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FARO® Knowledge Base

Technical and Environmental Specifications for Laser Tracker Targets (SMRs)


The FARO® Laser Tracker measures the three-dimensional position of an optical target with a laser beam and two angular encoders. The target is also known as a spherically mounted retroflector (SMR). The Tracker emits a Helium Neon (HeNe) laser that is reflected back from the SMR. The Tracker senses the position of the return beam and follows it. The three-dimensional position of the SMR is calculated as the distance from the Tracker to the SMR, and the azimuth and zenith angles of the angular encoders.

SMR Technical Specifications

Click a link to download the FARO® Laser Target Technical Specification Sheet for information and specifications on available SMRs and RetroProbe targets in your language.

Date Download
Jun 2015

SMR Weights and Housing Material

SMR Size Description Part Number Weight Housing Material
1.5" Standard, Long Range, High Accuracy, or High Performance PN 099-03915-xx 150 grams Stainless Steel – 440C
7/8" Standard, Long Range or High Performance PN 099-03919-xx 30 grams Stainless Steel – 440C
0.5" Standard, Long Range or High Performance PN 099-03920-xx 5 grams Stainless Steel – 440C
1.5" Heavy Duty Break Resistant PN 950-02942 195 grams Stainless Steel – 420
7/8" Heavy Duty Break Resistant PN 950-01060 36 grams Stainless Steel – 420
0.5" Heavy Duty Break Resistant PN 950-01061 5 grams Stainless Steel – 420

* The weight of the FARO spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) is not a critical design specification and is not verified during the certification process. The weights in this table are approximate. If this property is critical to your application, we recommended that you weigh each SMR you are using in your project to precisely determine the weight.

SMR Environmental Specifications and Storage Guidelines

Always store the spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) optical targets and probes in the case to protect them from impact and environmental hazards such as dust and dirt. A jacket is provided to protect the flat mirror for storage of the RetroProbe100. In addition, the SMRs and probes should be stored in an environment where they will not be subject to extreme temperature or other environmental conditions. Normal room temperature is the most desirable temperature for laser tracker equipment storage. Storing SMRs and probes in areas where heavy vibrations occur may result in serious damage. If you feel any SMR or probe has been damaged, then perform a runout and depth error check.

Description Temperature Range
Standard, Long Range, High Accuracy, High Performance, Windowed and Heavy Duty Break Resistant
  • Operating: -15 C to +50 C
  • Storage: -40 C to +70 C
Standard Glass Panel SMR
  • Operating: 0 C to +50 C
  • Storage: -40 C to +70 C

Camera Drive SMR Ranges

When using the Camera Drive (MultiView cameras), there are range limitations for detecting SMR targets.

SMR Size VantageS / VantageE Trackers* VantageS6 / VantageE6 Trackers
VantageS / VantageE Trackers**
1.5" 82ft (25m)* 147ft (45m)
7/8" 82ft (25m)* 98ft (30m)
1/2" 49ft (15m)* 82ft (25m)

* Vantage S/E models manufactured before Oct 1st 2018
** Vantage S/E models manufactured after Oct 1st 2018