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FARO® Knowledge Base

Multi-Agency Team Scanning Workflow



This article explains how to get the best scanning results with Multi-Agency Team Scanning.


Project Setup

Multi-scanner or multiagency projects rely on one key concept: No two scans can have the same name.Upon scanner start up- press manage in lower right corner of home page.


  • Then select Projects/Clusters.


  • Duplicate “Default_Project” (bottom right of screen) outcome will be “copy_of_default_project”.


  • Fill as follows:
  1. Project Name: select “Copy_of_Default_Project” and once in project change “copy_of_default_project.” This can be any name the primary agency deems appropriate.
  • Case number
  • Case number and agency scanning
  • Address Etc.
  1. Insure “No Parent Project”.
  2. Optional: Customer can be added as the agency leading the investigation but is hashed data and should be appropriate and not necessary. It is preferred to leave blank.
    1. File Base Name must be changed to insure NO TWO SCANS have the same file name when finished. Below are some ideas for naming:
      1. ‘Case number’_’agency scanning’_SCAN_
      2. ‘Agency scanning’_SCAN_
      3. ‘Case number’_’Officer badge number’_SCAN_
      4. ‘Agency scanning’_’Officer badge number’_SCAN_
    2. The _SCAN_ is a formatting option to allow for clean file structure for later use:

      e.g. of folder would be named: 24-12345_APD_SCAN_001

      (‘Case#’_’agency’_SCAN_’scan# added by scanner’)
  4. Initial Scan No. is the scan number placed after “_SCAN_” by scanner. The number added will automatically be changed to a three-digit number by scanner. I.E., 000-999 but will go beyond into four digits or more if needed.
    1. If using a unique name for each group as shown in step 4 this can start on 0 or 1, it can also be used to ensure no identical scan names by starting each different agency at a number the other will not reach. E.g., APD initial scan no. 1, BPD initial scan no. 100, CPD initial scan no. 200… This will allow for up to 100 scans for each group. This method is applicable but complex to ensure each team has a sufficient number of scans and there is a plan should a team reach higher than their given number. I.E. APD scans to 99 then must change to 1000.



  1. Assigning each scanner group, a section to scan will help to ensure no area is missed. Often a map or sketch of the scene can be divided into a grid and grid segments can be assigned to a scanning team.
  2. Scanning should be done with appropriate Resolution and Quality for area being scanned and the need of the Investigative team.
  3. Each team must insure they scan with significant overlap of their scan area as well as into any adjacent areas to their scan area, whether or not they are assigned in that scan area. This will allow for each scan area assigned to register to other scan areas.
    1. E.G. APD is assigned to building A interior and BPD is assigned to building A exterior, APD must create linking scans out of building A and it is recommended that BPD also scan linking scans into building A to make certain the linking scans are done.
  4. Color should be discussed and agreed on prior to scanning. If specific areas are determined to not need color any team that scans that area should adhere to the plan. This will keep from blending color and greyscale data as much as possible as the desired data may not look as expected.

Importing into SCENE

Data Setup
  1. Create a folder on your computer where you wish to save the raw scan data. E.G., “24-12345”.
  2. Within new folder from Step one, create a folder for each scanner. E.G., “APD,” “BPD” etc. 
  3. Insert each respective SD card into computer. From the Explorer window select the SD card, then Scans folder. Copy all of the needed Scan folders. E.G., 24-12345_APD_SCAN_001 etc. and copy them into the corresponding folder created in Step two.
SCENE Setup and Import
  1. Once SCENE is open, click “Create Project”.
  2. Name the project appropriately, this is going to be your final project. E.G., “24-12345 Master” or “24-12345”.
  3. Go to the “Explore” tab:
    1. Within the structure tree, right click on the project name > New > Cluster. Keep your first cluster “Scans” 
    2. Again, within structure tree, right click on “Scans” > New > Cluster. This should be named for one of the previous folders e.g., APD. Repeat this step for all agencies/scanners.
  4. Open an Explorer window and navigate to folder containing all of the scan data. Then into each scanner’s folder. The scans should each also be an entire folder. You can select all of the scan folders, “24-12345_APD_SCAN_001” etc. and drag and drop them directly into the structure tree. 
  5. Once all scans from a given folder are in the structure tree select the scans and drag and drop them into their respective clusters.
Processing and Registration


  1. If all scans were appropriately added into their respective cluster. When you enter processing, you will have a Scans cluster and indented from them will be each separate project’s scans.
  2. When total scans are over 50 it is recommended that you select each of the indented folders and process and register separately. 
    1. When you select the indented folder, it will only process those scans so as to not overwhelm the computer.
    2. If automatic registration is enabled the set of scans will also register. 
  3. After all groups are processed and registered:
    1. Insure, within the structure tree, that all “ScanManager’s” within the folders are locked, a small lock will be on the icon, or by right clicking on each scan manager and selecting lock. This will keep those registered groups from un-registering in next step. 
  4. You can now register each of the larger groups of scans together. If scan managers are locked from previous step, you can use automatic registration. If automatic registration fails Interactive registration will allow you to use connection, manual registration “split view” or visual registration “Correspondence view.” 
  5. Once a desired registration is completed right click on the topmost “ScanManager” and select “Lock All” and your data is not ready to be cleaned, cropped and used.