are now projected like lines always were.
  • BOX-1496: Extend Multiple Planes crashed when input data was empty (planes with zero area). Now the algorithm does no longer accept empty input data.

Plant Tools

  • BOX-1585: In the menu and one dialog title we renamed re-named Align beam axes to Adjust beam axes, because this better reflects what these commands do. We also removed the parameters dialog from the Adjust beam axes manually command, because it does not use these parameters.

Analysis Tools

  • BOX-1573: Planar Analysis: If the reference plane lies completely above the analysed point cloud section, you just got the lowest point labelled. Now again both highest and lowest point are labelled no matter where the reference plane lies in relation to the point cloud.


  • BOX-1510: We now integrated French and German user manuals.
  • BOX- 1524: Checked and corrected translation for "Active set" in all languages.
  • BOX-1505. Plant in French - Wrong UI Translation. Several commands on the As-Built Plant tab were translated to plant, which is a botanical thing. They are now corrected to Usine, which is a factory.


  • Updated HASP driver to version 8.13.39675.1



As-Built for AutoCAD 2020.1 - Release Notes

This first maintenance release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2020 includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.

Fixed issues

Total Station Interface

  • BOX-1501: Crash when trying to open the Extended Measurement Box (command 'MMT). This was fixed. The dialog now opens again without issues and allows for various specific settings for Single total station measurements.

Plant Tools

  • BOX-1491: AutoCAD Plant 3D 2021 uses a new spec sheet format. Thus, the txt files that we delivered did not work with Plant 3D 2021. We now provide a new additional spec TXT file that supports the latest AutoCAD Plant 3D.
  • BOX-1494: As-Built AutoCAD 2020 in a French Plant3D 2020 changed the visibility of certain options on the Plant 3D home tab. This does not happen anymore.
  • BOX-1490: Corrected and updated some Plant 3D related error messages.


  • BOX-1479: Added translated EULA to the installer.


As-Built for AutoCAD 2020.0 - Release Notes

This is the first release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2020. For information on new features in this version, please refer to the What’s New Document.


As-Built for AutoCAD 2019.3 - Release Notes

This third maintenance release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2019, and includes the following fixed issues.

Fixed Issues

Insert Legend

  • BOX-1416: Insert Legend did not work for point cloud visualization style Elevation. Works again.

Total Station Connection

  • BOX-1393: Total Station Trimble: TPSDK angle measurement errors are fixed now.

Plant Tools - Beams

  • BOX-1289: Advance Steel: Single beam elements were not displayed in DWG with As-Built included in AutoCAD 2020 with Advance Steel. This is fixed. Beams are displayed correctly now.

Analysis Tools

  • BOX-1374: Clash detection and distance analysis: Calculation of the distance of points to AutoCAD solids is corrected.
  • BOX-1344: Analysis commands did open the colorization dialog (DISTCOLEDIT) although the step before ended with "No point cloud in drawing". This was fixed. The analysis commands end with the message, when no point cloud is loaded.

Plane Extraction

  • BOX-1281: Fixed performance regression in One Click Plane and Automatic Rim (PlanarRegionGrowing). The commands work faster now.

UI Corrections

  • BOX-771: Colorize Analysed Point Cloud: Error message was available in English only. Localized error message "Destination Path Too Long".
  • BOX-1297: Configure User Interface (KUBTCFGPROD): renamed As-Built Modeler into As-Built in the dialog, since the ribbon tab was already renamed with version 2019.2

Point Cloud Sections - Slices

  • BOX-1326: French version had issues with Slice command. The É did not work as command line option. We now fixed all non-ASCII shortcuts.


  • BOX-1340: New code signing certificate for Windows. May lead to warnings by Windows Defender. Please ignore.

Point Cloud Recognition

  • BOX-1336: As-Built (under AutoCAD 2020) did not recognise point clouds that were inserted using the AutoCAD ATTACH command. They are recogized now without having to manually Put Point Clouds Under management


As-Built for AutoCAD 2019.2 - Release Notes

This second maintenance release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2019, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


New As-Built Modeler Included

An As-Built for AutoCAD license now includes FARO’s new As-Built Modeler.

As-Built Modeler provides high-resolution external scan views that are more intuitive and easier to navigate than the point cloud in AutoCAD. Clicking points in these scan views directly generates geometry in AutoCAD using the SendTo App:

Scan Labels in As-Built for AutoCAD can now also be created from a scan position file exported from As-Built Modeler:

These scan labels allow to automatically open the according As-Built Modeler project form inside AutoCAD using ‘Open linked scan’.

Activation of As-Built Modeler Functionality

All customers with a valid As-Built for AutoCAD 2019 license are eligible to use As-Built Modeler 2019.

To activate the functionality you need to update your license as follows:

  • Customers with a valid maintenance contract for a local single-user license of As-Built for AutoCAD can use the online update or the license portal.
  • Customers with a license for As-Built for AutoCAD 2019
    • without valid maintenance at the time of the update, or
    • with network licenses, or
    • without internet access

      Contact customer service to perform a manual activation.


Plant Tools

Customer request: Since the AutoCAD Plant 3D export can take a while, we now added a progress bar to visualize that the software is still processing.

Scan Label Import

Analog to the Insert Point Cloud command, the scan lable import now allows scaling, and defining an offset. Thus, the imported scan positions from As-Built Modeler or VirtuSurv match the point cloud.

Renamed Ribbon Tab

In order to prevent confusion, the As-Built Modeler ribbon tab and menu in As-Built for AutoCAD are now renamed to As-Built.

Fixed Issues

Handheld Laser Meter and Total Station Connection

  • BOX-1233: Connection to Disto Smart series devices is working again. Connection with BlueTooth 4.0 DISTOs (D510/D810) via handheld laser box did not work.
  • BOX-1225: Extended Laser Meter Box lead to AutoCAD crash. This is fixed now.

Total Station Connection

  • BOX-1232: Automatic target approach for setting out did not work for certain motorized total stations (e.g. Leica TCRM 1203). This is now fixed.

Plant Tools

  • BOX-1229: Command Exchange a Part (PCEXCHANGE): If an object does not have continuations at all connection points the list for selecting new parts was empty. The list now offers suitable parts.
  • BOX-1205: In in certain drawings KUBITPLANTBEAM could not be exported to solids. This is fixed now.
  • BOX-1231: AutoCAD Plant 3D export failed with exception, when pipes had only one connection point.

Menu Load and Menu Update

  • BOX-1249: After installation of updates the menus did not always update automatically, users manually had to run the ABMENU command. Menus are now automatically updated.

UI Corrections

  • BOX-1269: French version, commands for creating recess/door/window: The dialog text did not match the symbols in the sketch. Also, the command line prompts have been corrected for all languages.

Feature Data Management

  • BOX-1251: Export to Excel only showed feet values (no inch and fractions) when the CAD unit is set to Architectural. This is fixed now.
  • BOX-1255: Small dialog layout fix in one of the sub-dialogs of the visualization definition.


  • BOX-1219: updated FARO Licensing package and fixed updater


As-Built for AutoCAD 2019.1 - Release Notes

This first maintenance release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2019, and includes the following enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.


Trim & Extend Multiple Planes

This new command extends and trims multiple kubit planes to their common trimming edge. It helps creating watertight models consisting of planar surfaces with very few clicks.

The command can be accessed via the As-Built Modeler ribbon tab:

Follow the command line prompts. Select multiple planes as input and define a tolerance. The tolerance defines the maximum distance to the plane intersection line. If the distance is larger than tolerance, the planes will not be intersected.

Before After
AsBuiltCAD_2019-1_fig2a.jpg AsBuiltCAD_2019-1_fig2b.jpg

The command line-based user interface will be improved in future releases. Therefore, the feature is marked as “experimental”. You can use it as any other As-Built command.

Updated VirtuSurv Version 2019.1.0.29435

We included VirtuSurv 2019.1.0.29435 to the As-Built setup.

  • Supports export of E57 files (including scanner position). The points are exported as structured point sets in cartesian coordinates.
  • Supports import of the latest SCENE 2019.1 file format (*.fls and *.lsproj)



On user request for improving the workflow efficiency we copied the Curved Polyline command to As-Built Building Plans ribbon tab:

We also copied the Cylinder Connection commands from the TS Design to the As-Built Modeler ribbon tab:

Fixed Issues

Language Packs

  • BOX-1189: Letters like É lead to exceptions on certain machines with French AutoCAD and French As-Built Modeler. lowerCase and upperCase functions do work locale independent now. Command line options support letters like É now.


  • BOX-1207: Crash during Image Rectification was fixed. Improved error handling for certain exceptions.


  • BOX-1198: Version manager did not automatically load new 2019.1 version.
  • BOX-1191: Ensure that updated As-Built menu is loaded when installing a patch of version 2019. Fixed Automatic Update Notification

Total Station Control

  • BOX-1197: As-Built TS Control ribbon tab and menu/toolbar was incomplete. Plan Analysis - Trace Outline now added.


As-Built for AutoCAD 2019 Release Notes

This is the first release for As-Built for AutoCAD 2019, refer to the What’s New Document for a more detailed explanation of new enhancements, improvements, and fixed issues.



As-Built for AutoCAD 2018 and Earlier Release Notes

Refer to the link below for As-Built for AutoCAD 2018 through PointSense 15.0 version history information.

Version History