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FARO® Knowledge Base

Tube Measurement - By Cylinders Method in CAM2



The purpose of this article is to advise how to measure tubing / pipe using Measure Tube – By Cylinders method.

Download a PDF of this procedure:  MS003: Tube Measurement - By Cylinders Method


  • Mount / fix the tube / pipe firmly within reach of the FARO® device (FaroArm /Laser Tracker)
  • Establish the Start and Finish end faces.
  • Identify the cylinders (straight sections) to be measured
  • Key-in nominal tube data if available. (Key-in – Tube)


From the Measurement ribbon select Tube by Cylinders (also via Home - Measurement gallery).

  • MS003Fig2.jpgThe Tube properties window will be shown:
    1. Name and Comments can be entered
    2. Override Diameter
      • check to enter tube diameter.
      • uncheck to use measured value.
    3. Starting Plane
      • Choose an existing start plane or Define to measure a plane.
    4. Ending Plane
      • Choose an existing end plane or Define to measure a plane.
      • Plane calculation methods: There are 3 methods to fine-tune tube length:
        • None - best fit plane from readings
        • High Point - highest plane reading (maximizes tube length)
        • Low Point - lowest plane reading (minimizes tube length)
    5. Nominal - select Nominal Tube if available. This will also automatically align the Measured and nominal tubes, providing comparison data.
    6. Default Bed Radius - enter default bend radius This is normally detailed on the component drawing with the tube / pipe bend data.


  • Click Create to start measurement.
  • The Measurement window will show prompt to Measure Tube - Start plane.
    • Probe a minimum 3 points on start plane of the tube using the green button / G key.
  • The Output window will then prompt to Measure Straight Segments.
  • Probe a minimum 6 points (cylinder) on each straight section using the green button / G key.

Note: Ensure not to probe on the bends, and end each straight using the red button / H key.

  • Once all the straights have measured, press the red button again, to indicate that there are no straights remaining.
  • The Measurement Window will prompt to Measure Tube - End plane.
    • Probe a minimum 3 points on End plane of the tube using the green button / G key
  • If a nominal tube was selected in the Properties window, the measured tube will automatically be aligned using all breakpoints (best fit) and compared to the nominal tube.
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